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APR 280 Lesson 18 and 19 Notes

by: Tricia Sylvia

APR 280 Lesson 18 and 19 Notes APR 280

Marketplace > University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa > Advertising > APR 280 > APR 280 Lesson 18 and 19 Notes
Tricia Sylvia
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

APR 280 notes for Test 2
Investigation and Insights
Brandon K. Chicotsky
Class Notes
Advertising, public relations, APR, investigation and insights, research, interviews
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tricia Sylvia on Saturday March 26, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to APR 280 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Brandon K. Chicotsky in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see Investigation and Insights in Advertising at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 03/26/16
Lesson  19   Thursday,  March  31,  2016   8:15  AM   IRB:  Internal  Review  Board   •   Must  approve  study  when  people  are  involved  in  ACADEMIC  STUDIES       Biosimlars   •    you  can  DIY  medicines   Climate  apartheid     •   Any  city  based  waterfront  needs  to  change   o   Island  countries  like  japan  are  going  to  need  to  completely  change  with  rising  water  levels     Crowd  economy   •   The  marketplace  ecosystem  of  peer -­‐to-­‐peer  sharing  of  resources  and  sources   •   Collaborative  consumption       o   Renting  out  a  power  drill  while  you  aren't  using  it     Cultural  permission     •   The  idea  that  brands  need  permission  to  participate  in  cultural  movements  and  trends  or  risk   appearing  insincere  or  out  of  sync   Cymatics     •   The  new  year  will  continue  to  celebrate  synt hetics,  especially  with  visual  and  sound     Data  as  currency     •   Facebook  and  Instagram  selling  data     Defictionalization     •   Example:  war  reenactments  or  harry  potter  world     Deviant  economy     •   The  deep  web/silk  road     Donolli     •   Food  hybrids-­‐-­‐crount   Droning     •   Drones  are  growing     E  Sports   •   Oculus  rift   •   Video  games  are  now  large  scale  spectator  sports,  filling  entire  arenas  with  live  audiences  and   commentary     Early  Onset  Nostalgia     •   Hipsters  are  an  example     •   Sentimental  remembrance  and  longing  for  a  not -­‐so-­‐distance  past     Emoji  Diversity     •   The  movement  to  make  small  digital  faces  prominent     Epigenetics   •   The  study  of  interaction  of  genetic  material  (DNA)  with  the  environment     •   New  scientific  discoveries  have  confirmed  that  we  can  alter  our  genes  through  our  actions     •   Nature  v  nurture  deviate  will  resurface     Episodic  Binge   •   61%  of  people  binge  watch   Exoskeletons     •   Boston  dynamics  exoskeleton     Fairy  Tale  Living     •   Showing  off   Fan  girls     •   Never  die     Flattening   •   Democratization  of  everything   resulting  in  homogenization  of  culture,  gender,  and  political  views     •   Bifurcation  growing  difference  between  rich  and  poor     Fleekness   •   "eyebrows  on  fleek"  vine  by  Peaches   Gesture  Control     •   Augmented  reality     •   Hand  gestures  mean  something  in  tech     Gram  It   •   Instagram  foodies   Gut-­‐Brain  Health     •   New  scientific  discoveries  show  the  link  between  microbiome  of  our  stomach  and  cognitive   functioning  of  the  brain     Hack  Life   •   Customizing  life  or  creating  things  to  suit  your  personal  needs     Haptic  Touch     •   Sensors  on  your  fingers  that  let  you  feel  and  manipulate  VR   JOMO     •   Joy  of  missing  out   •   Giving  oneself  permission  to  decline  invitations  or  opt  out  of  social  interactions     •   In  a  culture  where  we're  constantly  surrounded  with  noise,  consumers  find  bliss  and  inner  peace   when  they  embrace  tuning  out       Lesson  18  Interviews  continued     Tuesday,  March  29,  2016   8:09  AM   What  is  the  point  of  this  class?   To  learn  about  the  research  process  and  how  to  apply  it       Advantages  of  interview  method     •   Feedback  and  clarification     •   Probing  complex  answers   •   Length  of  interview   •   Completeness  of  questionnaires   •   Props  and  visual  aids   •   High  participation     Disadvantages   •   Cost  lack  of  anonymity   •   Necessity  for  call  backs     •   Variance  effects   •   Example:     •   Dishonesty   •   Personal  style   •   Global/cultural  considerations     Interviewer  criteria     •   Knowledgeable  with  topic     •   Outline  procedure/structuring   •   Clear  simple  and  short  questions   •   Gentle  tolerance  patience     •   Steering  avoid  digressions  from  topics     Topics  of  research  questions     •   Behaviors     •   Opinions  values   •   Feelings     •   Knowledge     • Sensory     •   Background/demographics         Types  of  interview  methodology:   •   Structured   •   Semi  structured   •   Unstructured         A  conversation  between  two  or  more  people  where  questions  are  asked   is  an  interview     Interview  methodology:     •   Qualitative     •   More  descriptive     •   Not  numerically  valued     •   Can  make  it  quant  by  coding         How  a  theory  is  proven:   •   Approach   •   Theory     •   Law     •   Good  theory  is  simple   •   Heuristic:  easily  applicable  to  many  different  topics     Null  Hypothesis     •   An  idea  that  is  predicative  and  making  it  a  negative     •   This  wont  happen  if  this  happens         Interview  methodology     •   Used  as  a  technique  to  understand  the  experiences  of  others     •   A  guide  for  researchers  in  education  in  the  social  sciences   What  about  in  industry?   •   The  qualitative  research  interview  seeks  to     Personal  interviews     •   More  intimate  than  a  questionnaire     • Opportunity  to  probe  or  ask  follow -­‐up  questions  as  apposed  to  surveys  that  may  not  provide  this   opportunity       •   Interviewer  is  considered  part  of  the  measurement  instrument     •   Must  be  well-­‐trained  in  how  to  gauge  opinions  or  respond  to  various  reactions     •   Participant  scan  paint  a  picture  of  a  specific  event  or  provide  a  clear  perspective     DATA  TELLS  A  STORY   •   Social  cues   •   Voice  intonation  of  sound  body  language     Technique   •   Listen     •   Ask  follow  up  questions  to  clarify   •   Be  respectful  of  boundaries     •   Don’t  interrupt   •   Aim  for  a  comfortable  experience         Advantages  of  interviews     •   Researchers  can  tailor  questions  to  respondents  s  answers     •   Interviewers  can  inquire  for  more  info  or  explanations     •   Learning  from  strangers.  The  art  and  method  of  qualitative  interview  studies -­‐Weiss  94   •   More  personalized  inquiries  compared  to  questionnaires  for  example     Disadvantages   •   Interviewer  bias   •   Time  consuming     •   Expensive     •   Logistics         Gubrium  and  Holstein  interview  series  look  up      


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