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Special Topics for Seniors

by: Lina Vandervort

Special Topics for Seniors CVEN 5830

Lina Vandervort

GPA 3.72


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lina Vandervort on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CVEN 5830 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/231890/cven-5830-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Civil Engineering at University of Colorado at Boulder.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
CVEN 5830005 BUILDING ENERGY SYSTEMS FALL 2006 Readings Textbook Chapter 4 Handout Sections 2 and 3 Homework Due September 14 Equot W Air at sea level enters a spray humidi er at 70 F drybulb temperature and 50 F wetbulb temperature at a ow rate of 1000 cfm The air is humidi ed by spraying water into the air where the water temperature is 70 F What is the water ow rate in 1bhr if the air is to be humidi ed to 90 relative humidity What is the temperature of the humidi ed air Air at sea level enters a steam humidi er at 50 F drybulb temperature and 35 F wetbulb temperature at a ow rate of 1000 cfm The air is humidi ed by saturated steam vapor at 230 F What is the steam ow rate in 1bhr if the air is to be humidi ed to 90 relative humidity What is the temperature of the humidi ed air The gure shows a typical arrangement for mixing ventilation air with return air from the occupied space in a commercial building air handler At sea level the outdoor air at 95 F and 40 RH mixes with return air at 80 F and 50 RH in a mass ow ratio of 14 20 outdoor air Filter Heating Coolmg Supply Coil Coil FUN Return Air a What are the enthalpy humidity ratio temperature and relative humidity of the mixed air b If the fan air ow rate is 10000 lbhr how much net energy must be removed from the mixed air to deliver supply air to the building at 55 F and 90 RH What fraction of this load is due to sensible cooling rather than latent The central cubical area of an of ce building at sea level has a oor area of 4000 ft2 and is occupied by 30 people who each produce 200 Btuh of sensible heat and 250 Btuh of latent heat Heat gains from the lighting for the space produces a load of 12 Wftz Heat gains from lights and people represent the only cooling load in the space The of ce is to be maintained at 72 F and 50 relative humidity Conditioned air is supplied at 60 F to meet the sensible and latent loads What is the load SHR To meet the loads what must be the mass ow rate and humidity ratio of the supply air Consider a room that measures 15 ft by 20 ft with 8 ft ceiling height One wall measuring 8 ft by 15 ft is all glass and has an interior surface temperature of 50 F All other surfaces are at 68 F The room air is at 72 F and 30 RH a What are the mean radiant temperature and the operative temperature b Will condensate form on the window c Discuss whether the conditions are within ASHRAE comfort limits Calculate the percentage of people dissatis ed in a retail store having an air temperature of 72 F mean radiant temperature of 69 F humidity ratio of 0005 and air velocity of 50 fpm assuming that the people are walking slowly and wearing typical winter clothing What fraction is due to convection radiation evaporation and respiration Repeat for the conditions of typical summer clothing CVEN 5830005 BUILDING ENERGY SYSTEMS FALL 2006 Homework Due November 2 l Equot W 5 A PV system is to be installed at a residence The system produces 5 kW ofpower at 48 VDC and 50 ft of cable is required to deliver the power to the electrical load center a What size of copper wire is required to ensure that the wire resistance loss over the 100 ft of wire length roundtrip length is no more than 2 of the rated power 57 It is proposed to install an inverter at the PV array to convert the 48 VDC power to 240 VAC Assuming that the wire losses are purely resistive what size copper wire is required to ensure no more than 2 loss due to wire resistance losses An induction fan motor has speed taps that allow the motor to operate as either a 4pole or 6pole motor What are the synchronous speeds of the motor under the two conditions The attached gure shows the performance of an induction motor with a rated output of 1 hp A misguided engineer wanting to ensure the motor was not too small decided to specify this motor for a load that required an output of only 05 hp a What is the speed of the motor at this reduced load b What is the motor ef ciency Pumps performance is often available for pump shaft speed of 3500 rpm An engineer has selected a pump to deliver 50 gpm with a shaft power of 09 hp at 3500 rpm The engineer has selected the motor shown in the attached gure to drive the pump Notice that the shaft power of the motor output power is approximately 1 hp 746 W at 3530 rpm Note also that once matched together the shaft power delivered to the pump must equal the motor output power both of which vary with shaft speed Pump af nity laws indicate the following relationship between pump shaft power and speed WSW N Wsha rat Nrat The motor speed and ef ciency can be correlated to the motor torque using polynomial regressions N 2 m 1 0570 1 0 57km Nmysym Tm Tm 2 3 77 0330314788i 10413i 02322L 77mm Tm rat m VVsha NmT Wsha mz NmJatTmt where Nm operating speed Nmsync synchronous speed 77m net motor ef ciency including power factor effects 77mm net motor ef ciency at rating conditions am ratio of motor speed to synchronous speed at rating conditions CVEN 5830005 BUILDING ENERGY SYSTEMS FALL 2006 r operating shaft torque rm rated motor torque output Wm shaft power a What is the operating shaft speed and shaft power when the pump and motor are joined b What is the motor power consumption FULLLOAD TORQU E 3600 3200 2800 2400 2400 24 E e 039 100 a 2000 2000 20 LL 1 DC 9 O 80 21600 1600 16 a 5 S 3 lt lt 392 E 60 1200 1200 E 12 m D LIJ 3 m a 8 2 CL 0 D o gt 40 800 800 8 0 Z uJ J E b 20 400 400 4 0 0 0 0 O 1 2 3 4 5 6 TORQUE Nm Example of PSC induction motor performance for 1 hp two poe motor from ASH RAE Handbook Systems


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