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Human Performance & Nutrition

by: Edwardo Schultz

Human Performance & Nutrition KIN 110

Marketplace > University of Massachusetts > Kinesiology > KIN 110 > Human Performance Nutrition
Edwardo Schultz
GPA 3.86


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 29 page Class Notes was uploaded by Edwardo Schultz on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to KIN 110 at University of Massachusetts taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see /class/232213/kin-110-university-of-massachusetts in Kinesiology at University of Massachusetts.

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Date Created: 10/30/15
Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun Lecture 25 guestions 1 How much energy is contained in vitamins and minerals 2 What is the major function of Bvitamins in energy production 3 What are the functions of thiamine niacin ribo avin pantothenic acid and vitamin B6 in the energy pathways big hint refer to diagram on the next page 4 What is the common symptom of a Bvitamin de ciency not getting enough in your diet 5 What might make you think athletes could require more Bvitamins 6 Do they lfso why If not why not mnesmingy i in Spring zuua Prnfessnr Bram Good Luck on the Midterm BB alanine pymvitgcozthiamine visa pantothenic acid 2 5 nxalnzcetzte citrate C 9 NADH H NAD malzte isncitrzte NAD niacin NADH H coz mum ketnglutarzte FADII2 NAD 39 FAD NADH co2 391 bO a m2 3312i m succinz isnccinyLCnA Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun Lecture 30 guestions 1 Why does the hormonal response to weight loss tend to cause the regain of the lost weight refer to the diagram included with the Lecture 29 questions if you can t remember I Who is included in the National Weight control Registry A How much physical activity is reported by the people in the National Weight Control Registry A Describe the 3 ways that physical activity contributes to the maintenance of desired body weight direct effect of exercise in C39 postexercise metabolism 0 resting metabolic rate 01 Why is exercise often more effective as a weight management tool in men compared with women Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun 6 Are there benefits to physical activity even if no weight loss occurs Like what Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun Lecture 29 guestions 1 How many kilocalories of excess energy theoretically equal one pound of fat gain 2 What are the 3 main components of energy expenditure 3 How is energy balance measured by the body Where is the sensor Where is the target How does the sensor communicate with the target 4 What hormone functions as the energy sensor Would you expect levels ofthat hormone to HIGH or LOW in obese people Kmeswo ogy 1 10 sonng 2009 Professor Braun mqa inroko u I Tne oragrarn attne ngnt snows now 39z mue cw bodywergnt rs regmated m response to energy Surphm wergnt gam or energy oenort wergnt 055 Wnron srtuatron rs tne ayatem rnore sensmve 07 Why 39VI ener qy penonuremwn rgpmductne numndown Wf anywayon ep n 2ve faHs ep n 2v2 N525 werqm uss werqm qnm moose Hssue 6 Bonus ouestron forthose Wno are m the mood to thmk hard mecuons of eptm DO rnorease b ood Why now Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun Lecture 26 questions 1 What are the components of human blood 2 What of blood is red blood cell In men In women 3 What do red blood cells do primarily 4 What is anemia what can cause it 5 What is false or sports anemia Is it harmful 6 What is footstrike hemolysis Is this problem only seen in sports that involve impact with the ground How might this actually be helpful ratherthan harmful Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun 7 How is anemia diagnosed and what are the problems with the tests 8 Do athletes with anemia need iron supplements or can they be treated with food What types of food works best How long does it take to return to full strength Kmeswo ogy MO Sprmg 2009 Professor Braun Lecture 17 Questions 1 Does exerc se at a OWer mtens ty burn more fat than exerc se at a mgher mtens ty 2 1 Hour 5 moderate 041ng mtensn usuaHy cause about the same tota fat bummg as exerose at a ow mtensuy ow dwscuss What happens DUR NG exercwse e gnore postrexercwse metabohsm fornow Fat K cams Burned 2 mtensmes or Exemse 50 mtensny 80 mommy E camca unes fatcam es 3 055 of fat over Ume month ooste s o m u H exerose metabohsm Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun 4 Based on what you learned in class do you agree with the fatburning zone found on the typical gym wall chart shown below Heart Plate Beats Per Minute 0 15 20 25 39 35 4D 45 5t 55 El 65 7E Age 5 Does the time of day matter in terms of the percent of energy coming from fat during exercise Why KmeSto ogy MO Spnng 2009 ProfessorBraun Lecture 28 Questions 1 What ts Body Mass ndex see betow What ts an advantage and a dtsadvantage of usmg 7 Are you at a healthy weight mm mm 5139 2 What ts body compostttom 3 Doesthe Stte 0ft u 7Nht Ht p 5 Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun 4 Give a BRIEF description of the methods used to measure body composition What is a strength and weakness of each one Waisthip ratio skinfolds bioelectrical impedance undenNater weighing Dualenergy Xray absorptiometry DEXA Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun Lecture 19 guestions 1 How much does protein contribute to energy expenditure under normal conditions 2 What are the 2 ways that amino acids can enter the energy pathways See gure on next page 3 How does exercise affect the contribution of protein to energy expenditure 4 What happens to the protein contribution when glycogen supplies are LOW What happens when glucose is consumed during exercise 5 What other situations increase the contribution of protein to energy expenditure Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun 6 Challenging Q of the day What are the practical implications for people wondering about exercise in the morning versus later in the day alanine acety39 COA other amino ac39ds ATP carbon dioxide water Kmeswo ogy MO Sprmg 2009 Professor Bram Lecture 18 Questions common GROUP SID GROUP ruunwn 1 Nhat are some protem funchons 2 vmt are the majordwetary sources ofprotem 3 ETER dwgestwon How much 5 useab e energy Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun 4 What de nes essential and nonessential amino acids 5 What characteristic differentiates plant from animalbased proteins Kmeswo ogy MO Sprmg 2009 Professor Braun Lecture 27 guestlons 1 Donne anorexwa nervosa What are the Symptoms 2 What are he Se ous hea th HERB assoc ated thh anorex a nervosa wow bmge eatmg and purgmg 4 buhrma nervosa HERE Improper eating ntoznouzavmnam onemnnmonwumononmos mm W chnmw m we mom or road mm unsuma Sam mysmsuummenmamsnmersiw asnnnrwa ner sanrbuhmm r moxrmoncona bnmumunmn awnthawsluhw39mmvtzulra e mama mm mmKusrPDhmswMumsandmamamm ess nvLnnga Q 0 Amenorrhea Poor mm m ememe exuman can mm m hmzren enmqu umdutlmm whan an bad In Hm Alisama m menslmnuan a mmennrrnea om 39Ew manms wmnom monstmanan an Menmonm IMMnrvshnnsn my 5 The fema e ammo mad 5 shown What kmds of sports are moat re evam M m 1 quotwhen mew macrosch emu an mu m wemoczomo om ms nsteopnrosis some ms mm mm Danes muszn N no mm m Eslmuzn make Um amok mar Xuswnl mu w mom arm Iran man a gramme aslzounmms 3M ommm mom m mnmum dya mmon L5 K Dn39nm rm mow m mum uom wwuvom vaniwmomu ME PEG SQEF Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun 6 One ofthe big consequences of the FAT is disrupted menstrual function and infertility What are some of the POSSIBLE causes and what is the TRUE cause ofthe problem 7 What is the controversy about the female athlete triad Kmeslo ogy MO Sprlng 2009 Professor Braun Lecture 22 Questions 1 Where l5 body uld found and What propomons are lntraceHular and extracellular 2 Appromalely What ofme blood ls red cells how much ls plasma 7 xlmcellulanlum plasmal lmmcollular uid amen coll if Extracellular lluld mun aplllaly ssuo aulul 3 How do gender and age affect body uld Wm 4 w m A onesarelllallll Hmd Huldl EH6 Huldl 5 What are some of he functlons of body uld Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun Heal released lrom skln Sweat evaporates K and cools skin and 39 39 blood at skin surtace Blood vessels Sweat gland 6 How do electrolytes help to maintain proper fluid balance 7 What are some consequences of dehydration Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun Lecture 21 guestions 1 What is creatine and where can it come from 2 Where is creatine stored and in what forms 3 What is the role for creatine phosphate PCr in providing energy for exercise What is creatine kinase and what does it do 4 Does creatine supplementation improve exercise performance If so what KIND of exercise is most likely to be positively affected 5 HOW does creatine supplementation improve exercise performance HINT Referto the gure on the 3rd page Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun 6 Who is most likely to gain a performance benefit from creatine 7 Does creatine supplementation increase muscle mass fso how Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun ATP ADP mitochondria ATP gt ADP Cr gt PCr T i T i Cr lt PCr ATP lt ADP 39 Actin and myosin 39 Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun Lecture 20 guestions 1 Protein excretion on a zero protein diet is 04 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day Is feeding this quantity of protein enough to maintain normal protein balance If not why not 2 How much protein needed to maintain protein balance in the average person A A 00 02 04 06 08 10 12 14 3 Is this protein intake the RDA for protein Why not What is the RDA 4 Is the RDA suf cient for athletesactive individuals If not what is the recommendation for those people Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun 5 WHY do active people athletes require more protein Give 3 reasons 6 Lets say you have a sedentary person who weighs 60 kg eats 2000 kcalday and gets 12 of their energy from protein 12 of 2000 kcal 240 protein kcal 60 grams 10 grams protein kg day more than the RDA What about an athlete who also weighs 60 kg and gets 12 of energy from protein but who eats 3000 kcalday Do they get the recommended quantity of protein Krnesrorogy MO Sprrrrg 2009 Professor Braun Lecture 23 Questions 2 How much urd rs ost rrr sweat for arr acme person amount How do errvrrorrrnerrta Corrdrtrorrs arter that hat are the effects noted when dehydratron rs 2 or body Werght What about 514 PERFORMANCE r 2 3 4 5 7 DEHVDRMroN 4 THEOREHCALLY how much rnore urd does a person rreed rf they exercrse 2 hours per day 5 Why rs he ACTUAL rreed ess than he theoretrca need Where does the extra Water Corne from Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun 6 What is the simple method to ensure adequate fluid replacement after exercise 7 Is there a need to specifically focus on replacing electrolytes Why or why not 8 What is a practical recommendation to replace uid losses during hard exercise 9 Is it possible to OVERhydrate What is it called Kmeswo ogy MO Spnng 2009 ProfessorBraun Lecture 31 Questions 1 How do fatroummd dwetary supmements m theory he p contro body Wewght and body fat was Maum WI sewmn m A quotb Elam 77 WMquot Emmel VEGVaSMMXISMQ 30mins 9 gimp mums mu Nul sums xlt ma comm gmuu mth Wmlu WI IDW Bum Carlzmemn ms 2me y Wmva Emuw Ting 2 The 2 mam ngredwents m fatrbummg Supmements are sysaqulanvestmmmmwvuunlknlm s caffeme and ephedra What does caffeme do wmw n Swink lh ium nnmunmmm 5 mm a mummmmmmmmm wmnlmmw mnmnlmmmwum mmEImlmnmmAmmm mm Mmmmwmrmwmwm mmwwmmmm mum Waves mmmgmm sum umW 7wmmm a may Wm ac WWW Laws nc39 539 munqu mom mow o H n modoesmasm 3 ephedrme to do Kinesiology 110 Spring 2009 Professor Braun 5 Does ephedra bene t exercise performance 6 What combination of factors is most strongly associated with ephedrarelated illnessdeath 7 What isthe physiological cause of ephedrarelated illnessdeath for more information httpodsodnihgovfactsheetsEphedraandEphedrineasp


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