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by: Allie West II
Allie West II

GPA 3.51


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This 24 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allie West II on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSCI 7818 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/231997/csci-7818-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in ComputerScienence at University of Colorado at Boulder.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
Web Services Testing Mark LewisPrazen Web Services Fall 2006 Outline Web Services Proliferation Exploring Testing Issues Web Service Testing Challenges Functionality Testing Challenges PublishFindBind Testing Challenges Security Testing Challenges Performance Testing Challenges Web Service Testing Tools Information Threads Web Services Proliferation and the Changing Testing Landscape Moving from a relatively small number of large apps to a relatively large number of small apps As Web services adoption rises more developers are doing more testing early and often in Development vs QA The asynchronous nature of the business process services will make the QA job less grunt work and more of an intellectual challenge a prediction or a QA optimist working on a self promotion campaign No matter how easy it is to invoke WSDL if you don39t know what the object was supposed to do I don39t believe you can test it quot Advocate for developer testing of Web services Exploring Testing Issues A key to testing Web services is ensuring their functional quality because when you string together a set of services you introduce many more opportunities for error or failure Developers are typically poorly versed in security coding scrutiny driven by performance issues Few development organizations within enterprise IT shops understand need for vulnerability testing Testing was the last bastion of the waterfall method But even here the concept of a freeze is ending testing is becoming a continuous activity Exploring Testing Issues cont d Category Traditional App Web Service App Invocation Testing tools invoke the application and More synchronous take a look at what it returns invocation of multiple services challenges Performance Performance testing typically back Do performance testing Testing loaded exercise if done at all early as you construct services and deploy them performance of service is going to roll out across app QA Skills Suf cient for running testing of COTS Lack the skills to test applications the degree of such testing spans multiple expertise in the QA area is typically technologies the interface highly functional in nature freeze syndrome Portfolio Risk Fairly static environment Dynamic environment amp Skills Mis match more small apps requires diverse skill sets Exploring Testing Issues cont d Category Traditional App Web Service App White box Code knowledge available No knowledge services are just testing interfaces white box testing not an option Mutation Seed code with errors for No access to code hence no opportunity testing testing to seed code mutation testing not an option Infrastructure App integrated into the user App lives in a foreign infrastructure Control system infrastructure implication for testing is to guarantee the COTS SLAs with customers different framework stakeholders mav want svcs tested Service Service release strategy is Provider controls service release strategy Release known by user and systems doesn t know all users changes may Control integrator not be evident from the interface Exp orng Testing ssues cont Table 1 Highlights per testing dimension Needs and responsibilities of each stakeholder are in black advantages in green issues and problems in red Testing Testing perspectives levels Developer Provider Integrator Thirdparty User Service functional Whitebox Needs service Needs service Assesses only selected Servicecentric testing testing available specification to specification services and functionality application selftesting Service nonfunctional testing Integration testing Regression testing Service specification available to generate Nonrepresentative inputs Necessary to provide nonfunctional specifications to provider and consumers Limited cost Nonr39ealrstrc testing environment Can be service integrator on his Limited cost service can be tested offline Unaware of who uses the service generate test cases Limited cost Blackbox testing 2 E Nonrepr39esentative inputs Necessary to check own ability to meet SLA stipulated with user Limited cost Testing envrronment might not be realistic NA Limited cost service can be tested offline Can be aware that the service has changed but unaware of how it changed Needs test suite deployed by service provider Blackbox testing 2 2 High cost High cost Might depend on network configuration Difficult to check whether SLA rs met Service call coupling increases because of dynamic binding Must regressron test a composition after reconfiguration or rebinding Otralityofservice testing mtrst consider all possible bindings Might be unaware that the service has ed High cost a a u on behalf of someone else should be impartial ssessment of all services Small resource Lise for provider one certifier tests the service instead of many ntegrators Only nonrepresentative inputs High cost Assesses performance on behalf of someone else Small resource use for provider one certifier tests the service instead of many integrators Nonrealistic testing environment High cost NA Retests service during its lifetime only on behalf of integrators not other stakeholders High cost Lowerbandwidth use than having many integrators Nonrealistic regression test suite to check that it ensures functionality dtrring runtime Services have no interface to allow user testing Servicecentric application selftesting to check that it ensures performance during runtime Servicecentric application selftesting to check that it works during evolution Possible Opportunities A need for more close and effective collaboration between developers and end users ultimately more robust software Opportunities for functional and QA areas to develop more exible skills more in line with the trends in application development and implementation New Risks Introduced API risk Services are being used by many applications Service Version risk In event of service upgrade if one user of a service does not upgrade then more than one version needs to be managedmaintainedtestedetc Web ServiceIntermediary Synopsis Developers usually build mock Web service environments Emulate the myriad of client requests of server via test scripts including vulnerability tests Focus of new vendor test tools is to try to quickly and easily emulate any endpoint client or server of a Web service Point such tools to a valid WSDL and emulate both the client and server endpoints simultaneously Verify that the Intermediary Soap security etchandles the requests and responses as expected and policies are accurately re ected Web Service Testing Challenges Since Web services are composed of loosely coupled distributed over networks we must test the application I 9 qr egg 6 b end to end service by service and interface by interface Functionality Testing Challenges Overall functionality of web services should be easy to test BUT only if we thoroughly trust the applications components services before we combine them to complete the application Implication is that building from lower defect components should mean a smoother testing process EXCEPT Functionality Testing Challenges cont d Web services have more APIs one per service and increased communication paths between those services Increased level of integration and interoperability testing Who owns this testing Service provider Service requester Both Others How does trust get established Publish Find and Bind Testing Challenges Service providers must advertise their existence to brokers Brokers must register the above and provide information of these services through search functions Service requesters must nd the needed providers and bind to them to consume their services Publish Find and Bind Testing Challenges Similar to testing 3rd party credit card application processing thru a web app Are services able to register themselves Can web app nd and bind with services Who owns the tests Provider Requestor Trust issue Security Testing Challenges Web application is collection of independent services which come together to provide some valueadded functionality Value suggests the need for security for some authentication of users prior to service access Consider the case of an application with a myriad of services each requiring different authentication procedure and enforcing different security policies a testing challenge of significant dimensions Performance Testing Challenges All these looselycoupled platformindependent highly scalable services are not free Major performance problems typically are a result of Large services Without adequate hardware support Small services with signi cant overhead Layer on layer abstraction on abstraction Services distributed on a network with its own latency Performance Testing Challenges cont d Application needs to be performance tested in the following manner End to end from the requester perspective At the unit level during development by provider At service level generally by requester and provider Interface validation generally by requester and provider To ensure functionality under boundary load conditions Performance Testing Challenges eont d Performance Unlt Testing Simulated User Load 1Whatwe ve become accustomed to Performance Testing Challenges cont d Service Interface Performance Sunulated Sewicei vg T gist Lmd Perionnance j k i Perfomumce UniL Testing Pl39BSGIlt thl lull lllll lll ill ll ll Perfx yrnmnce Peril um lIlLTt39 What we should have been doing all along And With web services have little choice In Summary Web Service Testing Challenges Who owns the testing of the services Requestor Provider BothAnother How well did the vendor test How do you know How do you establish trust in a service and demonstrate to users that our web app is worthy of their trust Some Web Service Testing Tools Optimyz WebServiceTester is an endtoend product offering automatic test generation functional regression and load testing conformance testing against WSI Profiles BPELbased orchestration testing secure Web services testing and debugging and diagnostics Mercurynow HP quotend to endquot solution for Web services testing in the form of three offerings LoadRunner QuickTest Professional and Business Process Testing its newest tool that sits on top of LoadRunner Empirix Inc eTEST eManager Enterprise test management e Tester functional testing eLoad scalability testing Parasoft SOAPtest WSDL validation unit and functional testing of the client and server performance testing IBM Rational Software Co TestStudio unit functionality performance and load testing PurifyPlus runtime analysis tool for detects memory and performance bottlenecks early in the development cycle Some Example Testing Tools MindReef IBM httpdemosdfwibmcomondemandDemoIBMDe moRationalClearQuestTestManagement Jun06htmlSSWCAT Mercury provides a service called ActiveTest that allows it to populate a Web service with real data loads from its server farm Load runner has been enhanced to send same data to client and server and test for stresses Other Information Threads httpieeeXploreieeeorgie156294341670l628907pdf Testing Services and ServiceCentric Systems Canfor and DiPenta IT Pro MarchApril 2006 http searchwebservicestechtargetcomoriginalContent0289l42sid26gci10857 7 900htrnl Web Services Tools Mature May 2005 a web services test portal Testing and QAS in a Web Services World Software Magazine Sept 2005 wwwibmcomsoftwareawdtoolstesterclearquest lnctionaltestindexhtml IBM Rational ClearQuest and Functional Testing The Forrester Wave Functional Testing Solutions Q2 2006 Developers Network httpsourceforgenetprojectsxmltester httpwww soapuiorgindexhtml


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