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Electromagnetic Fields and Waves

by: Mrs. Lacy Schneider

Electromagnetic Fields and Waves ECEN 3400

Mrs. Lacy Schneider

GPA 3.9


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Lacy Schneider on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECEN 3400 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/231807/ecen-3400-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at University of Colorado at Boulder.



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Date Created: 10/29/15
ECEN 3400 Equation sheet A 1 Ch310 e 1602gtlt10 19 C so 8854gtlt10 Fm E E 2 Der V uX u uz Bx By y 32 Coulomb s Law F Ql ZHH 471 r 1 Q 1 Q E V Pomt charge 47130 r2 11 V 4WD r R De nition of v VA IErdl E 2 VV A Gauss Law ErdS mem VrE s 80 80 m De nition of D D 0EPso12EsosEsE Gauss Law D 39 d5 Q wmzm V 39 D pm S Boundary Ekmngznzmz E27mng2ntml 0 condltlons Djrnmmaz D27m7rmal 0 S CapaCItance QCV ngg Q2 1 1 2 Ener Inca W VCV QY ID 2 2C 2 Q 2 1 Energy density wz E2 2 WV Force on body E J dWex dx Qconstant dx 1 Ohm s Law J039E o Qm V constant Joule Loss PJWJ39JgtEdvJ39039EZdv V V Kirchhost Law has 0 S ECEN 3400 Equation sheet Ch1217 0 N 0 47rx10 7 Hm Magnetic force dFu 12d12 477 r Izall2 gtltB FQVgtltB BiotSavart Law B in 477 r N T B inside solenoid Bu 2 1 T Magnetic flux 13 LB dS Wb Conservation of Magnetic ux 1351M fSB r 518 0 Ampere s Law timeinvariant 530339 611 OLJM 39dS olmmm fCH r d1 LJWM r 518 1 appzzm 72m VXB 0JW VgtltH JWM VXM J A magnetization m 2 De nition of H M B y0H My0l1mH ymurH uH Boundary ermngznzml Hzrmng2mm1 0 conditions 317 1Bzi 1 0 Jmagnzzxzazmnrswfacz n X M1 M2 y dd Faraday slaw e chmd dl E V IndUCtance DduetonnzWbL12HI1A e12 dp12 12 dt dt 61 dz lt1 Wb LH A L self 9 dt dt 1 n n 1 Magnetic Energy WmJEZZijIk ELI2 1f n 1 1 k1 1 Bi 1 2 1 Energy denSIty menL3137EW EBH dW dW Force on body I M WC dx lt1constam dx Iconstant ECEN 3400 Equation sheet Ch1819212224 General solution to WE Timeharmonic solution Speed of propagation Phase constant wavelength Characteristic impedance Reflection coef cient Transmissions coefficient Voltage standing wave ratio Maxwell s equations Current continuity Poynting s Theorem Plane wave speed impedance Directivity Effective area Friss Transmission formula vtz Vft zcVigtzc Vz new wetk Iz 6 t V e t ZO C l LC 6 aNL C wc 27111 Z0 L C VI VI p VrVJr Zload Zo Zload 20 TKoadV 1p zzloadZload 20 Malezl1p VSWR MinVz 1 p Integral form Differential form BB BB Faraday s Law CE r d ifsyr dS VXE E Ampere39s Law CHgtdl Jug 1 dS VXH Jaa nds JVpdV Cons of Flux SB r dS 0 Gauss Law Vr D p VrB0 a fSerS J39Va dV PEgtltH c 1 23x108 77 J2 z377 2 4 s g Dag Poynting 19 2 PowerRadiatedM 39r PowerToLoad 12 Am 0 Poynting0 EDW W A 2 Pzrrzmvzd PlitmnsmittedD105 D2 0 4 r


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