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Energy and the Environment

by: Mrs. Peter Toy

Energy and the Environment PHYS 3070

Mrs. Peter Toy

GPA 3.96

James Nagle

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About this Document

James Nagle
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Peter Toy on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 3070 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by James Nagle in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/232083/phys-3070-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Physics 2 at University of Colorado at Boulder.


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Date Created: 10/30/15
Humevvurk E pps1ed and due nextWEdnesday Readng Chapters 4 and 5 frum ESE Make sure m dermfy yuUr spurees fur yuUr researen preueet Tuday we wm dseuss and ana yze the amee an A Grand 5 r an rrdrn Smermfu Arnenean 2qu A Grand Su arP an Many naye prpppsed yanpus steps that cumd sngnuy reducefussMue use and Ermssmns Tnese s1eps are nut pugn A Strungw Agree 3 SumewhatAgree C Neutra D sprnewnarDsagree E Strungw Dsagree 5mm Energy s pedenua s an the enan SUMth smkmg the eann m 4D mmutes s Eqmvahent m the gmba energy epnsurnpupn m pne year Dues tnat seern ght We fuund sunhght was 5000 Umes rnpre than we use 5 What 5 4D mmutes nut pr pne year2 401365 x 24 x 601I13000 What rngnt be the faster pr 2 dnerenee2 Pernaps they are uUrmng s mkmg the eann as mung the upper atrnuspnere We present a grand wan that cumd prawde 69 ufthe U s s emcmmty and 35 pr 1 ma energy wdn sedar ppwer by 2050 vvna fracuun pr the U s 5 ma energy 5 Eha ru ty We eurrenuy use 1EIEI emu tuta Su arwuu d prawde 35 emu ma 5 25 QEtu fur Ehacmmty and m QEthur utner 7 Tne man Wumd Effectwew Ehmmate aH mpuned DH on aeepuntsrprrpugnxyzzu emu pr U s usage pr rnuen en du we mpun mday7 Thus that rneans u a X 4B emu 24 emu prawded frum sedar but nut fur Ehe nmty Seems We a prub em Maype they meant py2mu wnen 90 gr U 5 energy Wumd befrum sedan you uhderstahd the 420 bmtoh 15 row from the Southwest arouhd the ehttre oouhtry Thts 15 htghty orrrtrwtat Area ufsu arpane s BMW39th DuHaramuunt mEnUDnEd 42D gtlt1Eg duHars 19 Cents per square meter uf F39v Thws s hunhe east 9 he Where muse The EDS L must eume frum prwate mdustry nvEStmEntS en The federa guvemment s uhwy premth a smaH subsde nwumu he p whey hemuemhe tuta crisis and payrbackumes Same dea They awmfur1 Watt capamty Thus the F39V axuhe 5 sum ngaWans 9 3 When DuHars eapnax nvestment nal debx hi1 recnld 9 rillion MW My 5 Na u p mn 39 w m En A Mr 4h mumsmw u m h 39thmh WWW n 5 nub mmquot mm 7 n n mm mm m 1mm 50qu mum Mm m mum us mm hammuhnyuvl m m m mm 51 p m y m an 51 Is m w assmmme mum mm My a 11 m a mum mm mm wrmmue mus mm mm mm m L hm mu mm m m avaan w W ummmkus mm Ilmm rgt no mim Luvxvmdn now 1 huh quot mmmum HwhmrnM IquHm u mm quotM EnengrBrmHng Flmls announce we salar prolects In Japan my xh zusu U s arbun meme Emwssmnsvvuu d be 62 bemw mus eve s pumng a majurbrake uh g uba Warrmng What an yuu thmw A sum 23mm Phn W uyuuthmk abuut the were man


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