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Instrumental Analysis Laboratory with Environmental Emphasis

by: Guiseppe Bednar

Instrumental Analysis Laboratory with Environmental Emphasis CHEM 4181

Marketplace > University of Colorado at Boulder > Chemistry > CHEM 4181 > Instrumental Analysis Laboratory with Environmental Emphasis
Guiseppe Bednar

GPA 3.93


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Guiseppe Bednar on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 4181 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/232189/chem-4181-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Chemistry at University of Colorado at Boulder.


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Date Created: 10/30/15
Scientific Writing Part 1 CU Boulder CHEM4181 Instrumental Analysis Laboratory Prof JoseLuis Jimenez Spring 2007 Lecture will beposted on course web page Objective of this Part of the Course 0 You need to master scientific writing Grades Job skill Step in critical thinking 0 Learn importance of making time for revisions 0 Distinguish Science Writing Scientific Writing Background CQ Do you read science reports on the popular press A Yes at least weekly B Sometimes C No CQ Do you read journal papers regularly A Yes often B Yes occasionally C Once or twice D Never Background CQ have you written partall of a scientific paper A Yes parUall of several papers B Yes parUall of one paper C No Have you used the Writing Center on campus A Yes often B Yes occasionally C No but I know where they are and what they do What is the Writing Center y a Human activities found to increase urban haze 05 Piagram r V r 5 HI a 5 Radi Esme ii STEM s momma mm 8 DEBORAH BVRDmIdJDEL BLDDlt t A scienti c study of the air in Mexico City found 33 that human activities contribute even more to me m formahon of urban haze than previuusly thought JoseLuis Jimenez is a chemist at the Cooperative G institute far Research in Environmental Sciences i der He studied Mexico City39s haze It39s true that a city s haze orginates in car exhaust and Industrial activity But in addition invisible smngnforming gases react in the h re to 00 farm hazy parti ies or aeros is ese rticle5 re dangerous to peuple They re believed to exacerbate heart and lung problems and to g intrease the risk of premature deat 0 The haze that hangs over many titias originates in car Joseers Jimenez It s 0 exhau a industrial aEIWiCy But its helped ai n by 1mm r ar ihesepiatesze millet ll39WlSlbiE smugfarming gases in the atmusphere which gases hecgmepain cies It sjus nleract to Farm danoimus aEF SUK Dame HIE 1110213 211 iiiiaula liappeii much more 51min 0 and ID iz much iiialler amen U 45 Jimenez and his colleagues found concentrations of aerosols in urban air eight times greater than what had been predicted by typical air quality computer models Jimenez said human activities greatly enhance the 2 formation of these dangerous partities D E iosetuis Jimenez fr22y can di39n39e Err or dine car riiirr iiie iiioivefiiez emrieiir iii airy app11171525 rim g are inure grimgt Ef uent ai39I olezese ring in t Z 39cmize back to a m Thanks today to NASA exDIore discover understand We re Block and Byrd for Earth and Sky anviW in i RF r hm iFi i FR or ii ii ii znno Ellzk Here or Full Artlcle Secondary organic aerosol formation from anthropogenic air pollution Rapid and higher than expected Khmer Volk mm39 3 iu e L iiuiene 3 Federico stiri Martini Katth lepm39 Qi listing Dina i1cerioa Lui T M1inuquot7 Doug R Writshoof and Mario l Malina abundant than sialt rof i The niniosnhtric chtrnisiry or volatile organic 0A models pmdicl inlarge oiiiid r S nririitnit or iiiu Iroposplit Ill comp s VOCs in urban areas results in the tormalimi omp t ile Guim 2 MI 20057 t39 39pholot lmmlt ai i og39 including secondary orgaiit Hmlrltriul2l 01lll r11t itt1006 The in aerosol son Slaltnofnlherarl SOA models parameterElm htst SOA Dnlmntlmirnls remain highly speculative and iiit msiills oi smiiiaiion chamber exotiiiiicnis iiini brtickcl proved diii ituii 0 link uiiniribiguousiy lo anihropottiiit H 39 rs Fliflh w ihriutnnt ii i oiid wu urban atmosphch rt aCth igllcr generation oxldzlJCill products contributing lo anihropogthir voclt AVOCs produce much iargcr anlhmpogmicSOA gmwlhisviriually unkn iiiiounis of SOA lhan these modtis prtdici tvtn shortly ul 2001 KurNiuitSzili hl 2005i 39urmii tsiiirinitscieuri a itr sunrise Coniiary io uuirthi titiiei osigiiiiicniii i iaciiori son msponsibit ror abnul io 40 oi iht global organic oi iht DXL s SOA is omicd rioiri i39 theraiioii AVOC aerosol 0A mass sum or FDA and SOA his ponioii oxidniioiiproducisGiobniriiodcisdtCiiiwoctn my who may be higher regionally Ahoui 90 or SOA 15 C i conlribulor lo SOA toinparoii lo biogenic voc iBVOCsl hniimti in be due io biogtiiit vac av show than in iiit mi a it o i are u poiaitii io oihur urb mas AVOt39s H 11 znosi s have ihnmroit not httii inriudtii iii touici be responsible roi 1de ioiini 3 25 T0 vrquot s pro Inns hiodtiiiig undies iiiii ass s Ihc rt even or SOA in dut lmn giohaiiy an can up in atll w iii additional rope Cllmalc forcingl Chung mu ginelil 2002 OFU it ral lnsplmrL radiallvt cooling ciuin39iiri Volkrmxr R The Ch nlc i imnsfo meiioii oi SOApretursor J L Jimenel F Sa l I KDIcpIniLQ ZhangJISalocdn LT VUCS was studied in lhc Mexico City Matmpoliian ArL ti V1 iirirt an iv Mimi or tecond ynrganlc iMCMti durng April 2003 as part or lhi moiremit aerosoi formation rrom nnthrapngcmc nir pnllutlan39 Raphi and mid campaign using time to t higher man expected Gwphys RM a1 33 Ll7iil Ldoi39lt DEW sllt39 the oulh tasitm 200611026X 2 ll Spt t ll oscnpv 5 Noemi imin39i o lical Absorption in AQ main mm mania w Scienti c Writing vs Science Writing Audience Main goal Interesting vs reproducible Nature of title Use of references Use of direct quotes Figures vs pictures Science vs about science Standard Format Developed over the last 3 centuries Audience is very specialized They have to look at many papers Communicate very efficiently 0 Why have a standard format Make info easy to find Make it possible for someone else to reproduce The Parts of the Scienti c Paper Parts lTitle 2Abstract 3 Introduction 4Methods Materials or Experimental 5Results Often Results and D1scuss1on 6D1scuss10n 7 Conclusions Sometimes omitted short reports 8References 9Figures and Tables Order ofwriting 5 6 3 4 7 2 l Reports for this Course Parts lCover Page 1 page 31ntroduction 05 page 4EXperimental 05l page 5Results amp Discussion 12 pages 8References as needed 9Figures and Tables 2 pages lOCalculations 1 page


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