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by: Dr. Filomena Hegmann


Dr. Filomena Hegmann

GPA 3.76


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Filomena Hegmann on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to APPM 2450 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/231874/appm-2450-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Applied Math at University of Colorado at Boulder.




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Date Created: 10/29/15
APPM 2450 Calculus Computer Lab Writing Workshop Write with a Plan I Read I Compute I Plan and Write Your thinking goes here I Reread Edit and revise Listen to Yourself Three Kinds of Sentences 1 Makes sense and is good 2 quotI know what they meant butquot 3 Does not make sense and is bad Examples This lab was given to us in APPM 2350 Calculus 111 Its purpose is for us to learn the basics of Kepler s Laws and to utilize these laws to solve our problem We are to use computers to aid us in solving these calculus based problems We are to present our report in a technical report writing manner Doesn t introduce task very well Gives us information we do not need What would the boss think Boring 7551 1i ara t r Fi39j i it i Evasive I w 392 In this lab we are given the task of lunching a satellite that will aid us in the study of Planet X Our job as aerospace engineers is to find an optimal orbit for the satellite that will allow us to conduct routine maintenance by astronauts from a nearby space station Using Kepler s Laws some integration techniques and basic geometry we will show when and how often the two orbits will meet and how to calculate the desired orbit Concise and direct Better description Could have used proofreading Introduction The purpose of this lab is to analyze the performance of a given airfoil and compare it to the performance of a rotating cylinder of the same area We Will calculate the necessary values and compute the maXimum value of L for the airfoil and the rotating cylinder Based on our results we Will decide Which one has the best performance Could have chosen a better first sentence What is L Is the last sentence adding anything at all Introduction The material covered in Calculus III serves as a foundation for many applications in engineering and applied mathematics In this lab we use the basic principles of airfoil theory and uid dynamics to evaluate mathematically the performance of both an airfoil and a rotating cylinder of equivalent area Although our knowledge of these fields is limited to the most basic concepts the evaluations throughout this lab demonstrate that the concepts and principles of airfoil theory and uid dynamics rely heavily on the foundation that calculus provides Our knowledge of the concepts and applications of line and surface integrals coordinate substitutions and techniques of integration give us the ability to easily understand and make use of significant concepts in a compleX and foreign field of application such as this lab requires Lets us know what math we ll use for what application Appropriate amount of detail for an introduction a f Avoided first split infinitive then split infinitive Perhaps a bit too wordy Problem Description Theirs The preconditions for this problem include having two objects orbiting around planet X The first obj ect the space station is orbiting around Planet X in a counter clockwise direction and with a circular orbit consisting of a 42000 km radius The second object is the satellite that we wish to analyze We are confronted with a problem of designing an elliptical orbit for the satellite that is in constant need of repair and this can only take place when the two orbits intersect The elliptical orbit will be designed in a way of maximizing the number of contacts between the two objects The satellite cannot get any closer to Planet X than 7000km and cannot get further than 20000km This corresponds directly to the perigee distance of the elliptical orbit In order for the satellite to be maintained the astronauts must board the satellite as it begins it s journey through the apogee potion of it s orbit and return back to the space station before the satellite travels through it s perigee so that they do not die from the high temperatures of a nearby sun Problem Description Suggested Changes The proondi one problem include having two objects orbiting planet X Awkward what about We are interested in two human made objects in orbit around planet X Problem Description Suggested Changes The first obj eot Tme station is orbiting around Planet X in a counter Clockwise direction and With a Circular orbit oonsisting of a 42000 km radius Split it up try The first object is an inhabited space station It is in a Circular counter Clockwise orbit With a 42000 km radius Problem Description Suggested Changes The satellite cannot get closer to Planet X than 7000km and cannot get further than 20000km Ambiguous cannot or must not The satellite is to have an elliptical orbit also counter clockwise With a minimum altitude perigee of no less than 7000 km and a maximum altitude apogee of no more than 20000 km Problem Description Ours We are interested in two human made objects in orbit around planet X The first object is an inhabited space station It is in a circular counter clockwise orbit with a 42000 km radius The second object is a satellite whose orbit we are to design The satellite is to have an elliptical orbit also counter clockwise with a minimum altitude perigee of no less than 7000 km and a maximum altitude apogee of no more than 20000 km We require that the satellite s orbit intersect that of the space station as often as possible to allow astronauts from the space station to repair the satellite when necessary In order to do so the astronauts must board the satellite as it travels away from Planet X on the way to its apogee The astronauts must then re board the space station at the next intersection point before the satellite reaches its perigee or else they will burn up as the satellite approaches the planet Resources l Calculus lab writing guidelines Follow them closely I OnIine writing guide many examples I OWL guaranteed improvement I Many books and references


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