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The American Political System

by: Modesto Renner

The American Political System PSCI 1101

Modesto Renner

GPA 3.66


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Modesto Renner on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSCI 1101 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/231930/psci-1101-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Political Science at University of Colorado at Boulder.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
This looks long simply because it is a combination of the 2 previous review sheets with some new material from the last chapters of the book Look at all you ve learned this semester 0 What is plagiarism o Is paraphrasing summarizing in your own words someone else s work and not citing them considered plagiarism 1 How does Mancur Olson describe government 0 Democracy 2 Collective action problems 0 what are these 0 Ways they are solved in small groups 0 Ways they are solved in large groups 0 public versus private goo s examples I can something be considered a public good by one person and a private good by someone else 0 free rider problem 3 Why are some people scared of a pure democracy a direct democracy 0 What did the framers the founders think about it 4 What does a representative democracy do differently 0 does it X all of the problems of a direct democracy 0 does it cause new problems 5 Thomas Hobbes John Locke and human nature 0 How does our system re ect their beliefs Popular sovereignty What are the normative goals of our society 8 Why did the Articles of Confederation fail after 10 years and why did the Constitution succeed going on 200 years 9 Why did the sovereign states feel the need to join together quotmove in togetherquot in 1787 0 this is a very long list of problems between the states 10 The Constitution 0 Is the Constitution best seen as a consensus agreement among the Philadelphia delegates or as a compromise agreement between competing factions Small states and big states great compromise 35 compromise Slave versus free 11 What does he mean when Professor Juenke says that the Constitution was created to be quotpurposefully brokenquot 0 What is his evidence what are the speci c ways that the new federal government was quotbrokenquot 0 Why in the world would the framers purposefully break the federal government 12 Did the Constitution give anyone new voting rights 0 slaves 0 women s rights 13 Were the President Senate and federal judges elected directly by the voters when the Constitution was rati ed 14 Federal system and Republicanism 15 What is the Antifederalist s main gift to citizens of the US 16 Why is the Constitution so hard to change 0000 0 why would we not be surprised by this in a democracy 17 Did the framers trust human beings to rule benignly 0 what evidence supports your answer 0 The founders thought that a strong national government was much like a loaded gun dropped in a playground I Is this true Why or why not I why does our historical diversity make this statement much more apropos 18 Why did professor Juenke compare the federal government s development over time to Lindsey Lohan s relationship with her parents over time o Is this metaphor dumb 19 State versus national control 0 What has caused this relationship to change over time Who is winning 0 Supremacy clause and reservation clause 0 Money and federal power 7 categorical and block grants 20 Civil war and change in statefederal relationship 21 Marbury versus Madison and McCulloch versus Maryland 22 transaction costs 23 tragedy of the commons 24 where do our civil rights come from o How can we quotclaim themquot legally 0 why should the government listen to us when we claim them 25 Why is it that racial and ethnic minorities are typically associated with the struggle for civil rights 0 What about women 0 How do we reconcile these struggles with the promises eXpressed in the Declaration and the Constitution 26 Why is the Dred Scott case so important 27 Missouri compromise 28 1439h and 15 h amendments 29 Reconstruction 30 Jim Crow era 31 1964 Civil Rights Act 32 1965 Voting Rights Act 33 Are all of the civil rights issues solved in our society 0 Are there issues about which people still disagree in regards to civil rights 34 what is suffrage 35 How have people who were excluded from the political system in the 1780 s gained inclusion o is this a slow or quick process 0 how does this comport with our earlier conception of a broken federal government 0 Is it a surprise that we see any change at all or is it evidence of a healthy system 36 What do legislatures do in our system and how important are they 37 Where does this power come from precisely 38 length of legislative terms for senators and representatives how these correspond to the purpose of those bodies 39 trustee vs delegate representative 40 How does a bill become a law step by step 41 How does Congress control the president and judiciary 42 Difference bt who House members and Senators represent constituency size and makeup 43 Where does the of ce of the President get its powers from 44 Main function of President early on Has this changed over time How 45 How can someone who simply executes Congress s laws like the president come to have so much power over Congress over time 46 Leader of the party why is this important 47 Can a president declare war 48 Are forest rangers bureaucrats What do bureaucrats do generally speaking 49 Who is struggling to control the bureaucracy What power does each player have to use 50 Does the bureaucracy act like a fourth branch of government 51 Bureaucrats as representatives Are they elected How might this be goodbad for democracy 52 Can bureaucrats be watchdogs 53 Organization of the federal bureaucracy 54 Alternatives to public bureaucracy 55 Hamilton and the power of judicial review Why can t Congress police itself 56 How does the lack of elections affect the role of the courts in our democratic process 57 Appellate versus original jurisdiction 7 which one does the supreme court cover 58 Where does the supreme court rst get named Who creates the other courts 59 How do court appointments prove the importance of elections 60 Marbury versus Madison and McCulloch versus Maryland 61 Are civil rights and civil liberties really different from one another How 62 where do civil liberties come from 63 selective incorporation and how it relates to federalism 64 Do you have a right to privacy how 65 Why don t things happen quickly in the federal legislature 66 What are some ways that legislators have found to get around the constraints of the framers 67 What do legislative committes and subcommittees do 68 What are some of the things that the president CAN do 69 Is quotpatchwritingquot considered plagiarism 70 What are some reasons that Congress delegates duties to the president and the bureaucracy 71 In what speci c ways are public organizations rms and private organizations rms different from one another 72 What are some speci c things that public bureaucrats can do to maintain their own power 73 Why two major parties in our system Why not three or more 74 What do political parties do that the masses can t do for themselves 75 How are parties different from interest groups and social movements 76 Difference in terms of ef ciency and effectiveness of two vs muliparty systems 77 Why would a twoparty system be better for the median or typical voter and why do the two parties look very similar to many people 78 Prospective versus retrospective voting and the different party theories 79 PAC s soft money 527 s 80 Problems with measuring public opinion 81 Are Americans knowledgeable enough to rule themselves Does it matter 82 Where do political opinions come from What causes them individually 83 Political socialization 84 Economic versus social conservatives and liberals 85 Are our opinions elite or mass driven Are mass movements elite or mass driven 86 history of news media in our country why are they protected 87 The mass media and democracy 0 Differences in the way news is brought to us How has it changed and what does it mean 0 Why might a free press be particularly important in a democracy 88 Functions of the media 0 How does the relationship between the media and government work 89 Is the news biased How would we test this 90 Infotainment 7 how does this change the way we absorb news 91 Government censorship of the media 7 prior restraint 92 why has newspaper readership declined over time 93 Fairness and equal time 94 How do groups overcome the collective action problem Free rider problem 95 What is an interest group and what do they do Are they essential to a healthy democracy 96 Pluralism 7 problems with the pluralist argument in the US 97 problems with elitism as a theory for US politics 98 Public versus private interest groups 99 Lobbying and the inside game 100 Political action committees and hard money versus soft money 101 Does money buy power or access 102 How do interest grousp try and affect public opinion 103 Hamilton and the power of judicial review Why can t Congress police itself 104 How does the lack of elections affect the role of the courts in our democratic process 105 Appellate versus original jurisdiction 7 which one does the supreme court cover 106 Where does the supreme court rst get named Who creates the other courts 107 How do court appointments prove the importance of elections 108 Is the Supreme Court a representative body 109 Who con rms court appointments 110 Does the supreme court hear ALL cases that come to it Also please visit the book s website httplogiccgpresscom for help with the chapters and some sample questions from the publisher you may have to register on the website


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