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by: Hudson Weimann Jr.


Hudson Weimann Jr.

GPA 3.72


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hudson Weimann Jr. on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEEN 3400 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/232199/geen-3400-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in General Engineering at University of Colorado at Boulder.




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Date Created: 10/30/15
Manufacturing Considerations Lecture notes and BOM example are posted under Supplemental lnforrnation Some Basic Concepts Design 7 A new combination of preexisting information that satis es an economic want Manufacturing 7 Making stuff The Goals 7 Make your product easy to manufacture 7 Estimate the cost to manufacture your invention based on the number of units sold Parts is Parts Fundamental Rule of Design 7 Ifyou can buy it 7 don t make it Purchased Parts 7 Estimate Wholesale price in quantity Fabricated Parts 7 Parts you or a subcontractor will need to manufacture Assembly Costs Money Too Design for Manufacturability Vlith Thanks to 4 SronAch Bene ts of DFM Lower production cost Higher quality Production up to speed sooner Quicker time to market Lower capital equipment cost Greater use of automation Less redesign necessary Fewer parts to purchase from fewer vendors 1 Reduce part count 5 Parts D 1 Part A part that is eliminated Costs nothing to make assemble move handle orient store purchase clean inspect rework or service Never jams or interferes with automation Never fails malfunctions or needs adjustment H emy Stall A Part is Justi ed If 0 It is needed for relative motion 0 It is needed for assemblydisassembly It is needed for its different material properties B 00thr0yd and Dewhurst LeverActuated Switch Snap t Plastic spring 2 Parts Focus on Function 1 Design Multifunctional Parts CHAMFERED SURFACE SLOTS Practice Part quotImplosionquot z Two battery caps V Snap t Six battery caps Screw fastening N0 fastening What s the function of battery caps 2 Eliminate Fasteners i Reduce Fastener Count Reduce Fastener Variations EEEFE Steps in the Process A Firm Design 7 Ideally CAD drawings of parts and assemblies 7 But in any case a clear design more than just a rough prototype and optimism Parts List 7 A detailed list of all parts Bill of Materials BOM 7 A graphical ow chart showing quanti es descriptions and costs of all the parts comprising your desi Process Plan 7 A detailed estimate of the speci c processes needed to produce fabricated parts Example W1 Scre W2 Lock washer E E W3 Flat washer 7 W4 Brack W5Po Fig 1 WidgetAssembly Drawing Part Name Req d PF Mat lProcess No W1 8 32 UNC round head screw 2 P Part spec if available W2 8 split lock washer 2 P Part spec if available W3 8 at steel washer 2 P Part spec if available W4 Bracket 1 F Stamped sheet steel W5 Post 2 F Machine from 2024 aluminum round bar stock Fig 2 Widget Parts List Fabricated Purchased L 40 gtTtL l0 bl Unit product cost 124 M 2 84 T3 Ml assem y cos Part number 39om parts list x M04 Labor cost Number of parts Fig 3 Widget Bill of Materials BOM Objectives A rational methodology vs arbitrary or emotional hunches Equal input from all stakeholders Many factors to consider But remember G GO GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT cwislidm Malaria Concept 1 Concept 2 Design H t Score Product Score Product Requirements S W x S S W x S Criterion 1 Criterion 2 Criterion 3 Identify criteria for performance Weight the criteria to establish priorities Normalize the weighted criteria Sort the normalized criteria in descending order Rate each alternative design against the normalized criteria Analyze the results titty Design requirements already defined Any other criteria that can differentiate Some examples Weight Corrosion resistance Size Time to produce Appearance Shelf life Ease of use Safety Number of parts Environmental impact Ease of assembly Cost Mg Method 1 Rate each criterion directly Use a numerical scale eg 15 or 110 Make rating consistent eg 1 not at all important 5 very important Valllyileie Method 2 Interaction Matrix useful for large groups many criteria or contentious issues Make a matrix listing all criteria in both rows and columns Select a facilitator Quicky poll the group for which criterion is more important taken one pair at a time Sum all weighted criteria Divide each weighted criterion by total The total of all normalized criteria 10 Each criterion is then a fraction lt1 whose magnitude is easy to visualize a littormrstige Arrange in descending order Identifies priority order of criteria Can also show all criteria on a pie chart Criterion6 5 Criterion 1 00 Criterion 5 15 30 Criterion 15 Criterion 3 Criterion 2 00 20 Use a consistent scoring scale eg 05 or 010 A rating of 0 implies the alternative does not satisfy a criterion at all Higher scores imply higher performance eg If low cost is a criterion the alternative that costs the least would be given the highest score 63 The alternative with the highest score is the best Eliminate alternatives that score markedly lower lftwo or more alternatives have scores that are close consider other criteria to differentiate My beloved 89 VW Vanagon camper died coming back from a spring desert trip Engine Rebuild existing engine 2K Buy a remanufactured GoWesty engine 5K Subaru engine conversion 10K Criteria Low cost Reliable Short repair time Better engine power Good seniceability Wm J f i 39g j l Using 110 scale Serviceability Serviceability Cost Engine power Repair time epairt ine ime 0 Engine power 17 Serviceab m 2m GoWesty rebuilt r 9 o 2 a D a r U 392 N 2 o E m X UJ J n LSEHT Xi Jk WK JV 7 raters Work across 5 raters favored 1 vs across I39OWS Alternative Site Selection Evaluation Site C scores me highest rank in the evlumion of ntemau39ve sites In particular it provides the best accommodation of the program by providing a footprint wide enough for the lab motions and it best allows for future expansion WEIGHTED RANK NO CRITERION WEIGHT A B C 39on 35 35 14 175 105 105 7 105 7 a ITL expanulm upablmy 05 mo Enamel viniblllty 4 Construcuon cast Archdulgn compatibility 0 Dept axpansicn luturo Environmomal Impact Service access Cnmpua pln oblsctives Construction Impct hnuauom 8 Available on the course website Under Supplemental Information httpitcooradoeduGEEN3400 Team ranking method Interaction matrix method ondluslion A decision analysis methodology can provide a useful tool to help decide between alternative concepts Can be applied to subsystems as well as higher level concepts Results are only as good as the subjective evaluations View Do a decision analysis of 3 alternative designs for your product lnclude First sheet rating design requirements Results sheet scoring alternatives Short analysis of results See web site for example DUE T 93008 GEEN 3400 INVENTION AND INNOVATION DESIGN REQUIREMENTS 1 page be specific use list format Functional requirements 7Express in functional terms what this product should do Qualitative requirements 7 e g user friendly safe aesthetically pleasing etc Quantitative speci cations 7 eg size weight range speed cost etc 7 be specific EXAMPLE CHALLENGE STATEMENT To provide arm amputees with an adjustable grip force prosthetic prehensor FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS 0 Provide steady grip force with no user input 0 Prehensor opens when cable tension is applied 0 Grip force level easily adjustable with one hand or by moving against rm objects QUALITATIVE REQUIREMENTS Toolfree adjustment Universal engine that supports both right and left hand versions Replaceable fingers for right or left hand versions Quickly and easily adjustable Size comparable to Hosmer 5X hook Nonslip gripping surface Water resistant Easily cleanable Stain resistant QUANTITATIVE REQUIREMENTS 0 Range of opening 55 degrees 0 Range of gripping force 2 7 20 lb 0 Total weight 5 7 8 oz 0 Operating temperature range 200 to 1200 F 0 Manufacturing cost lt 150 0 End thread 1220 UNC 0 Product life At least 10 years 0 Maintenance frequency No more often than onceyear


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