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by: Deron Schmitt
Deron Schmitt

GPA 3.73


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 28 page Class Notes was uploaded by Deron Schmitt on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MCEN 1025 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/232017/mcen-1025-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Mechanical Engineering at University of Colorado at Boulder.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
942008 Introduction to Solid Modeling SolidWorks OnLine Using SolidWorks Tut O 11 a1 S AllsauuwDrks T a l 39 7 A good place to start Each lesson takes 30 min I use Help a lot Camper model by Ken Fernalld 2 7 Intro H7 507 Modah ng Sketches 2D l 7 On a standard View plane 1 Front top right 7 On a planar face of a part that was previously constructed Reference Planes Look for face selection icon 1 Q Can lter for entity type to select v 7 On an inserted reference plane 3D CADFab 2 7 Intro t0 507M Modah ng CADFab 2 7 mm H7 507739 Mac 7777 CADFab 2 7 Intro H7 507 Modah ng CADFab Sketch Tips Locate sketch with respect to origin L Extra step to move later 2 7 Intro H7 507 Modah ng 5 Using Sy to Model mmetry Pulley l T W 7 1 Sketch approximate 2 Dimension El 3 Mirror entities about half shape CADFab 2 entities 7 mm H7 507739 Mac 7777 vertical centerline CADFab Sketch Mirror Tools Mirror A 7 Mirrors existing entities about reference line Dynamic Mirror E 7 Mirrors future entities about reference line 2 7 Intro 1 0 507 Mac 7777 3 942008 N mam iv w Mirror Features on Pipe T Convert Entities E Converts existing entities into sketch plane Edge projected onto sket h plane Sketch plane Extrude entitity CADFab 2 7 Intro H7 507 Modeling CADFab Hint Rename i features a yo build them 1 Model upper half ofpipe 2 Mirror features about top plane CADFab 2 7 Intro H7 507 Modeling 9 Carlson s Laws of Mechanical Design 1 If you can buy it 7 don t make it 2 If you can download it 7 don t model it Sprocket 2 7 mm H7 507739 Mac 7777 Third Party Software Software is available from other vendors for commonly used mechanical components eg GearTraX can model Spur gears Helical gears Bevel gears rm ears Sprockets Gear pulleys V belt pulleys 39G l g ilam m 1 computers r Bevel gears n gs cllclgionlr Camne CADFab 2 r In n7 n7 5077395 Mac 7777 942008 Extruded Cut a Analagous to breaching a keyway CADFab z 7 Intro t0 soid Modah ng 13 Revolved Cut Q Analagous to turning in a lathe CADFab 2 7 Intro H7 507 Modah ng M Sweep Following 3D Sketch Pro le path 3D Sketch Curve CADFab 2 7 Intro t0 507M Modah ng 15 Capitalize on Symmetry l fzgl n knell l Second half mirrored about right plane CADFab 2 7 Intro t0 507M Modah ng 15 942008 Pro le 2 Guide curve 1 v l lt l Pro le 1 CADFab Loft Feature z K Guide curve 2 Solid Lo 2 7 Intro H7 507 Modeling CADFab Extruding Solid Objects In order of increasing capability complexity Bossextrude r Constant crosssection 7 Single direction J sketch plane Sweep r Constant crosssection 7 Single 3D guide curve Lo m1 quotaw i Varying crosssection 7 Multiple 3D guide curves 7 Intro to 507m Mosaim Complex Lofts Lo s may have multiple pro les and multiple guide curves Take advantage of symmetry Half body mirrored about center plane to form complete body CADFab Cessna 206G airplane body Jacob Mal e t 2 7 Intro H7 507 Modeling Shell Feature 0 Useful for injection molded plastic parts 1 Model 2 Cut in as solid half 4 Add r bs swept cuts 3 Sh ell out half CADFab 2 7 mm H7 507739 Mac 7777 20 942008 Deforrn Features Flex Twist rl CADFab 2 7 Intro H7 507 Mac 7777 i an Patterns 5 Linear or circular patterns simplify creation of multiple features Circular Pattern CADFab 2 7 Intro H7 507 Mac 7777 22 Linear Pattern Can pattern in two orthogonal directions CADFab 2 7 Intro t0 507M Mac 7777 Building a Complex Model 1 Model half groove 2 Mirror about center plane 3 Linear pattern 125X 4 Add remaining features CADFab 2 7 Intro t0 507M Mac 7777 2r 942008 Sheet Metal Parts Fold lines Final part Corner Sheet Metal Bends Increase Stiffness Bending up the edges of this thin i i plate a small amount increases its bending stiffness nearly 7 times CADFab 2 7 Intro t0 5olid Modeling 25 cutouts I Unfolded at pattern CADFab 2 7 Intro t0 solid Modeling 25 Measurement 0 Section properties Area centroid location area moment of inertia xv seemquot Plnpln39zs em new Rm copy new zordindc Wm seieelea l ems Swim Duremis 3r lire sile ed lace nr PaillE e I 223 Mum we lee Eemmdvelawelovail myquot in rm i e u 23 i mx un Manml a may snares sum cmuad l riches M mew mew lxvzl39m CADFab 2 7 Intro t0 solid Modeling 27 Measurement 0 Volume mass properties 4 nun inequ CADFab 2 7 Intro t0 solid Modeling 23 942008 Con gurations 5 Allows the creation of families of parts Use Design Tables to control con guration imensions CADFab 2 7 Intro H7 507 Modeling 29 3 g ilcaaaoswm Whom Sulldworls Exam DriveWuvkEXDvess i DF MXpress oiMOSvaess COSMOSFIDXDvessl 1 mm aquot 5342 Sketch Entities 5mm Twls Skelth Settings alum a smnpmwues l 5 5mm CADFab Equations El l ilbanngSkelch wedgesngle 5kelchr72 225deg m R ame dimensions to en make equations make sense later wedge angle Relationship is maintained as angle changes 2 7 Intro H7 507 Modeling SolidWorks Example From the annual SolidWorks student contest Binoculars F 01 1st place CADFab 0r thagraph 739 Projanim 51 942008 m2gtlt15 6v amm mm M an a m 25m quotE Engineering Drawings Fasteners Engineering Drawings 0 Should clearly convey all of the information necessary to fabricate the product 7 Dimensions 7 including overall dimensions 7 Tolerances 7 including default tolerance spec 7 Material 7 Surface finish 7 Special m anufacturing instructions 0 Two types of drawings 7 Detail drawings 7 typically one sheet per part 7 Assembly drawings ADF527 Engineer ing Dr swings 2 Elements of a Detail Drawing Orthographic views Isometric view Minimum needed for clarity ShOWS 3D geometry 1777 Correct precision gr l7n w A 7 f quot Reference dimensionsLm Fully dimensioned l 7 m w r lOVE BE lDSOE FKA H Title 11 e i Notes as needed 5 block 39 r m ADF517 Engineer ing Drawings 5 Typical Title Block Elements Tolerance convention Who and when Company name no 2W Pizza Cutters Inc Part name Drawin number Material ee SheetslzeABCDE If Ms W PC 5 n 39 39A5 me The dimensions should specify Drawing scale CAD lename Revision part size accurately and completely ADF527 Engineer ing Dr swings 4 Revision Control RWleONS ZONE REV Daemon DAYE APPROVED Track revisions with a revisions block in the upper right hand comer of the drawing 0 Important for large projects cars airplanes etc 0 Use Product Data Management tools for shared files eg PDM Works ADF527 Engineer ing Dr ewings 5 Typical Assembly Drawing Elements Exploded view shows hc Part numbers how parts t together E ah 3 Detail Section views to gb view add clanty A DEuLB scklEi 2 x Q 39 Only those I dimensions Billof A needed in materials assembly BOM or Orthographic views of complete assembly me Jitters inc Typical Bill of Materials BOM a k a Parts List 0 Part name 0 Detail number in assembly 0 Number of parts required in assembly 0 Drawing number or 0 Catalog speci cation purchased parts Dr Bear 62 If you can buy it don t make it ADF527 Engineer ing Dr ewings 7 mu Cu lei Hidden lines 4 usually omitted ADFab Engineering Drawings 5 U S Draw1ng Sizes 85quot 11quot D A 85quotx 11quot B 11quotx 17quot C 17quot x 22quot D 22quot x 34quot E 34quot x 44quot ADF527 Engineer ing Dr ewings a ISO Paper Sizes A4 210mm x 297mm A0B41mmx1189mm ADF527 Engineer ing Dr awfng5 9 ADF527 Engineer ing Dr swing n Assembly Drawing Example Fasteners V A 4 Engineer ing Dr swings 11 Threaded Fasteners 0 Useful joining technique that allows disassembly 0 But need to guard against loosening 0 Most screw threads are righthanded Widely used throughout industry 7 25 million fasteners in a Boeing 747 7 Most are rivets ADF527 Engineer ing Dr swings Preventing Loosening Lock Washers Lock nuts Split lock washer Elliptical Nylon insert Pin lock Toothed ange Internal too h washer castle nut I Jam nutgs Wire or lg cotter pin External tooth washer ADF517 Engineering Drawing 14 Some Types of Fasteners Basical the sam e fastener 39Y Cap Screw Set screws often do not have heads A main am 9 Don39t use Machine Screw t to transmit torque ADF527 Engineer ing Dr swings 15 Hybrid Bolts IT For holes Binocular bolt for Round headed bolt for For mismatched not square double drilled holes gripping by vise grips holes Forwood I Forredrilled holes For holes too andmem that still don39tmatch Do b countersink near the edge ADF527 Engineering Drawings 6 Standard Thread Form Standards allow for interchangeable fasteners minor dia a pitch dia up ADFab Engineer ing Dr swings 17 ADF527 UNS Thread Speci cation Optional L A external thread B internal thread Class ofthread 1 2 or 3 Uni ed National Coarse ine Extra Fine ofthreads per inch 1p Nominal m ajor dia Metric Thread Speci cation M6X1 Pitch m m Nominal major dia mm Metric designator ADFab Engineer ing Dr swings 19 Engineer ing Dr swings 13 UNS Thread Sizes Size UNF UNEF u an l 72 2 64 7 Small sizes 2 3 39 numbered 6 4H m a as in 32 12 2a 32 m 28 32 516 24 32 38 24 32 716 2n 2a 42 2n 28 one 18 24 58 18 24 1 is 2n 78 4 2n 1 2 2n CADFab Engineer ing Dr swings 20 ISO Thread Sizes mm mm mm an n5n 7 35 men 7 4n mu 7 5n man 7 an 1mm 7 7m 1m 7 an 125 1mm 1mm 15m 125 12m 175 125 1m 2m 1D 16D 2mm 151 181 25m 15 2mm 25m 15m 22m 25m 15m 24m Sun 2am 27m Sun 2am sun 351 2mm Threads Can be Modeled in CAD Wheel Lug Nut Rem oval Tool But it s usually not worth it ADFab Engineer ing Dr swings 22 ADF527 Engineering Drawings 21 If You Really Must Use a CutSweepquot along a helical pa h Chamferend Add runout ADF527 Engineering Drawings 2 Thread Representation Conventions lllllllll El quotl39 De ned quotm Schematic Simplmed End view recomm ended EXTERNAL THREADS Section detailed not Section Section Unsectioned End view recommended schematic sim plmed INTERNAL THREADS ADFab Engineer ing Dr swings 2 2 Representing Threaded Holes Bottom lapped End View Through Blind SECTIONAL VIEWS earan Engineer ing Dr swings Hole Wizard in SolidWorks Hole Wizard automatically creates a variety of holes that are commonly used in 1 7Plain holes 39 l U 593 7 Tapped holes H Em 7 Counterbores N Liwluuff 7 Countersinks ADF527 SolidWorks Thread Representation Simpli ed Cosmetic Schematic earan Engineer ing Dr swings Smart Fasteners in SolidWorks SolidWorks has a library of common fasteners that can be inserted into SolidWorks assemblies Welcome to Why Are You Here ComputerAided Drawing and F ri i 11 ab cat 0 0 This course is required Fall 2008 0 CAD modeling is fun 0 Engineering graphics is a very useful skill People will pay you 5 to do it Starting this summer Radial aircraft engine by Christopher LaPanse custom Cho fcfzrgggi Best Indivrdual project Spring 2004 CADFab Course In tronM t ion 2 Why Am I Here Textbooks 39 I I love englneenng deSIgn39 Engineering Graphics Selected chapters from Bertoline 39 I ve been doing it for 37 years GR et 81 Technical Graphics Communication 4Lh Ed McGraw Hill Custom Publishing 2005 0 CAD modeling is fun creative 0 I want you to develop some useful engineering skills Howard WE amp Musto JC SolidModeling using SolidWorks 2008 McGrawHill 2008 7 Includes ISOday SolidWorks 2008 license d from Web using ID code on card in book DON T LOSE THE CARD CADFab Course In tronM t ion CADFab Course In tronM t ion Labs Quizzes Confucius said really I heari forget see 1 remember 0 Five quizzes to test knowledge of I do I understand v engineering graphics concepts especially Labs are your opportunity to learn by doing DampT Lab assignments will be posted on the 39 Administered in labs Via CULearn course web Site 0 Count 15 of your grade wwwcoloradoeduMCENMCEN1025 CASE SENSITIVE Lab assignments are due by the beginning of the lab one week later for full credit CADFab Course In tronunion 5 CADFab Course In tronunion 5 Lect res u Interactive Instruction Lecture slides posted on course web site Lecture An ancient process whereby wwwcoloradoeduMCENMCEN1025 information passes from the notes of the Print out and bring to class Provide bigpicmre concepts professor to the notes of the student 7 7 Design process manufacturing processes geometric w1thout passmg through the mind Of either dimensioning and tolerancing GDampT design for manufacturabi ity etc Interactive lecture Quiz hints SolidWorks examples and tips Instant feedback from Inclass workshop exercises 10 of grade 7 10 maX students via remote RF iclickers CADFab Course In tronM r fan 7 Grading Lecture Workshops 10 Individual Labs Project 7 45 15 Team Project 0 Quizzes 1 7 Stereolithography body 7 Purchased RC car chassis mmylsu llu lullmlul 7 Documentation Part drawings Assembly drawing CADFab 2 Design and build a small vehicle 150 Sponsored by I Fir i regal H Two Projects Create CAD model of a simple assembly 15 Individual Teams Course In U DdlI r 73907 1 5 CADFab Course In trod r 73907 Sample Individual Projects Climbing Cam Chris Carter Lightning 3 YX Skateboard Brandon Wheeler Travis Lenberg CADFab Sample Individual Projects Spinning Reel Nick Marsiglia Course In U DdlI r 73907 Sample Individual Projects Sample Group Projects i Q BMW Engine David Eason CADFab Course In tronM r fan 13 CADFab Course In tronM r fan 1 Academic Honesty Graphics Language 0 It is expected that each student will do his her own work Acceptable Collaboration for the purpose of learning the concepts SolidWorks etc Unacceptable Copying les 0 Graphics is the language of design 0 It allows clear communication of design intent It fueled the industrial revolution ACADEMIC DISHONEST Y WILL BE DEALT WITH HARSHLY CADFab Course In tronM r fan 15 CADFab Course In tronM r fan 1 5 Two Types of Graphics Course Skills 0 The oldfashioned way 7 Sketching by hand 7 All you need is a pencil and paper Chalk and blackboard Hand drawing 7 Ability to read engineering drawings 0 Basic knowledge of Geometric 39 Marker arfd White b fard Dimensioning and Tolerancing GDampT compmer39alded deSIgn CAD SolidWorks CAD pro ciency 7 AutoCAD 7 Pans 7Pr0Engineer 7 Assemblies 7 SolidWorks 7 Drawings 7 and many others CADFab Course Intraduitim 17 CADFab Course Intraduitian 13 Graphics Convey Meaning Hand Sketching Is Still Important Leonardo da Vinci CADFab Course In tronM r fan 19 CADFab Course In tronM r fan 20 ComputerAided Design Process m SolidWorks Characteristics E r E l 39a k 0 quot ANALYSIS 6 39 Feature based Stress Constraintbased Motion Heat Transfer quot4 Parametric Fluid Flow L PhotoWorks Rendering Historybased MANUFACTURE Design Associative h39mng Information quot 7 Rapid Prototyping Material 5 printer Tolerances p Laser cutter Stereolithography ngh i Engineering Drawing CADFab Course Intradltr39Di 21 CADFab Course Intradltr39Di 22 Some SolidWorks Features Dome Fillet More SolidWorks Features Sweep Pro le Extrude cut Extrude bossbase Helical sweep path Circular pattern CADFab CADFab Course In U DdlI r 73907 39 2r ased 39To turn Brr39bme 39squar39es ConstraintB 39 r Wm Lines constrained to eve ical am I to midpoint of diagonal gt Lines constrained l I to be equal length Lines constrained to be horizontal 2 L0 Design intent remains intact as the part is modi ed q CADFab Course In fromI t ion V elect View Sketch Relationsquot Center of circle constrained V 7 Mac Parametric These dimensions are all parameters that specify the highlighted features r J M Changing the value of the parameters will automatically change the model CADFab Course In U DdlI t ion 25 HistoryB ased FeatureManager w Design Tree Hint Rename features as you go to make the model easier to read in the future n m m CADFab Course In U DdlI t ion HistoryBased Can roll backquot part s design history to change the order of feature creation and hence the model 39 will CADFab Course In U DdlI t ion Associative Model 1 7D 7 a me i I I Drawing 1 Drawing 2 CADFab Course In trod t ion Part Files SolidWorks parts are solid objects no matter how complex Disjoint parts are Shaded model Wireframe model CADFab Sections add clarity Course In U DdlI t ion 51 SolidWorks Files Part sldprt Assem bly sldasm Drawin g slddrw CADFab Course In U DdlI t ion Assembly of Parts Parts can be moved relative to each other Closed CADFab Course In U DdlI t ion Have F m No labs next M T SolidWorks eDrawing Selfcontained le Abiity to zoom pan rotate 2007 CU Formula SAE racecar GDampT 4 Tolerance Zones 7 7 iquot Bonus Tolerance WE 2X50013 UNC 2B ml Tolerance Zones 0 Noncircular 7 Bounded by parallel lines or planes BMW 0 Circular 7 Specified by diameter symbol 226 ADF527 50m 4 r m7erance ZDHES 2 GDampT Summary Chart see web site Flatness Lab Drawing Tolerance zone two parallel planes 4 mm apart ADF527 50m 4 r m7erance ZDHES 4 GDampT Summary Chart see web site Flamess Lab 39 Interpretation 2 All parts of surface must lie between parallel planes Planes may be any orientation relative to part They are not associated with any datums Locmou i ADF527 50m 4 r Tu7eranre ZDHES 5 Lego Lab Drawing GDampT Summary Chart see web Site E E ADF527 EIMT 4 r Tn7eranre Zane 7 Lego Lab Interpretation Tolerance zone Perpen dicularto datum plane A ADF527 war 4 r Ta7eranre Zane 9 Rule of Thumb GDampT tolerance values are typically less than half the size limits Size limits GDampT tolerance 10 ADF527 50m 4 r m7erance ZDHES Perpendicularity of Axis ADF527 GDampT 4 r Ta7eranre ZDHES 11 Circular Runout Lab Drawing 571 40 W ADF527 50m 3 r m7erance ZDHES 12


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