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Special Topics

by: Deron Schmitt

Special Topics MCEN 5228

Deron Schmitt

GPA 3.73

Yung-Cheng Lee

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About this Document

Yung-Cheng Lee
Class Notes
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This 43 page Class Notes was uploaded by Deron Schmitt on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MCEN 5228 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Yung-Cheng Lee in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/232010/mcen-5228-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Mechanical Engineering at University of Colorado at Boulder.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
Molecular Biology and MicroNanoScale Engineering MCEN 52280074228005 and MCDB 41000066440006 Y C Lee Mechanical Engineering ECME 122 3034923393 leeyccoloradoedu Michael H B Stowell MCD Biology Porter B231 3037352983 MichaelStowellcoloradoedu University of Colorado Boulder CO 80309 August 26 2008 CODE msmuqno u TLB DECODE I 9152 p COMPLEX 39B us INrERFACE 39 39 LOGIC 39 7 39 SUPPORT PM TeL l J altar 39 n 1 r Un quot Of rg39 aquotn a n 1000 hf n 394 TL 4 1 395 Jnn r 3 a n I In MP LOG C 4322 Biological Cell centrosorne with mlCTOtUbUle pair of centrioles chromatin DNA nuclear pore 4 nuclear envelope 4 extracellular matrix Slcles 7 fye r 39 3 1 r l lysosome actlnquot4 quot laments 39 mitochondrlon 7 nucleolus peroxlsome nucleus ribosomes Golgi intermediate plasma endoplasmic In cytosol apparatus filaments membrane reticulum Figure 1 31 Molecular Biology of the Cell 4th Edition Contents 0 MicroScale Engineering NanoScale Engineering Molecular Biology Case BioMEMS Case Virus for Nanotechnology Case Manufacturing of OLED Syllabus Microsystems Scale 1 meter 106 microns Applications 0 integrated circuits C sensors 0 actuators 0 fiber optic communications 0 biomedical 0 What else Primary material silicon Why Electronic properties Others include silicon dioxide silicon nitride copper gold polymer etc Microsystems fabricated in a clean room Why Lower cntamination levels 39 y 21 1TH n my Hllllll lll ll llmw 39h Microelectromechanical Systems MEMS Early 1990 s 0 micron scale features 0 include circuitry and mechanical components 0 silicon based technologies 0 fabricated using integrated circuit processes Types of MEMS 0 Sensors 0 Actuators 0 Power 0 Photonic optical 0 Fluidic Microelectromechanical Systems MEMS Layers and Nominal Thickness in Microns MultiUser m D ililil M E M S Nitride PoiyO 15 Oxide Poly 1 2nd Oxide PoiyZ Metal Processes 39 M U M PS Example Design A hhhhhhh Ie ponO nitride a After Poly2 Deposition b Released Device Array of Piston Mirrors W D Cowan and V M Bright Anchor gold 5 1 Contents MicroScale Engineering NanoScale Engineering Molecular Biology Case BioMEMS Case Virus for Nanotechnology Case Manufacturing of OLED Syllabus Nanotechnology Scale 1 meter 109 nanometers Applications of Nanotechnology 0 materials 0 information technology 0 medical advances 0 environmental benefits 0 What else Why Nanotechnology 7 0000100 mm x 4 x 0020 mm x lo00002002 2x106 mm2 0000020 mm thick dielectric 10 mm X 10 mm Capacitance AreaGap Conductor 0002 mm thick dielectric We can increase capacitancebased Conductor energy storage density by 20000X Nanoparticles Functionalized to Detect Various Cancer Markers CdSe nanocrystals w T uned optical emission CdSe ats Emrend Exa up 39 39 39 Cosmic Engmeermg l t tum55 o a UHquot Technology and g t i39lt J Lt39 tart A a 615 U Molecular o g g B S LIME lm LI J g 1 5 l 739 S 1 39 ca CS 8 8 8 8 2 1 0 2 8 LI 8 I g 2 Maui3911 75 g I u g trail I r Contents MicroScale Engineering NanoSoale Engineering Molecular Biology Case BioMEMS Case Virus for Nanotechnology Case Nanostruoture Engineering Syllabus i centrosame wilh mIClOtUbU39B pair of centrloles I l 39 39 chromatin DNA nuclear pure nuclearenvelope eveslcles 7 extracellular matrix quot 7 e L Iysosome actinquotquoti filaments mitochondnon nucleolus peromso me nucleus ribosomes Golgi intermediate plasma endoplasmic in cytosol apparatus filaments membrane reticulum receptor protein in cell membrane detects environmental signal Millions or 39 Billions of 531 5 gene regulatory protein PrOtelnS is activated Working and binds to regulatory DNA Together in a 5 quotprovoking activation of a gene cell to produce another protein A Wubule ggmsgggggg39 I V at binds t0 other 39 Chroma in DNA exirace nar mzlrlx I I m L x I p ro tem odmg regulatory regions nuc ear anva ope w llesicles Ire 0 n i quot H r I JR f a wow regulatory l l r v i r it n are 7 99 0 peroxisome nudeolus x r gt nucleus gt r ribosomes Golgl intermediare plasma EH90P3935W0 Incvtosul apparatus laments membrane reticulum Into some additional gene regulatory proteins gure 1731 Molecular Blologv Dime Cell 41h Eanlan Figure 1 40 Molecular Biology of the Cell 4th Edition KHEL G QWHRWQX E A A l f m l l Protein Conformations molten globule chaperone pro Pathwy chaperone catalysis correctly folded protein sea a Figure 6 82 Molecular Biology of the Cell 4th Edition Protein a NanoElectro ChemicalMechanical Device mm w W I m g g 7 I r I P 1 2 Survey IEEE Fellows Question Please indicate how much societal impact each of the following elds will have on the world over the next ten years 10 great impact on the world 1 no impact on the world Biomolecular engineering Nanotechnology Megacomputing Robotics 0 20 40 60 80 100 l Great impact 8 10 El Average impact 47 I No impact 1 3 Q1 Base total 901 Contents MicroScale Engineering NanoSoale Engineering Molecular Biology Case BioMEMS Case Virus for Nanotechnology Case Nanostruoture Engineering Syllabus ELECTIFI DDES I GLASS ILIGUN Fquot BOP Fi D GEL CHANNELS 39 F39H DTDDETECTUHS H 39u39u39IHt HUNUS HEATERS TEMPERATURE DETECTORS FLUIDIC CHAN H ELB AIH VENHIt AIRLINES 1 measuring mixing and transporting nanolitersized samples 2 performing bio chemical reactions and 3 separating and detecting the DNA fragments Burns et a1 U of Michigan MicroNanoFluidics for Structural Biology Problem Structural information needed for drug design Many proteins are dif cult to obtain in quantities 0 Solution Convert from microlitre to nanolitre Micro uidic mixing and delivery Lab on a chip On the y Structure Based Drug Design Protein Crystallography Typical crystallization method 24 conditions 500 micrograms protein 20 micrograms per eXpt Desired crystallization 1024 conditions 100 micrograms O1 microgram per eXpt Fluidigm Chip httpWWW uidigmcomproductstopazchipshtml screening On the y a Large plum a reagents r nun sinn um wirh i mm Hun my Hagen manntratinns C Earrier uid 1 Spacequot prams different reagents 1 7 t l ans d T sn 39 Egh 39 g 1 39 39 i 25 in I 311 We gt 39139 We I I g I 7 pugs PUB 39 l E Iquot H i u Ir PM E05 1 I a w i 1 I E a 3 15u n4 g I 5 F i 3 ourquot 339 a who nuyluuulpnml 7 p I39 1 ma M an 50 1 Plug Number Dialysis Chamber 2D xtals b 5mm B uffer chamber 37mm NEWS15 silicone sheet 37mm membra e 3 silicnne sheet Sample well a 3mm I I 5mm silicone sheet dialysis membrane 9 upper block with buffer chambers Contents MicroScale Engineering NanoScale Engineering Molecular Biology Case BioMEMS Case Virus for Nanotechnology Case Manufacturing of OLED Syllabus Can we genetically modify Tobacco Mosaic Virus to achieve a chemoselective template The three potential external labeling positions Nterminus Cterminus 6366100p Conversion of Threonine t0 Lysine O 0 CH3 HOMOH HO HAVNHz NH2 NH2 N HydroxySuccinamide o i N LiNHR L o 0 gt99 0 RNH2 N HO N HSALigami PBS pH 74 25quotC 60 min U nlabelled Labelled EM 303 nm Fluorescence Confocal Fluorescent labeling Metal coating Via in situ photoreduction L ltr Cu lt lt Cu 3 Metal coated TMV 39 LIE Contents MicroScale Engineering NanoScale Engineering Molecular Biology Case BioMEMS Case Virus for Nanotechnology Case Manufacturing of OLED Syllabus Organic Light Emitting Diodes OLED Permeation Rate Nano Scaled Barrier Coating Moisture and Oxygen Permeation 10 E Polymer Film A WVTR glmZday I rrO test 1 l1 A 01 g 777777777777 ix 7777777777777777777777777777777777 7 001 g 7777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 7 ALDon Polymer Film i A 0 01inspectionofmamufacturingA quot f defects 100g 00001 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Alum39 na ALD Thickness nm Excit laser Inspection Using Fluorescent Tags green fluorescent protein green light emission t ue defects ation Emission max 515nm Fluorescent Tagging Resolution Tags can detect crack widths down to 20nm Biology f gt K gt System Integration Engineering Syllabus Molecular Biology 0 MicroScale Engineering NanoSoale Engineering Website httpWWWcoloradoeduengineeringMCENmicronanobio


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