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by: Neva Brekke Sr.


Neva Brekke Sr.

GPA 3.67

Juliana Madrone

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About this Document

Juliana Madrone
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Neva Brekke Sr. on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUEL 1832 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Juliana Madrone in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/231818/muel-1832-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Music at University of Colorado at Boulder.




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Date Created: 10/29/15
October 29 2010 Romanticism and the Art Song Aesthetics Classical Romantic Reason Emotion Rules and forms balance Passionate selfexpression Monuments of ancient Greece and Rome Wonders of nature fantasy Happiness fulfillment Longing despair Universal values Original individual Role of Art 0 Music the preeminent art form express the inarticulate o Intensity of expression transcends experience of understanding 0 Role of the Composer 0 Now a prophet or demigod artist genius I Inspires the audience I Music morally uplifting and beautiful 0 Music no longer entertainment but art 0 Serious tone in the concert hall Romantic Orchestra 0 Larger louder new colors 0 Composer very closely tied to result of his quotartworkquot Melody o Broad sweeping themes lyrical o Phrases longer and irregular Harmony Colorful harmony contributes to emotional intensity Chromatic notes Dissonance creates greater anguish and desire for resolution Bold harmonic shifts Chromatic harmony 00l Rhythm 0 Flexible and languid 0 Meter can be obscure o Rubato 0 Extended exisiting forms 0 New genres art song and symphonic poem 0 Character piece 0 Brief binary or ternary form 0 Essence ofa single mood Art Song 0 Poets o Wordsworth Keats Shelley Goethe Eichendorff Heine 0 Strong band between music and poetry 0 Music intensifies the poetry 0 Expresses emotions without words Definition composition for solo voice and piano accompaniment o Lied German term for art song 0 Expresses the emotionmessage in a way deeper than words could do alone Strophic Ternary Modified Strophic ThroughComposed O O O O a Franz Schubert 17971828 0 Composed more than 600 Lieder o Lived a Bohemian life 0 His music was performed at quotSchubertiadsquot o Took place in the parlors of his friends Erlkonig Elf King 0 Schubert composed it at age 17 0 Written in one night 0 His most famous Lied 0 Text by Goethe o A dramatic tale ofhorror 0 Father bringing son to inn at night and Elf King trying to kill son 0 Romantic fascination with the supernatural o Formthroughcomposed 0 Piano accompaniment suggests the galloping horse Elf King sings a seductive line Terrified boy sings in upper range chromatic in ections Father sings in lower reassuring range 000 Robert Schumann 1810185 6 o A remarkably creative composer 0 Best works are miniature compositions 0 Character pieces for solo piano o Lieder 0 Large scale works 0 Af icted with increasing mental illness 0 Marriage with Clara quotDu Ring an meinem Finger 0 From song cycle quotWomen in Love and Life 0 Setting of eight poems 0 Poems move from love at first sight to engagement to separation 0 Form rondo ABACA o Identical music for similar stanzas o Climax in strophe section C o Ends with a piano epilogue What changes in the accompaniment lends greater urgency to the climactic moment in the 4th strophe A Repeated block chords B Alberti bass C Octaves in the lowest register of the piano D Chromatic scalar passages Clara Weick Schumann 18191896 0 One of the great piano Virtuosos of the 19th century 0 Concert debut at age 11 o Toured Europe as a prodigy 0 Composer 0 Married Robert Schumann in 1840 0 Surpassed him in international fame o Toured as performer up to age of 70 quotLiebst du um Schonheit quotIfYou Love For Beautyquot 0 Poem by Eichendorff o Modified strophic form modest alterations between stanzas 0 Vocal line is AA AA o How does Clara heighten the excitement of the last verse 0 A Rubato o B Accompaniment temporarily drops out o C Draws out the last word 0 D Increase in the dynamics November 1 2010 Piano Music The piano as status symbol 0 Large market for piano music 0 A large audience interested in piano virtuosos Frederic Chopin 18101849 0 Polish composer in Paris 0 Education 0 Attended an elite prep school 0 Studied at Warsaw Conservatory 0 Found his lyrical style early 0 Made his career in Paris among the elite 0 Made money teaching wealthy publishing 0 Performed for small gatherings o Compositions Primarily composes for the piano specialist Many compositions based on Polish folk dances Constant revision Simultaneous publishing OOOO Mazurka in BFlat Major Op 76 No 1 o Mazurka fast triplemeter Polish dance 0 Accents the second beat 0 Melody draws up on native folk tunes Harmony Does the tempo sound constant or irregular Irregular Nocturne 0 quotNight song based on a vocal genre 0 Lyrical melody over arpeggio accompaniment o Nocturne in Csharp major o A slow dreamy composition 0 Came into favor during the 18205 What aspects of this piece most convincingly portray moods of the night relaxation melancholy isolation intimacy dreams horror death Melody Rhythm Harmony Dynamics All of the Above moowgt Franz Liszt 18111886 0 Reputation 0 Compositions demand great virtuosity layers I Had huge hands so he could play difficult chords 0 Flamboyant artistic personality 0 Years of travel 18391847 0 Played more than 1000 concerts I Averaged two or three concerts a week for 8 years I Audience response was sensational often hysterical 0 Established the modern piano recital 0 One person playing one instrument 0 Played from memory 0 Created the symphonic poem 0 Spent his last years in the Vatican 0 Abbe Liszt Transcendental Etude No 8 quotWilde Iagd quotWild Hunt 0 Etude 0 Short onemovement composition 0 Designed to improve playing technique 0 This particular etude depicts a nocturnal chase from German and Nordic folk tales


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