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The American Political System

by: Modesto Renner

The American Political System PSCI 1101

Modesto Renner

GPA 3.66

Lh Mc Nown

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About this Document

Lh Mc Nown
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Modesto Renner on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSCI 1101 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Lh Mc Nown in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/231922/psci-1101-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Political Science at University of Colorado at Boulder.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
Review Sheet PSCI 1101 Section 200 Midterm 1 Fall 2007 The midterm exam will consist of a series of short answer questions drawn from material covered in class and in the assigned readings Chapters 1 2 3 5 and appendices of Shea Green amp Smith Exam questions will be one of several types provide a speci c term ll in from a list of provided terms multiple choice de ne a speci c concept providing examples to clarify or explain the signi cance of a particular concept event or ruling See the practice quizzes and chapter review tests in the textbook for sample multiple choice questions The following list provides examples of other types of questions that might appear on the midterm exam The first midterm exam is scheduled for Tuesday 2 October 2007 No blue book is necessary 1 Brie y explain why we have government 2 Describe three basic roles for government using examples for each 3 What form of government existed in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin 4 The shared values and beliefs about the political world that give people a common language in which to discuss political ideas are known as 5 De ne the idea of democracy 6 Distinguish between direct democracy and a republic 7 In order to be considered democratic in nature governments must abide by rules that ensure democratic processes Describe three democratic rules by which governments are evaluated 8 Explain what the Declaration of Independence added to our understanding of democratic political systems 9 De ne the principle of constitutionalism 10 What are the four functions of a constitution ll Explain representation and apportionment under the Articles of Confederation 12 Describe three structural elements under the Articles of Confederation and compare these to the structure under the US Constitution 13 The Articles of Confederation failed for many reasons Provide one important reason for this failure using examples to clarify 14 The Virginia Plan was favored by what kind of states Why 15 Which plan advanced in the Constitutional Convention proposed equal representation for all states in the legislature 16 Describe the Great Compromise and how it came about 17 In Federalist No 10 James Madison was concerned about the danger of factions Why did Madison think factions were problematic How would the new Constitution keep factions under control 18 During the Constitutional Convention there was great disagreement over the desirability of national government versus a federation Distinguish between the two How was the controversy resolved 19 Explain the significance of the supremacy clause Where can it be found 20 What is Madison s primary concern in Federalist 51 and what remedy does he describe for addressing this concern 21 List the Articles of the original US Constitution and brie y describe the contents of each 2 N Explain the meaning and importance of the 10 11 Amendment of the Us Constitution 2 LA The principle that power to govern rests with the people is known as 2 4 What does the three fths compromise refer to 25 Why did northern states agree to the three fths compromise 2 0 List the general content of the Articles of the US Constitution 27 List three rules you would expect to find in any political system claiming to be a democracy 28 In Federalist No 51 James Madison argued that ambition must be made to counteract ambition What did he mean and what was his solution 29 How do the institutions of national government check the powers of other institutions Answer using specific examples of checks by each of the institutions on the activities of the other institutions 30 Distinguish between checks and balances and separation of powers LA Define unfunded mandate and provide an example 32 How has the Supreme Court changed with regard to its view of federalism 33 Define and distinguish between civil liberties and civil rights 34 Distinguish between personal rights and procedural rights found in the Bill of Rights using examples to clarify 35 Who speci cally is being limited by the First Amendment List five personal rights guaranteed by this Amendment 36 Free speech is said to be relative Explain 37 The Supreme Court devised the incitation test to decide whether or not to allow certain types of speech In particular the Court distinguished between two types of advocacy Explain 38 There are two basic approaches to limiting freedom of the press Describe these 39 Though the First Amendment guarantees freedom of the press censorship is sometimes allowed Provide two examples of allowed censorship 40 Explain the meaning and application of the prurient interest test 41 According to the Supreme Court the saying of prayers in public schools violates which specific clause in the Bill of Rights 42 Explain the significance of the exclusionary rule 43 Provide an example of symbolic speech protected under the First Amendment 44 Where in the US Constitution can one find the right to privacy How was it derived 45 Where in the Bill of Rights is it stated that evidence seized illegally may not be used to obtain a conviction 46 The 4 11 Amendment is designed to protect against what 47 The 1966 Miranda v Arizona ruling 39 quot 39 J r J 39 rules 1 J quot 39 39 at times ofarrest What specifically are the Miranda warnings 48 Explain the 839h Amendment 49 Distinguish between the free exercise clause and the establishment clause 50 Brie y explain the significance of the following court cases I DeJonge v Oregon 1937 I Gideon v Wainwright 1963 I Lemon v Kurtzman 1971 Miller v California 1973 Miranda v Arizona 1966 Near v Minnesota 1931 Schenck v United States 1919 Additional terms to define AntiFederalists authoritarian regime Bill of Rights capitalist system cooperative federalism devolution dual federalism federalism Federalist Papers Federalists ideology mandates pluralism political culture politics preferred freedoms republic strict scrutiny


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