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by: Mrs. Willis Mante


Mrs. Willis Mante

GPA 3.6


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Willis Mante on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MCDB 4777 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/231842/mcdb-4777-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Molecular, Cellular And Developmental Biology at University of Colorado at Boulder.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
MCDB 47775777 Mo ecu ar Neurobwo ogy Lecture 17 Senmwuansductmn Wmeseneumns Senmw neuvuns m1 cumev 51mm nevcewed as new and empevatuve Sensory mechamsmsr 02mm pawn empemuve pawn379 mm W mechanusensuw pam 75 m the brew 02mm rmdmalmn mpam m gm mwm MW WWW Ahrmv View 5mm mumsmum quotmm mum mum Ahnnmnmmm a Wh llww mme E H1 gm mm Lumlanmm W mm 7 m7 quotsumcrmcf mm mum m 5 7 4 mmmm rm ramn nu u Figure 101 Experimental demonstration that nociception involves specialized neurons 91 Experimental demonstration that nociception involves specialized neurons Part 2 3 IA quotll Stimulus Nonnocxceptwe sum memmecepm nunm pr 1C C Mnylimdc m il nunl lmm Magnitude with of afferent V 7 5 5n res nse mevmmw r0 45 Temperature C NEUROSCIENCE Founn EdMnn Flgun In my x mmmmnmnmmm 92 Pain can be separated into an early perception of sharp pain and a later sensation Box 10A Capsaicin Part 1 A Red chile Haba em A B C Maw A5 ber C fiber E g B Capsaicin O E CHSO N n H E HO v i 392 m quotmomma ramIn Edition Box 1 Pan 1 m K MinimalMu quotuh Box 10A Capsaicin Part 2 Figure 103 The anterolateral system D mum ix 1gtlmm NEUROSCIENCE Foam Edmon Box 10 Pan 2 knitalumna K NEUROSCIENCE Fourth Edi oII Figure 103 D Hxulnn 1 Part 2 Figure 103 The anterolateral system Part 1 Figure 103 The anterolateral system A Left Right Nodceptive afferent Ascending axon of anterolateral tract Lissauer 39s tract NEUROSCIENCE Fourth EdI nn Flynn loll Fan 1 bmw x NEUROSCIENCE Four Edi oII Figure 103 Pan 2 B uwl n x 81 General organization ofthe somatic sensory system Part 1 Box 10B Referred Pain Somatic sensory Cerebrum corth Esophagus 3 Ventral posterior nuclear complex M39dbmm nf lhalnmus Gracilc nucleus C Medial uneak l luk ens lemmist Dorsal moi ganglion cells MEduua Meclmnvsensory aflcrcnt ber i Spinal cord Ruceptur endings Pain and tumpcrntun afferent ber NEUROSCIENCE Founh Edition Box 05 Figure 103 The anterolateral system Part 2 B The anterolateral and dorsal columnmedial leminiscal systems cross the midline at es Marginal zone I SubstantiazquotquotII Nucleus V Pmpdus v1 Base of dorsal horn propriocepan Nodceptivu A Mechanoreceplive affemn ts afferents Right Lpft Right Left NEUROSCIENCE Fourth Edition Figure 10 Pan 2 NEUROSCIHVCE Fauth Edition Figure 104 Figure 105 The anterolateral system sends infomiation to different parts of the brainstemforebrain Figure 106 Pathways mediating discriminative aspects of paintemperature for body amp face Part 1 A Cerebrum Sensory discriminative cortex 39 Ventral pnsten nr lateral nucleus of the thalamus Midbra In Spinothalamic tract Midpens Middle medulla Caudal medulla Pain and temperature fgiigmeml infomation from upper body y Carvrcal excluding the face spinal cord Pain and temperature Lumbar information mm spinal cord lower body NEUROSCIENCE Fauna Eamon Figure 105 Part 1 mm K NEUROSCIENCE Fourth Edithquot Flynn 105 banana K Figure 106 Pathways mediating discriminative aspects of paintemperature for body amp face Part 2 Box 10D Phantom Limbs and Phantom Pain 3 Cerebrum of thalamus NW Trigemino thalamic tract Midpuns Pain and temperature information from face Middle medulla Spinal trigeminal tract allerent axons Caudal Spinal nucleus of medulla he trigaminal complex NEUROSCIENCE Fourth Edmon Flynn 106 Pan 2 bmw x NEUROSCIENCE Fourth Edi oIl Box IUD munm z Box 100 A Dorsal Column Pathway forVisceral Pain Part 1 Box 100 A Dorsal Column Pathway forVisceral Pain Part 3 A Ventral posterior nuclear complex of thalamm Gastrointestinal Cerebrum C Insular cortex Midbrain Cuneate nucleus Medulla Dorsal root 39r ganglion cells Spinal cord NEUROSCIENCE Founh Edmon Box we Pan 1 NEUROSCIENCE Fourth Edition Box inc Part a swans r Figure 107 In ammatory response to tissue damage Figure 108 Descending systems that modulate the transmission of ascending pain signals lPan 1 Antemla tum ystem NEUROSCIENCE Fourth Edition Flynn 107 emu m K NEUROSCIENCE Four r Edition Figure 03 Pan 1 Figure 108 Descending systems that modulate the transmission of ascending pain signals Part 2 Figure 108 Descending systems that modulate the transmission of ascending pain signals Part 3 C B 5 ber muchanoreceptor NEUROSCIENCE Fourth Edl m Flguro 108 Pan 2 luaua K NEUROSCIENCE Four Edi oII Figure 108 Pad 3 a quum K


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