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by: Jeremy Steuber


Jeremy Steuber

GPA 3.87

Kenneth Foote

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About this Document

Kenneth Foote
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jeremy Steuber on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 2053 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Kenneth Foote in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/231903/geog-2053-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Geography at University of Colorado at Boulder.




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Date Created: 10/29/15
Notes from First Week of GEOG 2053 Discussion of sketch maps prepared in class suggests that Maps Represent Spatial Properties and Relationships Location Distance Direction Connectivity proximity adjacency etc Maps help us to visualize analyze and understand the spatial patterning of social and natural phenomena to establish location and navigate from place to place Map Making Always Involves AbstractionPicking only a few features or phenenomena sometimes taking them out of context RepresentationSymbolizationPortraying these features graphically GeneralizationSimplificationEliminating detail that would overwhelm the map reader Map Scale Is Always Important Maps can be made of tiny or huge spatial phenomena but cartographers generally focus on meso scale phenomena Other terms plans charts diagrams are sometimes applied to spatial displays at small or larger scales 1 unit on paper or screen represent X units in real world lX or lX l20000 or l20000 larger fraction than large scale l50000 l5000000 l5000000 small Maps are closely related but different from photographs or satellite images Maps are closely related but slight different than diagrams Diagrams A graphic design that seeks to explain a phenomena or pattern rather than one intended to depict or represent the phenomena Often have maplike visual or conceptual qualities since many are plotted in XY and XYZ coordinates peacockmapscom Edward Tufte httpwww 39 quot tufteposters Charles Minard Napolean s March 18121813 httpwwwhplhpcomresearchidlpaperspoliticalblogs The Term quotMapquot Has Many Other Uses Mental Maps htrn an own edu Niblu 39 39 htmlgeog 222gee 222 logeog 222 loO3html Concept Maps A way of representing knowledge and conceptual relationships in graphs and diagrams Search Google Images for quotconcept map examplesquot http WWW graphicorg concepthtml The Term quotMapquot as metaphor in literature and literary theory Agosin Marjorie ed 1999 A map ofhope 39 women39s writing on human rights 39 an international literary anthology New Brunswick NJ Rutgers University Press Etc Why are maps important to geographers Remote Sensing Human Geography Cartography amp Visualization are fundamental to Physical Geography Human Society Interactions Modeling Spatial Analysis Why are m up imp nrtnnt m everynne Whamveas or me Wheve mesons Unwed more we awed 0 wnem pverenea by pmducm a vemees o quoty Murat Emmaquot Hyumgn it Precxpztntmn Suds Gwlngy Ekcmcal Newark tummy Rm th spemes wmcn voure rev 0 newmgnwav ave arrecred by WM 0 voidsensmve wemn 15 pypemyev One View of Cartography as Communication The World The Mapmaker A Map The Map Reader A more complex View of the cartographic process What does the map Slmphfx reader your audience Generallze know about the theme AbStraCt presented on the map The Mapmaker The Map Reader Representation amp How experienced amp Symbolization Legend knowledgeable is the reader Scale Distance in interpreting maps Orientation N S EW Arrow


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