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by: Deron Schmitt
Deron Schmitt

GPA 3.73

Lawrence Carlson

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About this Document

Lawrence Carlson
Class Notes
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This 40 page Class Notes was uploaded by Deron Schmitt on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MCEN 1025 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Lawrence Carlson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/232012/mcen-1025-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Mechanical Engineering at University of Colorado at Boulder.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
quotBecause of its benefits GDTP Cert39fcation is now a 239 for Intel mquot Datums n mb long term requireme Design Group me DammD Variable gage Datums Clarify Inspection 2mm Conventional 7 2 r Batun5 Datum A theoretically exact point axis or plane derived from the true geometric counterpart of a specified datum feature Datum feature symbol A datum is the origin from which the location or geometric characteristics of features of a part are established ADF527 50m 2 7 Harms 2 GDampT Measurement ambiguous Measurementclear ADFab 517 ADF527 50m 2 7 Harms 4 ThreeJ aw Chuck Jaws move radially inward until they contact part Datum is axis of chuck Datum Simulators High precision surfaces and gages are used to simulate theoretically perfect datums and therefore allow accurate measurement Surface plate Ground at and highly polished simulates datum plane ADF527 50m 2 7 Harms CADF527 my I Batun5 Planar Datum Example f f J J f K J J Datum plane A is bottom plane ofa perfect part ADF527 517m 2 7 Damn Planar Datum Example Neitherthe part northe datum simulator are perfectly smooth Datum feature roughness exaggerated ADF527 50m 2 7 Harms a Planar Datum Example When the part touches the datum simulator they only contact at a few points These points of actual c ct e tablish theoretical Datum plan e A Theoretical ADF527 517m 2 r Batun5 9 Orthogonal Datum Planes Secondary Datum Plane 2 points ofcontact 1 dof Tertiary Datum Plane 1 pointofcontact o dof paquot is x ie I 4 Primary Datum Plane 3 points of contact 3 degrees offreedom ADF527 50m 2 r Harms 10 in 7xxx gt f ESTAEUSH PRlMAFlV FIRST DATUM PLANE a POINTI MIN CONTACT WITH DATuM SURFACE A STABLISH SECONDARY DATUM PLANE 2 POINT lMlNl CONTACT WlTH DATUM sunFAcE B I HlRD DATUM PLANE l POlNTl IMINI CONTACT WITH DATUM SURFACE c MEASURING DIRECTION FOR RELATED DIMENSIONS ADF527 517m 2 r Batun5 11 Verifying Form Gages are used to measure feature variation V aligns centers of circular objects regardless of size l V blocks are used with cylindrical shapes ADF527 50m 2 r Harms 12 Controlling Runout Establishes axis ofthis circularfeature as DatumA Datum feature 4 Datum Speci es the allowable runout of this surface with respect to Datum A ADF527 517m 2 r Batun5 Verifying Form Gages are used to measure variation eg runout Motion oftip is displayed to 0001quot precision Dial indicator ADF527 GMT 2 7 Dath I4 Internal Cylindrical Datum RFS Datum feature A Drawing Actual part A Datum feature simulator Variable diameter cylinder The gage is expanded until it contacts the high points ofthe hole The axis ofthe gage at that point becomes Datum AxisA The material condition is regardless offeature sizequot RFS ADF527 517m 2 r Batun5 Expanding Mandrel Gage g Diameterchanges as sleeve is moved along taper Axis ofmandrel establishes datum axis J ADF527 50m 2 r Harms Datum C II planes at max More separationJ to datum A Center plane aligned w axis B Datum center plane 0 Datu A A Place part on sur ce plate 3 dof atu B Center part on center hole 1 dof Axis of la 9 0 Fix part from rotating by slot 0 dof inscribed cyli ADFab 517 2 7 Datum mB r est nder Example 750 2 nos 750 1005 259 1 MST 1 250 2 nos 02 00 L 02 0 I i to 101 I L a 375 t 002 l T a 375 one L PERPENDICULAR PERPENDlCULAR To TO WHAT DATUM SURFACE 39A39 TOP on aoTroM SURFACE Now CLEAR ADF527 517m 2 r Batun5 Datum Center Plane Internal centerplane gt l 39 Simulated datumA parallel planasat Datu m A maximum separation Datum feature Slotw39dth simulator ADF527 50m 2 7 Harms Student Design Winner Sp 01 Third Place ADF527 50m 2 7 Harms Product Feature 5 Orthographic The Vocabulary of Design Download from Web site k g9 Orthograpmt magma 2 Product Features cont d mg The Alphabet of Lmes Line style communicates different information ViSibie object iine heavier than others Hidden iine Section iine Center iine Orthographic V i Imagine an object 1 H ide a glass box Projection ADfab OrthograpHt mummy Parallel Visual rays project from the obj ect to the projection plane R l x x ADfab Orthograpmt Projettvov ADfab Thelobj egt zlimage is foimed cfyrghthe Projlection 811 Ctedttfsp lew p ane y wmepo1 o e Visua rays honzontal p1an 1 l OrthograpHt mummy ADfab Orthograpmt Projettvov For many threedimensional objects two to three orthographic Views are syf cient to describe their geometry ADfab DrthoqrapHt Mummy 9 The box can be unfolded ADfab Drthoqrapthrojettvov The Views are oriented l orthogon y in relationship to each other TOP FRONT RIGHT SDE ADFab Drthoqraph Vt Projettvon ll Typical ThreeView Placement DEPTH i 71 TOP WIDTH UTTW FRONT RIGHT SIDE ADfab Drthoqrapmt Projettvov View Selection View Selection Ahng the object 50 lhallhe VleWS are Slmple and clear 6 00d VleW Orlenlallon Orthographvt Projettvov u ADfab arthograph m mummy 1 Aum View Selection in SolidWorks One View May be Adequate Centerhne mdlcales cH cUlar feature 39rrcxulim D AVEEV7 i l DD 1 0 Think about what U makes most sense I agt symbol 0 I means To change v1ews smug diameter in SolidWorks 74 Orthograpmt Projettvov 15 ADfab arthograph m Projettvov 15 ADfab Two Views May be Adequate v Q FirstAngle Projection omeet H V Lme of Stght t quot 39 1 7 X i A u39 cquot Vtewthg statmh 9 I 4 at mly 739 v quot omect S ptaced betwee t we and wewmg ptahe Projectton Ptahe Ptcture Ptahe Vteng Ptahe ADfab DrthoqraPHt Projettvov l7 ADfab DrthoqraPHt Projettvov 18 LH ve of Stght ADfab OrthograpHt mummy Front VteW The top hortzontaU vtew 5 projected from above FlrstAngle The quot599 the from W the omect but 5 created eh the pte betow S projected to the projectton PI OJCCUOII ptahe behnd the one t Front VteW Honzontat orTop Vtew ADfab Drthoqrapmt Projettvov A5 thh the prevtous two projecttons the hght stoe vteW to protected to the oppostte stoe otthe gtass box Pm e 0 rr r 39 Rtght Stde untotoeo to show the mutttote vteWS W a sthgte xiv ptahe Front Vtew Prome or Rtght Stoe vtew Froht Vtew th ftrstrangte projec ttoh the box uhtotos away hohzohtat from 9 0 server hohzohtat orTop Vtew ratherthah towards the orTop vtew rVer ADFab DrthoqrapHt Projettvov 21 ADFab 22 Prome or The reference frame can be FirstAngle vs Rtght Stde uhtotoeo to show the mutttote Vte vteWS W a sthgte xiv otahe The US and Canada use thudangle projectlon Front Vtew The rest of the world uses firstangle projection 0 Symbols on drawing identify which is used hohzohtat j j orTop Vtew hght stoe vtew to to the tett of j gd im Us Steward the troht vtew g Thtrdrangte 69 Drthoqraph Vt Projettvon 23 ADfab Orthograpmt Projettvov e vtews are reve ADfab FirstAngle vs ThirdAngle Projection h 39 39 W IRFGHVI FRONT i TDF 39 7 mowr y mew FirstAngle Europe ThirdAngle U S amp Canada ADfab 25 OrthograpHt mummy GDampT 5 Bonus Tolerances Bonus Tolerances 0 For some GDampT controls deviation from Maximum Material Condition MlVIC may increase the size of the tolerance zone 0 This is known as a bonus tolerance GDampT reference chart indicates when this applies Indicates bonus tolerance is permissible ax bonus absMMC LMC GDampT Summary Chart see web site Consider an Extreme Example A cover is designed to fit over a flange with exact 120 mm diameter studs as shown But the designer did nottake this course so he dimensioned the hole size too tightly When the holes are a1 MMC they need to be positioned perfecty ADF527 51M 7 3 7 Ta Mrsire ZDHES 4 However there is some leeway in hole position when the holes are at LMC So the engineer consulted his boss and she had a better idea Now the parts will always fit together ADF527 GMT 4 r Tn7erance Zane 5 Bene t of MMC The maximum material condition concept permits greater possible tolerance as part feature sizes vary from MMC Consider a pin fitting into the same hole Tolerance zone At MMC these parts will mate as At LMC there is a larger long as the center ofthe shalt is tolerance zone because the anywhere within the tolerance zone shalt is smaller wiggle roomquot Bonu stoler 6 Perpend1cu1ar1ty of bus Material condition Zone as speci ed at MMC Bonus tolerance as part deviates from MMC l Bonus Tolerance DatumAsimulator l Bonus tolerance 1 Tolerance zone Em perpendicularto Datum A Largertolerance zone 3 ADF527 Bonus Tolerances Allow the Opportunity to Rework Bad Parts When hole is at MMC it won t fit over the pin Drilling out the hole to the largest allowable size LMC allows the hole to clearthe pin GMT 3 7 Ta7erance Zane 9 Engineering Analysis Using SolidWorks COSMOSWorks 7 Finite Element Analysis FEA COSMOSFloWorks 7 Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD COSMOSMotion 7 Dynamic Motion Modeling ADFab Finite Element Analysis F EA Stress and Strain 1mm m Manufacturing Anazysis 11 Finite Element Analysis FEA l Constrain part ADFab mm m Manumm in Anazys 7395 12 Finite Element Analysis F EA 2 Apply load 39ADFab Infra ta Manufartw fng Ana 7y 739 15 Finite Element Analysis FEA 3 Generate mesh ADFab Infra ta Manufacturing Ana7y57395 14 Finite Element Analysis F EA Stress plot ADFab mm m Manufarturv39ng Ana 7y5 7395 15 r ALA 1 1 u ni A A ELVNJN 1quot1 A 1 ADFab mm m Manufartw in Ana7y5 7395 15 Finite Element Analysis F EA Factor of safety lt l partwill yield 39ADFab Infra ta Manufartw i39ng Ana7ysv39s 17 Formula SAE Chassis FEA model ANSYS Rear upright COSMOSWorks ADFab Infra ta Manufacturing Ana7y57395 13 Dynamic Analysis ma m m awe 2 First mode of vibration Second mode of vibration ADFab mm m Manufamwing Ana 7y5 7395 FEA Thermal Analysis Fiamoi symmmar the model IC Chips Cold Substrate Hot Electronic circuit analysis Temperature distribution ADFab mm m Manumm in Ana7y5 7395 20 Fluid Dynamic Modeling COSMOSMotion Engine intake system Pressure through veniun39 J 39ADFab Infra ta Manufartw fng Ana 7y 739 21 ADrab Infra ta Manufartw in Ana7y5 7395 22 3D Slider Crank Wobble Pump ADFab mm m Manufarturv39ng Ana 7y5 7395 2 ADFab mm m Manufartw in Ana7y5 7395 24 GDamp T 3 Position Position Control Elli Most powerful and versatile control in GDampT Capitalizes on MMC bonus tolerances Can be used to 7 Locate patterns of holes 7 Locate center of feature eg slot 7 Control perpendicularity of holes etc Easy to check with functional gages Insures proper t of assemblies CADFab GDampT 7 P05 i rim 2 l EDS l 500 005 Lifl Coordinate Dimensioning 7 CDl 0001003 CADFab Allowable locallorl for hole center 7720001005 I l 995 ZEIEIE GDampT 7 Position Coordinate Tolerancing vs GDampT X 0005 57 more area These points would be rejected using coordinate dimensions but they would still function correctly Yi0005 CADFab GDampT 7 P05 i rim GDampT Position Dimensioning l 000 003 IH 32 Basic 200 Datu ms dimenSIons CADFab GDampT r P05739t73907 5 BASIC Dimension A numerical value used to describe the theoretically exact size pro le orientation or location of a feature or datum target The associated tolerance for a BASIC dimension is given in the GDampT control frame Hole size parameters Tolerance of location Exact theoretical value Box indicates BASIC dimension BASIC Dimensions and Datums BASIC dimensions must relate to datums 0 Q7043 quot 4 970 500 10 002 a BEE 4 00 025 CADFab GDampT 7 P05 i rim 7 l39250 Implied tolerances do not apply CADFab GDampT r P05739t73907 Orthogonal Datum Planes Secondary Datum Plane 2 points of contact 1 dof Tertiary Datum Plane 1 point of contact f 0 do Le part is xed Primary Datum Plane 3 points of contact 321 quot Rule 3 degrees of freedom CADFab GDampT 7 P05 i rim How to Measure Holes GO NO GO Gages Diameter 7 Speci ed by diameter and tolerance MlVICLMC 7 Measure accurately with micrometercaliper Amway variation 7 Checked with G0 NO GO gages Position 7 Speci ed by GDampT frame amp basic dimensions 7 Measure accurately with optical comparator Hole We 7 Checked with functional gages WC WC H 7 I m 30 NO 30 Handle CADFab I 9 CADFab GDampT 7 P05739t73907 10 GO NO GO Gages Checking Gear Hole Size Gage can enter good hole but not past NO GO step 20 CADFab GDampT 39 F05739t73907 ll CADFab GDampT 39 F05739t73907 GO NO GO Gages Gage tolerance 00002 000002 36 57 CADFab GMT 7 P05 i rim Gaging True Position Holes Holes atMMC Z 70 max distance Centers of holes must lle Wlthll i 0 l8 tolerance Zone 25 82 mln Gage pins dpm 127o 018 12 52 Holes atMMCUZ 70 min distance When two holes are located at true position at MMC min dia they may be gaged with pins 1252 mm in dia located 2600 mm apart CADFab GMT 7 P05 i rim Pin Gage Dimensions Part Drawing PM a F 270 HOLES E le 1 l A l g E 4 E i 1 r 7 a 1 l l l Ei A ii l 1 mt I Gage DTanl lg 7 93923932 Pin diameter hole diameter MMC i DampT position tolerance W Le dia 1270 018 1252 mm Pin location speci ed by BASIC dimensions CADFab GMT 7 P05739 rim 15 Datum A CADFab GMT 7 P05 i rim Position Lab Snowboard Binding Perfect part Reiecn CADFab GMT 7 P05 i rim 17 CADFab Combined Datums BALL BEARINGA GEAR r 7 2 PLACES Combined a um centerline joining A amp B 617317 7 F05739t73907 13 Checking Shaft Runout 3 Dial indicator measures tip movement accurately 2 Sha rotated in V blocks 1 V blocks center sha at each end CADFab GMT 7 P05 i rim 19 CADFab Combined Datums 503 7 mm W 5750 4 aquot i away 506 1 s WIEiEZV WW3 mom owws c jz USE Ci E GMT 7 P05739t73907 20 Auxiliary Views Sectioning Read Engr Graphics Ch 16 What s Wrong With Orthographic Views None ofthe orthogonal views showtrue sizeproportions of angled face ADF527 Auxi39Hary View amp Serti39wn39ng 2 Angled face appears true size in auxiliaryview ADFab Auxi39h39ary Views a ferric77779 L9 3 What do these views add A EWj Circular features appear as circles in auxiliary view Hidden lines are o en suppressed in auxiliaryviews ADFab Auxi39h39ary Views a Serti39wn39ng 4 Auxiliary View Simpli es Drawing ADF527 Aux v39ary View amp ferric77779 5 Orthographic Views ADF527 Auxv39Hary View amp Sertv39nnv39ng 5 Complete Auxiliary View VIEva ADFab Am Hary View5 ca ferric77779 7 Partial Views Simplify Drawing The goal is clarity VlEWD ADFab Am Hary View5 ca Sertv39anv39ng a What Is Sectioning Using imaginary cutting planes to slice through parts and assemblies Cutting plane Cross hatching indicates a section cut ADFab Auxi39Hary Views amp ferricring Why Is Sectioning Important 0 It conveys important information about the inner geometry and features of parts 0 It is a very useful technique especially for hand sketching 0 Remember graphics language 0 A good engineering drawing is sparse It should completely and clearly convey design intent with a minimum of views ADF527 Auxi39Hary View amp ferricring 10 An Example Sectioning usually allows the SECliOHAA o ewer hidden lines ADFab Am Hary Views amp ferricring Section Line Conventions Avoid aligning section lines parallel or perpendicular to visible lines SolidWor Avoid Avoid Preferred ADFab Am Hary Views amp ferricring 12 Treatment of Hidden Lines new lQ l F Hldde ll V n nes V noi shown m semen new Omit 221139 Section mew Mural orlhogonal View ADF527 Auxv39Ha y View5 a Sectioning Offset Sections Usefulwhen major features are on different plan es Q r M 339 r 439 7 q A 9 mil Normal multlvlew Offsetsection View Don t Show cutting plane edgesl ADF527 Am Hary Views a Sectioning Half Sections mmetric parts to show both internal external features in one view Useful for sy and LA9 l Centerline is used to Hldden IInes are separate halve s typically omitted butmay be added H J fordimensioning or clarity IIII ll Multiview Half section View ADFab Am Hary View5 a Sectioning Half Section of WorksholtE Selected hidden lines added for clarity SECTlON DD ADFab Am Hary View5 a Sectioning BrokenOut Sections Useful when only a portion of the object needs to be sectioned to reveal inner details ea Multiview Broken out section view ADF527 Aux v39ary View amp ferric77779 17 Detailed Sections 14quot Sometimeswe enlargea section detail for clarity Detail Section EE Scale 21 Indicate scale factor ADFab Am Hary Views amp ferric77779 ATypical Engineering Drawing mumm n F Sectioning in SolidWorks Sectioned paits assemblies iUseful in design process iTemparary View of interior detail Drawings iAdds clarity to documentation isolidWorks can create all of the section types discussed ADFab Am h ary View amp Sectioning SECTION AA Sectioning SolidWorks Parts Select ViewDisplay Sectio View l ADF527 Aw v ary View amp ferric77779 21 Assembly Sections Use different section patterns for each part ADFab Am Hary Views amp 5ert7 un7 ng steamn9 Assembly Sections link Grease tting Use section views to clarify assembly details uspenslon iCIicker Question What is this A satellite gimbal mechanism sea 39 i B CAT scan imaging head C Constant velocityjoint in a car D X ray scanner E Copierimaging head ADFab Am Hary Views amp Sertv39wn39ng 2 Sections Can Be Useful in Hand Sketches ADFab Am Hary Views amp 5ert7 un7 ng Geometric Dimensioning amp Tolerancing GDampT Ia Size vs Geometric Form 0 Size is speci ed by coordinate dimensions 0 Limits of size ie allowable variation are speci ed by tolerances All dimensions w tolerances have builtin natural geometric controls 0 Add GDampT symbols only to re ne natural controls 7 Put precision where you need it 7 Relax precision elsewhere CADFab Intro t0 GDampT 2 Limits of Size Rule Rule 1 When only a tolerance of size is speci ed the limits of size of an individual feature prescribe the extent to which variations in its geometric form as well as size are allowed ie Atolerance of size controls form 7 but it does so indirectly Tolerance of size XX CADFab Intro t0 GDampT 5 Envelope Principle 0 Rule 1 establishes the envelope of the perfect part 0 Any deviation in form is acceptable as long as it remains within the limits of size Upperlimit of siZe Actual part outline CADFab Intro t0 GDampT Shaft Example L Form controlled by dimensions limits of size Circular1y Straightness of line elements of cylinder Parallelism between any opposite lines Flatness of ends Other geometry CADFab Intro to GMT 5 Limits of size 23324 CADFab Envelope Principle 5 322 324 Q5322 art must be perfect at MMC When not at MMC any form is acceptable as long as it ts within the tolerance zones Intro to GMT What is Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing GDampT A means of dimensioning and tolerancing a drawing with respect to the actual function of part features which can be most economically produced CADFab Intro to GMT 7 Why Use GDampT IT SAVES MONEY Provides maximum production tolerances 7 Bonus tolerances often provided Fewer rejected good parts Easier to measure Helps achieve design intent Ensures interchangeability of mating parts Reduces guesswork amp controversy Maximizes quality CADFab Intro to GMT Notes vs Symbols 0 A symbol has uniform meaning 7 N0 translation necessary 0 Symbols are more legible Symbols are an international language 7 Drawings are often copied w lower quality time amp space Symbols are compact 7 notes take more SURFACE B PERPENDICULAR TO DATUMAWITHINOO1 J 001 A Notes vs Symbols 7 25a runs Moms DN mu PosmoN wwnw um m w RELA IION m DAYUMSA a amp CAYMMC FLAY wimw mm mm 7 mum A 4 amp BASIC BASIC 7 DAWM C A SURFACE c PERPENDlCULAR To BMW A WlYMIN am a wim mm a wimN out A suancz a pzapsnmcuua m DAYLlM A whim tax a 250 1 ans Y The notes above and symbols gt provide the same control over part features and relationships i CADFab Intro t0 GMT 10 CADFab 17 rm m GMT 9 As drawn 0078 229 o ossztoz J mn k 004 1 m mnmm 77 in 7 7 1M 7 39Z OAOVInrJQE39O42 As manu ed Without geometric tolerance control CADFab Intro t0 GMT Table Example GDampT atness speci cation Flatness of top controlled Within 1 in Tighter control of flatness is desirable eg 18 in But that height tolerance may be too restrictive CADFab Intro t0 GMT Shaft with Linear Ball Bushing Good way to control linear motion Requires precise size amp circularity of sha This same level of precision for straightness is neither necessary nor feas ble Control sha cross section with tight tolerance where necessary 05 Relax sha straightness requirement CADFab Intro to GDampT Five Categories of Control Description Type of Geometric cnaracteristic Symbol Control straigntness lridividual Forrn Features Circularity CyliridriCity lridividual Proriie Proriie ota Lirie or Related Proriie ota Surface 39 Labs Angularity Pe eridiCLJ Orientation VD Parallelism Related Features Location Concentricity s rnrnetry Runout Circular Runout NiiioesnhDDQODi Total Runout t0 GDampT CADFab Iit o GDampT Labs I Lego bl k oc DVD Flatness Perpendicularity Snowboard binding Hole position Motorcycle brake disk Runout CADFab Intro to GDampT Feature Control Frame The alphabet of GDampT Geometric Characteristic Symbol 14 poss ble characteristics Zone Descriptor 005 JA B C Primary Datum Secondary Datum Tolerance Value Tertiary Datum CADFab Intro to GDampT Material ondition Modi er MMC Assemblies Mobility CAD suspension model by Patrick Powers SolidWorks Assembly Files An assembly file is a collection ofparls The first part brought into an assembly file is xed Weereeseeis it Q 16F39 57 Geamax bevel geavltl a Q 716P azr Gearkrax bevel geavltl Other parts are constrained relative to that part or other parts using mating relations Mate CADFab A55snb7739e5 a Mability The Mating Game Mating features 7 Points incl vertices sketch points 7 Lines incl edges axes sketch lines 7 P an incl front top right reference planes 7 Cylindrical features cylinders holes 7 Spheres l standard mus a l Advantud Makes a lglcmnzldent symem RT Parallel l l W dt Emmandma t l Path Make 18mm 2 LmeavLmeay coupler iancenm g hm Mechanical Mates Relative rotation Surfaces remaln tangent about axes Cam Mate ownb A55emb7739e5 a Mom39h39ry 4 Editing Parts in Assemblies In an open part document le Directly in assembly view Feature manager tree turn s blu e Rest of assembly becomes transparent CADFab 5 Inserting Component Directly in Assembly 1 Open sketch 3 Extrude thin 2 Convert entitity feature Pquot 395 xe In Place CADm7 until mate suppressed a lnplerel manmepqumy Assembh39es a Mom39h39ry Animation SolidWorks only models rigid bodies The spring is shown in different con gurations to simulate de ection CADFab Assemblies a Mability 7 Interference Detection amp Correction Each SolidWorks part is a mathematical model of the solid part Parts can occupy the same volume Areas of interference can be detected Once detected interfering volumes can be removed including clearance CADFab Assemblies a Mobility a Interference Deteetlen 39 Interference Elimination Select Insert Features Cavityquot Internal part protrudes above cavity in base Includes 5 clearance A55snb7739e5 a Mabv39h39ty m Degrees of Freedom Unconrained Number ofvariables needed to uniquely V i i 7 he quot de ne the position of a rigid body in space relative to a xed frame of reference Consider a rigid body in space 3 position coordinates x y z 3 angles 9 9 171 x X This body has 6 degrees of freedom 2 0 dof structure or assembly 1 daf moveable linkage or mechanism CADFab A55emb7739e5 a Mabrrrry n CADFab A55emb7739e5 a Mammy 12 One Plane Constrained CADFab A55emb7739e5 a Mabv39h39ty Coincident m ate Second Plane Constrained Coincident m ales CADFab A55emb7739e5 a Mom39h39ry u Third PlaneConstrained Coincident males CADFab A552mb1739e5 a Mabmry Kinematic Pairs Joints anmahc Skiing 1 d I RewMe hinge c hndnca v m V2 d r Sphenca a d v CADFab A55emb7739e5 a Mobility 15 Collision Detection SolidWorks parts that move in an assembly can be set to stop or not when they collide with other parts in the assembly Q rollslm Dete iun O PhYSltal DVnEmics 6 All meme 0 These amvanents smp al alllSlnn u Dragged part anly orgr517 Assemblies a Mabv39lity 17 Kinematic Pairs Joints Spherical AUFab Assemblies a Mom39h39ry 13 Linkage Mobility Linkage set of rigid links connected byjoints KutzbachGri39lbler criterion for planar 2D mechanisms f3n12p1P2 Where n number of links p1 number ofjoints Wl 010 p2 number ofjoints W 2 010 CADFab Assemblies a Mabv39lv39ty 19 Examples 51 f3n12P1P2 f33 1 23 00 Truss xed structure f34 1 24 01 5i Four bar mechanism 1 p20 moveable linkage ownb Assemblies a Mom39h39ry 20 Truss Structures Four Bar Mechanism Slidercrank anage n 4 count the engine block P7 P2 0 Bridge f 1 C CADFab A55emi77739e5 d Mabih39ty 21 CADFab A55emb7739e5 d Mob ity 22 4 Cylinder Boxer Engine Automobile Suspension CAD model by Patrick Powers CADFab A55emb7739e5 a Mabih39ty 2 CADFab A55emb7739e5 a Mom39h39ry 24 Watt Linkage 4 W I Invented by James Watt in 1784 3572 to guide the piston of his steam engine in a straight line CADFab A55emb7739e5 a Mabv39h39ty Using SolidWorks Drawings to Design Linkages Watt Linkage Still used in automobile suspensions quotWm Ruillanlluh whuilimg mm m 4 Cm numbquot Pmpllht man ammm body The SD1 llve axle See hit lMMMbrocken comlmechanisleall him for an animated demonstra Ion CADFab A55emb7739e5 a Mabv39lv39ty 27 GDi Project CU participated in the Global Design Initiative in 2002 Three university teams around the world designed a complete Formula SAE race car in just ve 24hour days Each team worked on the car for eight hours then shipped the SolidWorks CAD les to the next team CAD modecourtesy ofJames Longino CADFab A55emb7739e5 a Mobiiv39ty 2e


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