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by: Mrs. Lacy Schneider


Mrs. Lacy Schneider

GPA 3.9

Bart Van Zeghbroeck

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About this Document

Bart Van Zeghbroeck
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Lacy Schneider on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECEN 3320 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Bart Van Zeghbroeck in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/231776/ecen-3320-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at University of Colorado at Boulder.





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Date Created: 10/29/15
99595 1 9 0 N LA 4 Review Questions What is a atband diagram Discuss the motion of electrons and holes in a pn junction in thermal equilibrium De ne the builtin potential Also provide an equation and state the implicit assumptions How does the energy band diagram of a pn junction change under forward and reverse bias What is the lll depletion approximation Why do we need the lll depletion approximation Derive equation 4317 from 4313 4314 and 4316 Explain why the capacitance of a pn junction 4322 equals that of a parallel plate capacitor How does the capacitance diiTer from a parallel plate capacitor How do you extract the doping pro le shown in Fig 434 from the capacitance shown in Fig 433 What mechanisms causes current in a pn junction How does one calculate the current in a pn junction How does one solve the diffusion equation in the quasi neutral regions What is the di erence between the quotlongquot and quotshortquot diode analysis When can the recombination generation current in the depletion region be ignored Which saturation current is voltage dependent that for the quotlongquot diode or the one for the quotshortquot diode Why does one need to include edge effects when calculating the breakdown voltage of a diode Name two breakdown mechanisms and discuss the temperature dependence of the resulting breakdown voltage Describe the avalanche breakdown mechanism Describe tunneling Illustrate the generation of a photocurrent in a pn diode by drawing an energy band diagram Indicate the photo generated carriers and their direction of motion Why is the photocurrent negative compared to the forward bias current through the same diode What limits the quantum ef ciency of a photodiode What is the diiTerence between a solar cell and a photodiode Why would solar cells be more ef cient if the sun where a laser rather than a black body radiator 24 What limits the power conversion ef ciency of a solar cell 25 Using equation 461 show that the opencircuit voltage increases as the photocurrent increases Use this result to prove that the power conversion ef ciency of a solar increases when using a concentrator which increases the incident power density 26 Why is silicon not used to fabricated LEDs or laser diodes 27 Why are planar LEDs so inef cient How can the e iciency of an LED be improved beyond that of a planar LED 28 How does the light emitted by an LED differ from that emitted by a laser diode 29 What is stimulated emission 30 Why does a laser diode need a waveguide 31 Explain the lasing condition in words 32 Describe the power versus current characteristic of a laser diode Example 24b Solution Calculate the intrinsic canier density in germanium silicon and gallium arsenide at 300 400 500 and 600 K The intrinsic carrier density in silicon at 300 K equals E n1 300 K 1NENV eXp g 2kT J281x1019 gtlt183 gtlt1019 emi 2 X 00258 872 gtlt109 cm393 Similarly one nds the intrinsic canier density for germanium and gallium arsenide at diiTerent temperatures yielding Germanium Silicon Gallium Arsenide 300 K 202 x1013 872 x109 203 x106 400 K 138 x1015 452 x1012 598 x109 500 K 191 x 1016 216 x1014 798 x1011 600K 118211017 307x1015 222x1013


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