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by: Megane Sauer


Megane Sauer

GPA 3.69

Gary McClelland

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About this Document

Gary McClelland
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Megane Sauer on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 5741 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Gary McClelland in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/232024/psyc-5741-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Psychlogy at University of Colorado at Boulder.




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Date Created: 10/29/15
Psych 57415751 Data Analysts Unwemty ufculmadu Bnuldex Gary McClelland 84 CharlEs Judd Pnc oe mum Answels oheeWay ANOVA oahuast Cad nahxems Thas me emtams the angma pmhlems and the ahswexs DI the ner way ANOVA andmgpxahlems Nate that many athex ahswexs are passtme Inpamculal any mwfm a eade gwm hetaw eahhe muluphed by any h lrg a pxadu 2x e 55e1n1and a the eaae 71 e1 2 Atsa same pxahlems anawyauta ask astematwe quesuahsthatmeghthathehe same quesuansfm whuhlhave suggested mdes 1 Ah advemsmg dueetax tests the effecuvenessafthreetypesafads thase wtth calm pictures thase wathhtaek and whate phatas and thase wALhna peetutes Subjemsnteeauhtype afad Speul39ya mhuasteadetatestpmmevs ha Future and speury the athex anhugaml eahuast mde What daesthe athzr mhuast mde test7 chm mw 12 12 Rmuxevs Nanetuxe 12 2 cm vs BampW 2 A drug eampahy washesta testthe stde erreus m anew drug They used we gmups a mnu39al graup whtehxesewed ha medmauan c1 a eahtmx wh sewe exegu mehtgm p renewed a buffered vexstah a DrugA A2 and a nalueatrnentgmup whnhxeczwed a amexehtDmgswhaehtspxesumedtahaveuae same Lhuapeuuce 39ect s x A J General a set a emuast mdesfm gmups c1 c2 A1 A2 and Btu answer these quesuahs Du th 2 Dathetwamnu gmupsdx 39en39mm 3 Bath DIugAgmups du39fex mm the DrugB Way A Du the Wu faxmulauans at DrugA differ mm eaeh athe Venfy that an afyaur eahttast mdes are anhaganal a eaLh athex A2 25 Drugsvs camats an n Cantmnvs Canua122 1 pt A mhlvs DrugB 3 12 DrugAlvs DrugAZ 4M Psych 57415751 Data Analys1s Un1v2xs1ty ufculmadu Buuldex Gary McClelland 84 CharlEs Judd Ta venfy drundgdnanty nmluply eaenparr a eddes e1ernentehyee1ernent and surn them They are drundgdnasrmnat surnrs zerd Fax exarnp1etd sndwtnatan and 2 are anhuganal Vasumatawsnn 25113 251sa 2572 n a n a 215 a 215 e 115 n 3 SuMects are gwen sdrne rnaterra1 a 1earn hr 11 trra1s wrtntne rndependent vanahle rntertrra1 Interval the Interval between sumesswe mils hex rnan ated at Intervals af semnds massed arm and 2n Aquot the hyp p nLhex extrerne quadraucuend uydu ean spedry are unrd mde Lhath mrinete are set m mntrast mdestarhretrend1aut ydu rnay need atame m mthagnnal palynamnlsta rrndtne unrrd edde n 2 n An sn 2 12 12 22 Lrnear Trend 2 12 12 2 Quadratre Trend 2 22 2 12 orne Trend Tnese palynam edntrasts are avadahde rn Table A 1 an F 92 a cdntrast AnaJysrs by Rdsentna1 and Rdmdw A Frmnegrade studentsrepresenungrwe ethmcgaups are mmpared rnterrns a senm attrtude Tne we eunnregrdups are Arrde AmenansHxspamc NauveAmencans AsxanrAmencans and wnrtes Generate any mrnp1ete set a edntrast mde39s whmh ydu behave wauld he apprdpnate 1dr anasynng these data 1ndrsate the duesan asked by eaen edde yd generate Psych 57415751 Data Analys1s Unwemty ufculmadu Buuldex Gary McClelland 84 Charles Judd Arm Hispamc Nauve Anan Nhnes Amman Ammam Ammam 15 15 15 45 Mmanuesvs Nhnes 21 711 711 711 n m7 mu OIhemeax n 712 22 71 n Nauve Amer vs H1pancamp Asunr me n 12 n 712 n Hispamcsvs AsxanrAmex NB Many nthzr sets a cadeswauld he nasanahle 5 Faur du39fenntgmupsaf blemsareaskedtanudyasetm matenak desmhxrg autamahxles One grvup MEMORY maid in prepare fur a mmxy an after m study penad anmnn aup ox1005151 R mm m preparer Lhaamg ehenakemauve amxm study perm yetanmhu apt an 1 p Dr D ng grvup RATE maid in prepare m nungthe emauve lnfavL allgmups are Qven a memnry an Generate an apprapnate set a centrist mdes m Indmate m qu man askzd by each a a yvu gmzrate dinnauve an demahxhty a after m 1 ana1ynng a a nal 1 eaLh an y penad as data MEMORY BEST WORST RATE 1 11 11 11 Mammy vs Evaluauan n 12 12 3 Chaasmgvs Raung n 12 2 n ChaaseBestvs chum Wam NB Many um 21 a nude cauld aka he nasanahle 5 Na mums c m wauld he mmplete W111an an exam mm m mm paxdanthe pun whuhgenented sa muLh arm early me an staummlmedqads Tm example xsfmmdqe dasnctexlhankhy Snedecm and The eld R agnmnm An experiment an sugar but camparedumes and methads a appnymg mixed am ual exuhzexs Yum Wm measured m m raung mndmans nu animals amrmaR appmd 1n January by plvwxrg amnuaR appmmnyanuaay wAthmadmst 5mm and animals apphed 1n Apnl wALh hmadmxt Spreaders Psych 57415751 Data Analysis Unwemty ufculmadu Buuldex Gary McClelland 84 Charles Judd Generate mum nude in tenth ranmng quemm 1 Da the aru uals have an 24139ch 2 A Ianuar a phmuans better than Apn 3 Gwen um femhzex 1 applied mhnuaxy dues methad uf apphcauan make a du39fennc Shawthauhe mdesfm has quemmgemnu a camplete 21 Df anhagma mum mdes Nan Ian Flaw Ian Beast Apran 24 14 Aluminum vs Nane n 3 January vs April 2 n Flvw vs Bmadmnf r Ian 2 14 14 12 1 n 12 3


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