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Special Topics in Physics

by: Mrs. Peter Toy

Special Topics in Physics PHYS 4810

Mrs. Peter Toy

GPA 3.96


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Peter Toy on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 4810 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/232118/phys-4810-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Physics 2 at University of Colorado at Boulder.


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Date Created: 10/30/15
Physics 4810 7810 Week nine nicht niet what happened Day 15 Fa2008 Assessment Classupdates you may notice I m not Noah he s off doing something important no doubt Blooms Taxonomy BLOOM S REWSED TAXONOM Y a a manning sumaung mlmnimntm sxa m yrdindln psl itnhtlons lp compumwmmmgm mum mtmum llnumy i All wingmam flanIn an I n mar sumo Implementn n us ng executing mu Ems Inlurpmllngsummaris 1 lg unsslvylng warmquotg R Rucngnmng IlsUng mmg lmdlng Fine those and others are our goals how do we know if we re there I Measurement I Key distinction Formative to provide feedback7 be a mechanism for learning change Summative after the fact to measure what happened Key question When who would want to use which type What actually happens What are our goals in class Novice Engrt meul m 8 Emma Cements Q plug 81 chug Problem Solving Pieces mam Coherence By Authority MES Meyendem experiment WWW m4 Jory abeut Scheme like a Scientist ih i about edueetmn like a Semima Minniech mun Hammw 13 AND INSTEUC MQN physics Assessment 0 Seek to measure what we re after How Pre Post Tests Interviews Project based work Individual Collaborative Time bound not time bound Validity and Reliability Valid are we measuring what we think we are is the instrument internally consistent would a physicist see this test as physics Reliable will students give the same response on two subsequent rounds of inquiry no teaching in between A possible tipping point I Force Concept Inventory I Multiple choice survey prepost I Experts especially skeptics necessary not suf cient indicator of conceptual understanding Hestenes Wells Swackhamer Physics Teacher 20 92 141 Sample question A a 1 x A C th 170 quot5 39gtE 2 Looking down at a track at on table a ball enters at point 1 and exits at point 2 Which path does it follow as it exits neglect all friction Force Concept Inventory 05 003 016 024 032 04 048 056 064 072 R Hake quotA sixthousandstudent surveyquot AJP 66 6474 98 Force Concept Inventory CU 7 IE amp CU 7 IE amp t d recitations Tuton39als Illml I Fractlon of 0 008 016 024 032 04 048 056 064 072 R Hake quotA sixthousandstudent surveyquot AJP 66 6474 98 Other forms of evaluation I Grades I Common Exam Questions I GRE I Where people get jobs I How happy they are Affect Tutorials Phys 1110 Phys 1110 fraction quotnot negativequot Lect useful Recit useful Lect enjoy Recit enjoy IFa03 9151304 ElFa05Trad ETSpOS EIFaOS Missing data for 2 trad terms Affect Tutorials Phys 1110 Phys 1110 fraction quotnot negativequot Lect useful Recit useful Lect enjoy Recit enjoy IFa03 ElSp04 ElFaOS Trad Sp06 ElFaOG Missing data for 2 trad terms Beyond the FMCE Exam comparisons Exam scores u H N L0 A O O O O O Tutrelated q39s ITutorial course IWorkbook course Trad recitation MB 12 points is roughly 1 letter grade Beyond the FMCE Exam comparisons Exam scores quotn N lad 43 U1 0 O O O O O H 00 Tutrelated q39s Tradquant q s ITutorial course IWorkbook course Trad recitation MB 12 points is roughly 1 letter grade Impact on different pretest populations quothigh startersquot 50ltprelt93 normalized gain for high pretest SO 13 F0 22 505 1 Semester of class in this pool Tut course Trad Rec1t Course 1 2 3 Impact on different pretest populations quotlow startersquot pretest lt125 normalized gain for low pretest so 23 F0 20 505 22 Semesm of class in this pool Tut course Trad Recit T T T Course 1 2 3 Upper div major39s BEMA scores average BEMA score f04f05 506507 Semester in 3310 or 3320 BNO Tutorials ITutorials Uhad been an LA average BEMA score Upper div major39s BEMA scores Ave coulse grade lt gt f04 f05 506507 Semester in 3310 or 3320 ENG Tutorials ITutorials I had been an LA What s missing What are the limitations CU Voluntary Assessments Why is the institution interested To What End 0 What are bene ts 0 What are limitations 03mmz w nC m Wrcm Ommmz Wrcm 02mm2 mU ngmm er m ltlt m ltm10ltlt OxgtZOm WHOSE ltmCrOltlt ltmr0ltlt


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