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by: Madisen Robel


Madisen Robel

GPA 3.99


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madisen Robel on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EBIO 3080 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/231855/ebio-3080-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology at University of Colorado at Boulder.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
Selection in symbols 5 Frequency pZ 2pq q2 o 2 Fitness 1 1 1s o 395 g Adult 5 Relative Freq pZ1 2pq1qZ1s co 3 NewFreq pZ gpg gz1s g 1qu 1qu 1qu in mf mean fitness39 pZ12pq1qZ1s1sqZ 1 neeq to aqiust so that new frequencies sum 66101 Adult after selection 2 gt Relative Freq pZ1 2pq1 qZ1s New Freq p2 2 gz1 s1 1qu 1qu 1qu mf mean fitness39 pZ12pq1qZ1s1qu xamples 1 fitne a11 1 p212pq1 q21 mean fitness 1 2 fitnesses a11 0 p20 2pq0 q20 mean fitness 0 3 fitnesses vary p21 2pq0 q20 mean tness 7 Genotype AA Aa aa Total Zygotes Frequency 001 018 081 10 Fitness 1 1 09 selection Adult Relative Freqs oo11 01131 0a109 01 1a 73 New adjusted Freq 01I92 18I92 13192 0011 0196 0793 100 How much will population change over time First calculate p39 allele frequency in new gen Formula a11e1e freq 1 x freq of homozygotes v2 freq of heterozygotes M E P39 Pl1qu 122Pq1 4 12 p2 pq I 1 qu p1sqz Second Calculate Ap change in p from one gen to nex AP p p p1sqz p quZ1sqz Can use to predict change in allele frequencies over time Ex Gen 1 p q 5 s 1 what is p in the next generation Ap 155Z 115Z 00128 p 05 therefore p 05128 Note Only applies to recessive deleterious allele Table 54 s005 s001 Generation A A 0 001 0 01 100 044 0 026 200 081 0 067 300 089 0 15 400 093 0 28 500 095 0 43 600 096 0 55 1000 098 0 80 1 Higher s39 against aa fasterA increases in freq Selection 1 Directional 2 Disruptive 3 Stab Type of selection determined by the tness relationship among the three genotypes AA Aa aa 1 DIRECTIONAL SELECTION One of the homozmotes has highest tness Tempo u 39 39 39 among genotypes a Additive b Dominant c Recessive a Additive tness 0 o Deleterious effects of a are additive Fitness differences among genotypes form steps 39 between c Recessive 0 05 tness 0 AA Aa aa Deleterious allele a is recessive to A Heterozygote has same tness as nondeleterious homozygote Allele a is masked in heterozygotes b Dominant La 10 3 g 05 E 00 AA Aa aa Deleterious allele a is dominant to A Heterozygote has same tness as deleterious a in heterozygotes is exposed to selection THREE RULES of DIREC110NAL SELECTION 1 Directional selection always tends toward i a Fi tion of favored allele Frequency 10 h Ellmlnation of deleterious allele Frequency 00 ii Reduction of genetic varia I in population through loss of deleterious allele 2 The greater the strength of selection measured by s the more rapid the change in allele frequency over time 3 Selection will he most effective against dominant gt additive gt recessive deleterious alleles II voluuonary IIIeorIes Ior Aging 0 1 neIeIeIIIIIIs InIIIaIIIIns and agIng z Tradems and agIng AnIagIInIsIIc PIeIIIIIIIpy gt In new IIIIIanIsns cIIIIIg repan Inanseves III IIIIe IIIIeIIeI gt IneIgIIIe gnIeIenI 1mm mean InnII hypmnesIs L e sInIyngepmgu vesuucess r 12 a IeH IIIy ang RepnIgucI Success Mm n nccumum an H mm assume mmaIIIIn In pnpuIaIIIIn causes pIemauIe senescence sii E IRuIe the later In me less sIIIInIIw n wm he Salaam anaIns s accumulae In MuIaIIIn pnpuIaIIIIn pIIssIIIIe explanaIIIIn IIII annp MuIaIIIn nccumuIaIIIn Expenmem neeg a Blyml Iznnm Manama 1 I z I z I z c r I I s1 Laaemnanan 1 1 g 5 ISmaHWDMaHu s I 4 I S 32 z u names I gag E 275 39 39 gamadlpmqeny by day 5 E I Mme a 25 74 2 WWW u a I Is an manna a Q Gamma My WWW 9 penomcany anew Text Ex ampIes popuIanan m wenence mu IIIesIIan I npsoe aIIeIe In nennaIages c elegans Assummmn PupuIaIIunsWIIn Iess ecuwugIcaI munamv snqug evuwe IungeIIne spans a Reap penems m IepIegucIIve uIIIpIII IaIeI In me SeIecIIen agaInsI nnIIIaIIensIaIeIIn me MaInIang IsIang HIgn ecqugIcaI munahlv LuwecuIngIcaI munamv u a nnunIns dongs Me spans an Island AssumpIIun PupuIaIIunsvnIn Iess ecqugIcaI munaHW snqug evuwe IungeI IIIe spans a Reap penems m vEpmdche eIIIpIII IaIeI In Me a SeIecIIun agaInsI nnIIIaIIunsIaIeIIn me W IsIang HIgn ecqugIcaImunaIIn LuwecqugIcaI munahly sIawerP39IJSalaqnzl senescmce an mams suppun quuIIunamneuwmagIng ecuIegIcaImenamwsenescenceunk


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