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Notes on Descartes Meditations

by: Danni Delgado

Notes on Descartes Meditations PHL 212- 001

Danni Delgado
GPA 2.4
Modern Philosophy
Seth Bordner

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About this Document

Modern Philosophy
Seth Bordner
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Danni Delgado on Wednesday January 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHL 212- 001 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Seth Bordner in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 266 views. For similar materials see Modern Philosophy in PHIL-Philosophy at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 01/21/15
Modern Philosophy Descartes Meditations 01212015 Meditation ll Concerning the Nature of Mind That is Better Known then the Body Believed one should mediate once a day for 6 days Iquot quot 39I am I exist is true wheneverl utter conceive it o This above is the cogito Cogito is indubitable claim cannot help but be endorsed Sections of Meditation ll 1Cogito 2Mini Meditationpt1 aStart with prior beliefs about bSee what survives the Method of Doubt lllll Descartes Process 1Concludes that l is a body a soul 2Learned that he could doubt body and some parts of soul Initial belief was that body was better known than soul 3Believes thought is the only thing to exist the idea that if one does not think they do not exist aquotl am nothing but a thinking thingquot 4 Concludes that we are all just thinking things who could delude make ourselves believe that we have a body can move etc What is thinking something that doubts understands affirms denies wills refuses imagines and senses Descartes believed that ALL thought is conscious thought he thought to understand this is all very clear and distinct MiniMeditationpt 2 Wax example T1 honey comb wax is solid has speci c physical properties ex size shape temp color etc T2 honey comb wax is melted all physical properties change Our senses say these are two different things but in reality we know they are not 0 Concluding that we know it not through senses but mind alone 0 This meaning that nature of the mind is known prior to and better than body When the wax was stripped it became extended exible and mutable all determinable qualities 0 Flexible and mutable both become extension To be extended is to have length breath and death 0 Nature of all bodies is extended this makes mathematical physics possible One can only grasp what the wax is through mind intellect not imagination lmagination sensory stimulator lntellect nonpictorial faculty of representation Substances Descartes believed in o Minds thought Bodyies extension No explanation on whether there are multiple substances or just one Body is known better through thought and understanding How is mind known better than bodv 1Our knowledge of our minds is implicit in our thought of body 2Thinking about bodies can be an occasion to thinking about thinking Mediation Ill Concerning God That He ExisL quotClear and Distinct Perceptionquot CDP Descartes believes this cannot be doubted This commands our assent Descartes believed that everything he clearly and distinctly perceived must be true Also know as Truth Rule Defective Nature Doubt DND we might be defective so our so our CDP might yet be false 0 Cannot get anywhere unless one stops worrying about DND Point of Meditation III is to get rid of the DND in order to validate the Truth Rule Cartesian Circle Truth rule DND God Exist No truth falsity in ideas by themselves or in willing by itself Error applies in judgment 3 sources of ideas Innate born in preprogrammed Adventitious sensory contrary to the will Selfproduced imaginings obey the will 2 realities Formalactua The degree of being of a thing itself Objectiverepresentational Amount of formal reality represented by a signs content Metaphvsical HierarchvlFormal realitv Things higher up are quotmore realquot than things lower lnfinite substance Finite substance Modesderives from modi cation Substance Anything that depends on nothing else for its existence Claim 1There must be at least as much reality in a cause as there is in the effect CDP 2 Premise applies to objective reality as well 3 ldea with in nite objective reality there must be something with in nite formal reality


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