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Special Topics in Physics

by: Mrs. Peter Toy

Special Topics in Physics PHYS 4810

Mrs. Peter Toy

GPA 3.96


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Peter Toy on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 4810 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/232118/phys-4810-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Physics 2 at University of Colorado at Boulder.


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Date Created: 10/30/15
Physics 48107810 Week 11 zoinks Day 20 Fa2008 Politics Society and Physics Rotatitonal Motion and Rigid Body Eyes to web you get Our Class Norms 0 A gain potentially charged topics 0 Please focus on ideas not people 0 CONSTRUCTIVE critiques are the best 0 It is okay amp encouraged for you to differ with Authors Professor And maybe each other 0 Debate Dissent and Discussion are patriotic Silent Lie 0 What is the silent lie for Fish Mahajan Bartlett 0 What are their stated goals Mediation Tools mediate allow for thought thought Physi PER Studen oal Action HOW WOUld BARTLETTMAHAJANFISH change physics WHA GOES HERE Studen HAT GOAL DOES IT SUPPORT Context Context is the collection of components and the relations among them the connected whole which includes constituent elements and the relations among them Birdwhistell uses the analogy of a rope to develop such a notion of context Context as Rope The bers that make up the rope are discontinuous when you twist them together 39 ke them continuous you ma e the thread continuous even though it may look in a thread as though each of those particlesfibres are going all through it that isn39t the case Obviously I am not talking about the environment I am not talkin about inside and outside I am talking about the conditions of the system Birdwhistell as quoted in R McDermott 1993 p 274 Practice this I leave my house lights on over night how much money did I waste hint you pay approx lOcents kWhI Energy powertirne 100W 8 hrs 800 Whr 0 8 kWhr Sinoe you pay about 0 10 for each kwhr thas about 8 oenrs No big deal Does this mean energy is cheap More Practice What ifI have to produoe this energy 0 8 kWhrs Assume I am about 110th of a horse 01 horsepower running on a treadmill 1 hp 750 Watts So I produce about 75 Watts For how long to get 800 Watt 7 hr s more than the amount of time I left the bulb on Is energy still cheap I m willing to pay you 8 cents to do thir Exponential growth 0 Al Bartlett contends quotThe greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential functionquot Orders of Magnitude Exponential Growth 0 How much will a hamburger cost in 2052 0 When will we run out of fossil fuels 0 How long does it take to charge a ash 0 How close do circuit components have to be to take advantage of avoid quantum tunneling Why OoM problems What can students instructors learn Estimation Orders of Magnitude I Useful if you don t have exact data I Too complex a calculation simplify orm I Gives trends Simple growth interest vs compounded Ev earI 11 give you 15 simple interest on your 1000 of he next 50 years 9W Y principle investment fort I e 1s0year 0r7500 Wha ifI got interest on the interest 7 ie Yeartworget0151150 Or instantaneously r Pt D en where r interest rat 0 15 ttime 77gt e 1808 e t SOyears mgtrt75 e P50yrs 1000e 1800000 Solved by a simple equation Pt P en t Limelyr rgrow39h also 05 yr Timeto double ie When is PtPo 27 lnPtPo Ln2 lne 39rt o 5 rxt Rule or 70 70percent rate t time to double e g 3 growthyear gt 27 years to double a 7 50 hamburger costs 30111 54 years If it were 5 7gt doubling time 705 13 years a 7 50 hamburger costs 120 in 52 years OoM problems I What makes an OoM problem physics I Share With each other your OoM problems I What makes a good problem I Can an OoM problem be political but apam39san Population example 9 Bacteria in a bottle Bacteria divide once every minute Start a 11AM At noon the bottle is lled I What time is it when the bottle 12 full I What time is it when the bottle is 132 full I Three adventurous bacteria are sent out to nd new bottles a 1155 Th nd3 new bottles Quadrupling all known space for bacteria How much more time did they buy themselves A graphical example Real world example Is this an issue I Let us look at some current approximate data 1997 United States M Population 270 million 5700 million Are we SUStamable ght HOW Annual increase 3 million 90 million Annual growth rate 1 per year 1 6 per year I 70 years seems like a While I Think about food and non renewable energy for example What s the doubling time 9 Energy amp Environment Phys 3070 httpWWW colorado eduphysicsphys3070 I Loads of data at 39 WWW eia doe gov energy information administration 1 Wm All All 39 GIObal 0031 USE is about 100 QBtuyr 5E9 tonyear i V w v quotin anul I Global coal reserves are estimated high end est at 20000 thu r r 7 I I Global fossil fuel USE is about 400 QBtuyr L p l quot 0 Global oil reserves are estimated high end est at 10000 thu 39i quot Mi 1 I US coal USE is 20 QBtuyr 1E9 tonyear 1 H 1 l I US fossil fuel USE is about 100 QBtu of Which 40 is petroleum H1st0ry of 011 Use What about US 011 I I I I Sketch on a US OIL History of Oil 4090 25 ICCC Of PEAK EXTRACTION a Extract10n 1n W0rld p c 35909 RATE WAS m 1970 Hg w ALASKA z paper what in 30909 a 1 lf h h 1 25909 52quot 39 appens ere 2 mm E Ewe vquot 1911 05 DOEEIA 3 Ir 10509 1966 21E9bblyr g I39 m 5 0E08 HUBBERTHSSG g an 00900 39 39 39 39 quot quotquot 7 1900 1920 1940 1960 1990 2000 2020 1m 1m 1m 1940 I950 9360 1970 1900 men 2000 ATE YEARS TIME IN YEARS US Oil Curves US OIL PRODUCTION 1900 TO 2050 PEAK 1970 GONE 65 OF US OIL HAS BEEN USED IT S HISTORY 1900 um may we 19m Isso 1990 Ian wen 1990 mu 2am ma ma 2m zusn a 1930 1940 What does this mean Annual Oil Production Worldwide mum may 1959 1960 197a 1999 1990 2990 2019 292a 2030 Of course thls s an estirha39te and perhaps worst case What is best HOW does the US use energy KELEIUU swam 3 5 swam s quot3 quot 39 a Iceland INWW 5 ZELEIUU Canada a D IGerm 9 Ital my E 9 quotK I Eelgun I 13 g 1U a 3 Many uunmes m the Wurldhe 111 um quarterrmrcleH 5 mm Cuba mi U c 2 MI I I I I I I I I I In ZEI 3U 4U 5U 6U Energy equivalent barrels uf ml per capita per year case What 1s 1neV1table 7 60 Iossd I llEl5 Nuclear Geothermal f Incl olnr Energy a 40 Aquot or 39 39 Slaves E 20 uni is animals S und rrwo39od and rewooa 0 2000 000 4600 6300 a 00 I a L i 2000 1000 0 1000 Bc AU Years


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