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by: Mrs. Peter Toy


Mrs. Peter Toy

GPA 3.96


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 24 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Peter Toy on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 1120 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/232110/phys-1120-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Physics 2 at University of Colorado at Boulder.




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Date Created: 10/30/15
CT250 Do you have a clicker with you AYes I have a clicker with me B No I don t have a clicker so I can t vote Q25l Two uniformly charged spheres are attached to frictionless pucks on an air table The charge on sphere 2 is three times the charge on sphere 1 Which force diagram correctly shows the relative magnitudes and directions of the electrostatic forces on the two spheres IWI I I Q Q C D Q E 252 Two protons are near each other Each feels an electrostatic repulsion of magnitude Felec and a gravitational attraction of magnitude Fgrav due to the other charge a ec As the charges are moved apart the ratio F grav A increases B decreases C remains constant 4 gt Q253 Consider the following three situations labeled 1 H and III 1 QO r 0 01 Which charge feels the largest force A q B 3q H QO 21 O 3q CI 5q D two of the charges tie for largest size force 111 QO 2r 0 5q Q254 q An electric dipole consists of two equal and o opposite charges Q and Q separated by some fixed distance s A charge q is brought near the dipole and is positioned so that the distances to the Q and the Q 0 0 charges are identical as shown below Q S Q What is the direction of the net force on the q charge B A4 O gt C D E None of these Olt gtO Q S Q Q255 An electric dipole Q and Q separated by a distance s is placed along the XaXis as shown A NEGATIVE test charge q is placed to the right of a dipole C C Q Q q X The test charge feels a force that is A zero B to the right C to the left The test charge is now removed The electric field at the location in empty space where the test charge was is A Zero B to the right C to the left Q256 Two charges Q and Q are equal distances from the origin as shown What is the direction of the electric field at the point in empty space which forms a square with the two charges and the origin y Q A B DC E Some other direction or E 0 257 The solid line has length A and makes an angle 9 with the negative yaXis What is the length of the dotted line Y A A cosG B A sine C A tanG D sinGA E cosGA 25 8 Two vectors A and 1 3 are shown Consider the vector sum C A What is Cy the ycomponent of C D 4 E None of thesedon t know Q25 9 A point in empty space is near 3 charges as shown The distances from the point to each of the three charges are identical The direction of the electric field at that point is A Some angle less than 450 below the Xdirection B 450 below the Xdirection C along the y directions D Some other angle E The electric field at that point is zero Q25 10 Two charges Q and Q are located on the XaXis as shown what is the magnitude of the electric field at point P R R R j i A R2 9 B R2 4 kQ l C zero D 6 E None ofthese CT25l 1 Two socks are observed to attract each other Which if any of the first 3 statements MUST be true emphasis on MUST AThe socks both have a nonzero net charge of the same sign B The socks both have a charge of opposite signs C Only one sock is charged the other is neutral DNone of the preceding statements must be true Ch25 12 Three charges of equal magnitude are arranged as shown What is the direction of the electric field at point X 9 T E None of these An electron is fired into the region of the three charges from the lower right as shown What is the direction of the acceleration of the electron when it is at point X e B TC A D X V G E None of these Q2513 A dipole is placed in an external eld as shown In which situations is the net force on the dipole zero 3 4 A 1 B 2 C 1 and 2 D 3 and 4 E 2 and 4 Ch25l4 TheintegralEZE means Ex ly QEX Often from symmetry one can see that one or more of the three component integrals vanishes An infinite line of charge with linear charge density 9 is along the XaXis and extends to i 00 At the point A shown What can you can about the X and y components of E y A AzEX0Eylt0 BEXlt0Ey0 C39EX0 Ey oo D Ex0 Ey gt0 E E gt0 E gt0 Ch25l 3 A circular ring of radius R uniformly 2 charged with tot al charge Q is in the xy plane centered on the origin The electric field dB at position zh on the zaXis due to a small piece dE of the ring with charge dQ is shown What is the magnitude of the field dE kQ de A F B hz kd kd C Q Q R2h2 D m E None of these What is dEZ the zcomponent of dE A dE sine B dE cosE C dE tanE D None of these What is cosE h h h A B 0 E 7 h D 005 T ENone ofthese VR h Ch25l4 A circular ring uniformly charged with charge Q is in the xy plane centered on the origin as shown On the zaXis E E 2 Which graph accurately represents the electric field EZ on the zaXis EZ Ez Z Z A B C EZ Ez Z Z C D E None of these is an accurate representation of EZ X Ch25l4 velocity Vt 4ms timet O 5 1O 15 For 1D motion if velocity V is constant then the displacement in time t is d V t If V is not constant then the displacement is t d Zt dt The graph above shows Vt t 1 What is the displacement after 10 seconds A 3m B 8m C 10m D 18m E None of these Ch25l4 m Areal mass density 6 of a tile is mass m per area A 5 Z A If a sheet has area A and uniform density 6 then its mass is m GA If a sheet has a nonuniform density 6 chS where Xy is the postion on the sheet then the total mass of the sheet is m Zda Zdzr mygxdy where da d2r represents an infinitesimal area element y dagts Consider a square sheet in the Xy plane with edge length L L and density 6 b kX where b and k are constants V Which expression below correctly represent the integral for III the mass L L L Green L j b 10 dx Yellow L2 j b 10 dx 0 0 L L Pink 1de Blue jbkxdx 0 0 Purple None of these don t know CT271 Two vectors A and B are perpendicular to each other A IE The dot product AB is equal to A AB B zero C AB D Answer depends on the locations of the two vectors E Some other answer CT272 A prismshaped closed surface is in a constant uniform electric field E filling all space pointing right The 3 rectangular faces of the prism are labeled A B and C Face A is perpendicular to the Efield The bottom face C is parallel to E Face B is the leaning face The two triangular side faces are not labeled 1 gt I Ilt gt I I B I Ix gt I A I C I4 3 E Which face has the largest magnitude electric uX through it A A B B C C D A and B have the same magnitude uX CT273 Two open surfaces are in an electric eld as shown Surface A is a at circular disk of radius R which squarely faces the charge Surface B is a hollowcup hemisphere of the same radius R The at rim of the hemisphere is the same distance from the charge as the rim of the at disk Which surface has the greater uX through it AA C Both surfaces have the same uX CT274 Two open surfaces are in an electric field as shown Surface A is a at circular disk of radius R Surface B is a hollowcup hemisphere of the same radius R Which surface has the greater uX through it A A B B C Both surfaces have the same uX L CT275 The net electric uX owing through the closed cylindrical surface shown is ll A Zero BPositive C Negative CT276 The ux thru an area A A gt2 Where the y electric field is E Ex gt3 By 39 E Ex and Ey are constants is A gt A JEX2 Ey2A A B EX EyA Z C EX A D Ey A E None of these CT277 Three closed surfaces enclose a point charge The three surfaces are a small cube a small sphere and a larger sphere all centered on the charge Which surface has the largest ux through it A Small cube B smaller sphere C larger sphere D Impossible to tell without more information E All three have the same uX 248 Two infinite planes are uniformly charged with the same charge per area 0 If one plane only were present the field due to the one plane would be E The field in region B has magnitude A zero B E C 2E D depends on exact position The field in region A has magnitude A zero B E C 2E D depends on exact position CT279 A spherical shell with a uniform positive charge density on its surface is near a positive point charge Is the electric field inside the sphere zero A E0 inside 9 B E 2 0 inside C Not enough info to answer CT2710 A uniform infinite plane of negative charge creates a uniform Efield of magnitude E perpendicular to the plane and pointing toward the plane as shown An imaginary gaussian surface in the shape of a right cylinder is shown This shape is sometimes called a quotpillboXquot The fluX through surface is E A EA B ZEA C 2AL7r2 E D LnrzE E None of these CT2711 Tlhe nonzero electric field everywhere on a closed surface is constant E constant meaning vector E is everywhere constant in magnitude and direction Is the following calculation correct I r NE xa a E Nda EA A Definitely correct B Definitely incorrect C Possibly correct possibly incorrect depends on details of the surface and E CT2712 A negative point charge with charge Q sits in the interior of a spherical metal shell The conducting metal shell has no net charge What is the total charge on the inner surface of the shell inner surface outer surface Q B Q C 2Q D zero gauss1an surface E Some other answer Hint Consider the gaussian surface shown What is the total charge on the exterior surface of the shell A Q B Q C 2Q D zero E Some other answer The field lines looks like this CT2713 A sphere of radius R has a total charge Q spread uniformly throughout its volume The charge density is P The sphere must be an insulator because it can39t be a metal Why not We are going to compute the electric eld magnitude E within the sphere What is the charge enclosed by the centered small sphere of radius r 3 i i A Q437r B Q R C Q R3 R3 D Q r3 E None of these If the electric field at distance r from the center of the sphere has magnitude E What is the uX Edi through the small sphere radius r A E7R2 B E7r2 C E47R2 D E437tr2 E None of these Within the sphere the electric eld magnitude E is proportional to A r B r2 C r3 D None of these Econstant Within the sphere E None of these E0 Within the sphere Answer Inside the sphere E 0c r Gauss39s Law says 3 1 d 2E4 2 r iaqso nr QR380 Solving for E gives E for r lt R It is easy to show from Gauss39s Law that outside the big sphere r gt R the Efield is just that due to a point charge Q L 4780R2 NT 112 CT27l4 A capacitor consists of two parallel metal plates that have been charged up with equal and opposite charges Q on one plate Q on the other All the excess charge resides on the inside surfaces as shown Why no charge on the outside surfaces Because opposite charges attract The surface charge density on each plate is of magnitude 0 0 on the inside left plate 0 on the inside right plate If the plates are large enough quotedge effectsquot are small and the magnitude of the electric field between the plates is nearly uniform What is the magnitude of the electric field in the space between the plates 3 i 2 5 A 80 B 280 C 80 D Some other answer 4 We can see this answer is two ways 4 4 My l The Efield outside a charged metal surface 0 4 4 1n electrostatic equilbrium is always 8 O 5 See lecture notes 249 2 The Efield due to a single plane of charge is E 0280 In this problem there are two planes of charge the left plane plane 1 and the right plane plane 2 The total electric eld is the vector sum of the fields due to the two planes Emt 2 13 E2 Every between the plates the fields add and Etot 0280 0280 080 Everywhere outside the plates the fields due to the two planes are in opposite directions and cancel Etot 0


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