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by: Allie West II
Allie West II

GPA 3.51

Kenneth Anderson

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About this Document

Kenneth Anderson
Class Notes
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This 33 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allie West II on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSCI 7818 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Kenneth Anderson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/231973/csci-7818-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in ComputerScienence at University of Colorado at Boulder.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
Lose Yourself in Map Services Google Microsoft Yahoo MapQuest Luke Sankey 28 November 2006 CSCI 7818 Web Services Expected Features of a Map from basic to advanced Programmatically move zoom slide annotate Toggle maphybridsatellite views Plan routes get directions Overlay paths pictures icons Custom controls Underlay custom satellite photos Google Maps httpmapsgoogecom httowwwgoogecomaDismaosdocume ntation Developer key is good for one domain or even just a directory No routing just geocoding httpmaokicomwikiMain Paqe Overlays can be zoomspecific don t draw streetlevel detail at continentlevel zoom Google Code var mapGOOG function createGoogle Create map and add some standard controls mapGOOG new GMap2equotmapGooglequot mapGOOGaddControlnew GLargeMapControl mapGOOGaddControlnew GMapTypeControl mapGOOGaddControlnew GScaleControl mapGOOGaddControlnew GOVerViewMapControl var myPoint new GLathgDEFAULT7LAT DEFAULTiLNG mapGOOGsetCentermyPoint l7 Place a marker at my house s latitudelongitude var marker new GMarkermyPoint GEventaddListenermarker quotclickquot function markeropenInfoWindowHtmlquotThis is my house LATLNGquot H mapGOOGaddOVerlaymarker See how well Google s geocoder works place a marker based on address var geocoder new GClientGeocoder var address quot2307 Steele St Longmont COquot geocodergetLathgaddress functionpoint if lpoint alertaddress quot not foundquot else var marker new GMarkerpoint GEventaddListenermarker quotclickquot function markeropenInfoWindowHtmlquotThis is my house geoCoderquot mapGOOGaddOVerlaymarker H createGoogle Quick Demos httpwwwgooglecomapismapsldocume ntationqooqle northamerica officeshtm httpwwwsankevdesiqnscommaotest httpmoonq000ecom Microsoft Virtual Earth httpocaivecom httpdevivecomvirtuaearthsdk Good documentation No developer key necessary Webbased Google Earth type 3D maps As far as I can tell has everything except smartoverlays google s is new expect MS to copy soon Microsoft Code var mapMSFT function createMicrosoft try Create map mapMSFT new VEMap39mapMicrosoft39 mapMSFTLoadMapnew VELatLongDEFAULTLAT DEFAULTLNG 17 Mark my house by LATLNG var pinlD 1 var pin new VEPushpinpinlD new VELatLongDEFAULT LAT DEFAULTLNG null 39This is my house LAT7LNG39 mapMSFTAddPushpinpin Mark my house by geoCoder mapMSFTFindLocation392307 Steele St Longmont CO 8050139 function ndResults assume there is only one result for this location search index 0 var pin2 new VEPushpinpinlD findResults0LatLong null 39This is my house geoCoder mapMSFTAddPushpinpin2 mapMSFTSetZoomLevel17 FindLocation screws the zoom level so we must reset it D end try catchexception MS throws exception in FF2 but not FF15 createMicrosoft Yahoo Maps httpmapsyahoocom httpdevelooeryahoocommaos Developer key required no domain limitation API for embedding Map in Flash app Yahoo Code var mapYHOO function createYahoo var myPoint new YGeoPointDEFAULTLAT DEFAULTLNG Create map mapYHOO new YMape39mapYahoo39 mapYHOOdrawZoomAndCentermyPoint 1 mapYHOOaddTypeContro ll M rk my house by LATLNG mapYHOOsetMapTypeYAHOOMAPREG Var PlnlD 1 mapYHOOaddpanCOHtFOIO var marker new YMarkermyPoint pinID mapYHOO39addzoomLongo markeraddAuto EXpandquotThis is my house LATLNGquot mapYHOOaddOverIaymarker Mark my house by geoCoder marker new YMarkerquot2307 Steele St Longmont CO 80501quot pinD markeraddAutoEXpandquotThis is my house geoCoderquot mapYHOOaddOverIaymarker createYahoo MapQuest AOL httpwwwmapquestcom httpwwwmapduestcomopenapi Developer key can be registered to multiple domains Everything is a zip file bummer Implementation is sufficient but gets confused easily with stylesheets MapQuest Code var mapQWST function createMapquest mapQWST new MQMapquotmapMapquestquot var Ioc i new MQLocation Ioc isetNamequotThis is my house geoCoderquot Ioc1setAddressquot2307 Steele Stquot Ioc isetCityquotLongmontquot Ioc isetStateProvincequotCOquot Ioc isetPostaICodequot80501quot mapQWSTocationsaddoc i var 002 new MQLocation 002setNamequotThis is my house LATLNGquot oc2setLatitudeDEFAULTLAT 002setLongitudeDEFAULTLNG mapQWSTocationsadd002 mapQWSTgetMap createMapquest MapQuest AdvantageAPl We have a nondisclosure agreement httpcompanymapciuestcomb2bbeta New TileServer commercial API is beta Open API version coming soon trying to catch up with the big dogs I assume Commercial API supports nonbrowser clients by providing libraries httpstrcmapciuestcom GeoCoder returns XML from the server Demos httpwwwsankevdesicmscommapcsci7818M aDQuestExamDIes httpwwwsankevdesiqnscompaulbiqmapphp httpwwwsankevdesiqnscommapcsci7818 httpwwwsankevdesiqnscommapcsci7 818mapMapC1uestphIo httpwwwsankevdesiqnscommapcsci7 818TestXM Lhtm httpwwwquemocomaaoi5 Conclusion Google defacto standard of course Microsoft copy and improve just like in the good old days Yahoo supporting Flash seems to be their claim to fame MapQuest Maybe the original 1996 but ltproverb type classic business quote gt innovate or die ltproverbgt Seminar on Web Services and Web 20 Kenneth M Anderson University of Colorado Boulder CSCI 7818 Lecture 1 08272008 Wednesday August 27 2008 Credit Where Credit is Due 0 Portions of this lecture are derived from material in Web Services Principles and Technology by Michael P Papazoglou and its accompanying instructors materials As such they are Copyright 2008 by PearsonPrentice Hall Wednesday August 27 2008 2 A bit about me 0 Associate Professor 0 At CU since July 1998 0 PhD at UC Irvine 1997 0 Research Interests 0 Software Engineering 0 Hypermedia 0 Web Engineering Wednesday Augu5127 2008 A little bit more 0 21st Semester at CU 0 3rd time teaching a seminar on these topics 0 Software Development Experience 0 Approximately 16 systems 30K1OOK LOC each 0 Some industry experience with IBM amp Unisys 0 Experience with academicindustry collaboration 0 NCAR NREL Northrop Grumman ioSemantics 0 Have been working on hypermedia since 1991 first demo at Hypertext3993 0 Watched the birth of the Web occur while sitting across from Roy Fielding and Jim Whitehead at UCI Wednesday August 27 2008 Office Hours 0 by appointment 0 When meeting with me we ll use either 0 ECCS 127 across from the CSEL 0 Faculty Lounge across from ECOT 717 Wednesday August 27 2008 5 Class Website SCI 7818 Fall 2008 Web Sermes and Web 20 mm mm m smummm Textbooks Class Info Yms semmar wm vaw On two lrxlboaks quot1 5 scmesm mn m m Ph39 7 6 3 PM lncauun ch um Web saunas Pvmn 25 and Tethnulc py Mmham v Papamgmu Pubhshm nv V m n a Useful Links Iwm provpa us Mm me backgmun max we need m axamme me wmk 90mg an m mg web 59 v 39 and sewa as a Jumme nu nelnl lor aakmg an m Iamsx work on he Vab ha rs bemg aDthd m we ws sacc llulmns vendpr luolsms and me like mm vomn Damnmu urtcmpumr 3mm Mam nasrrm Web 5mm by L201an Ruhamsun amp 5am Rubv thshsd py D Reuly ISENVU 97a p596 52926 o Tm bucks lAkEs a GEED kmk 3 me 39umu approach m wap sumas knuwn a Y Ma m ha appears m Roy nemmq s aussmauon Ray mexng aevmopau RESY wmic workmg as a graduam swam ax uc Wm mum he mmmon at Rucham N Tawny Th RESTM approach as Web setwes was a mad Webbased 5er 25 on me xemmques ma made me n p k quot Knowledge we new to undersxand the walk mmg apphed m ms approach In wzh 52mm am now am 5 bang appm m wEHrknawn Web anphzanan harnawmks sum as Ruby on RaHs Bath xecnnology shown he used xhal Damon a ma semmal x a wmmgs a Trm O NEIHV mag msmsmns and me We a quotmm M Anamm 2pm lthtt wwwcscooradoedukenaClasses7818fO8gt Wednesday August 27 2008 About the Class Website 0 Check the website every day 0 An RSS feed of the What s New page is available 0 The website is your source for 0 class schedule 0 homework assignments 0 announcements 0 etc Wednesday August 27 2008 7 Textbooks Web Services Principles and Technology RESTful Web Services Wednesday August 27 2008 8 Seminar on Web Services 0 Present Historical Perspective of Distributed Information Systems from textbook 0 Explore Web Services Landscape WS 0 Investigate REST architectural style often seen as a competitor to WS 0 Examine Web 20 and its relationship to the above Wednesday August 27 2008 Desirable Characteristics of Seminar Style Class 0 Everyone has read the Assigned Readings 0 Lots of Discussion 0 Student Presentations 0 Technology Demonstrations 0 Fun Wednesday August 27 2008 Course Evaluation 0 At least three Student Presentations 0 Roughly 15 minutes each 0 Group Project team size 2 4 0 Build a Web Service of NonTrivial Complexity 0 Write a Report about your Service 0 Give Demo and Answer Questions during last two weeks of class Wednesday August 27 2008 Structure of Course Proposed Will Change 0 First Five Weeks SOAPBased Web Services SOA 0 Second Five Weeks RESTful Web Services 0 Last Five Weeks Web 20 0 Topics will include 0 Historical context of distributed middleware systems 0 Core web technologies 0 XML SOAP WSDL UDDI 0 REST and RCA ResearchOriented Architecture 0 and more Wednesday August 27 2008 12 Example Topics for Student Presentations 0 SOAP 0 WSDL 0 UDDI 0 XMLH39ITPObject 0 AJAX 0 Google Yahoo Amazon etc API 0 RSSAtomAtomPub 0 The latest and greatest social networking site Web 20 frameworks etc Wednesday August 27 2008 13 Other ways to participate 0 Send in pointers to relevant materialsarticles on the Web 0 Then volunteer to discuss them in class 0 Locate speakers from industry to come speak about a related topic 0 Find someone from lBMMicrosoftSun to come and talk about what they are doing in the WS space 0 Find someone from a Web 20 startup to cover their business model the technologies they use etc 0 Present counter arguments to the material discussed in lecture 0 Summarize seminarrelevant discussions that are occurring in the blogosphere Wednesday August 27 2008 14 Questions denesday AugustZI 2mg Chapter 1 The Basics of Web Services 0 Definitions 0 Software as a Service 0 Where can services be used 0 Web Service Characteristics 0 Web Service Interfaces and Implementations 0 ServiceOriented Architecture 0 Technology Stack 0 Quality of Service 0 ImpactShortcomings of Web Services Wednesday August 27 2008 16 Service Oriented Paradigm I 0 Web Services exist within a paradigm that centers around services 0 We d like to use services to support the rapid development of lowcost easily composable distributed applications 0 A Web service is a piece of programmaticallyavailable application logic exposed over the Internet 0 Services reflect a serviceoriented approach to development based on the idea of creating applications by composing them from smaller services 0 Its the componentbased programming paradigm moved to the Net Wednesday August 27 2008 17 Service Oriented Paradigm ll 0 As a result services are viewed as independent entities that 0 can be mixedmatched to create a complete business processapplication 0 are available to a variety of clients 0 platform independent from client perspective 0 able to support a business by charging clients for use of the service 0 pay per use 0 lease a certain number of transactions 0 subscription model 0 etc Wednesday August 27 2008 18


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