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Ord Dif Eq

by: Reuben Hudson DDS

Ord Dif Eq MATH 331

Reuben Hudson DDS
GPA 3.55


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reuben Hudson DDS on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 331 at University of Massachusetts taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/232227/math-331-university-of-massachusetts in Mathematics (M) at University of Massachusetts.

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Date Created: 10/30/15
BASIC HOMOGENEOUS Recall our classical spring problem deals with modeling the position dis placement of a spring as it vibratesoscillates We start with a spring hanging from some surface7 and we hang an object of mass m on it7 which causes it to elongate L units This is what we call the equilibriumoriginal state or position Letting yt be the function which represents the displace ment from this equilibrium state at time t7 we will use the convention that upwards movements forces are negative quantities7 while downward ones are positive So yt gt 0 A spring is stretched down yt 0 A spring is at equilibrium no displacement yt lt 0 A spring is compressed up We used Newton s Law7 Ft mat7 to get a DE for yt7 since acceler ation is just y t To do this7 we added up all of the forces acting on the object at time t These consisted of gravity F97 resistancedrag F7757 and spring force That is my t 1W F9 Frt Fst my t my 7 W05 ML W we was 7 mt since mg kLgt So the our spring problem is modeled by the homogeneous DE my t WW Wt 07 ND yo y 0 y where m mass of the object7 y is the dampingresistance constant7 and k is the spring constant ADDITIONAL WEIGHTS AND NONHOMOGENEOUS PRORI EMS We can modify the original homogeneous problem described on the rst page by introducing additional forces in 2 ways 1 ADDITIONAL WEIGHT MODIFIED HOMOGENEOUS EQUATION Suppose that we have the setup described on page 1 for some spring prob lem But now the spring will be set into motion by throwing some additional weight W onto the object which is already hanging at equilibrium on the end of the spring Let mw g be the mass of this additional weight In keeping with the spirit of the description of the homogeneous DE on the rst page we should expect to be able to model this problem by an equation My t W05 KW 07 MD Yo y 0 Yo So let s gure out which pieces change and how they do 0 Mass The new mass on the end of the spring is now M m mw o Damping The new damping constant T is probably not drastically different so there s no need to change it P 7 0 Spring The new spring constant K is also unchanged since it s just a proportion of elongation and weight K k Elongation The new elongation L is going to be different now since the additional weight would certainly increase the amount it would stretch before coming to rest But exploiting the fact that E you can gure out the new elongation amount 0 0 Note that yt will NOW measure displacement from an elongation of f instead of L This shifts things by i 7 L units So Y0 4i 7 L to re ect that you re starting above the new equilibrium state If you don t want to change your reference point you can use the original setup where yt measures displacement from an elongation of L by using the equivalent equation My t WW kW W7 90 yo MO y Of course this is now non homogeneous but it may be easier than moving around your reference point Note that the M here is M m mw 2 EXTERNAL FORCE NONHOMOGENEOUS EQUATIONS Suppose that instead of the dropping a weight on the object there is an externaladditional force Fet which acts on the object Fet can be a function like cosine which might model some sort of wavy or cyclic force a constant which might be due to a constant wind or water current or an impulse more on this in chapter 6 Modifying the page 1 derivation we d get that this spring problem is modeled by my t WW Wt F805 y0 907 MW y which is now a non homogeneous DE If you haven t already done so you can solve the homogeneous equation and use your solutions with a method from 36 or 37 to nd a particular non homogeneous solution f mm ZS j News ov Mama cumgg m L J OMS wwm i R L W law ON a w W 3 an s m WM 7L0 Wof abmj Caludmm Maw 1 M Mu Ice3 m Lafqa CW4 MQWU whmx ILD DES 3 AMA m Sighma amt2n a JrD 7 C 2 3H 3 36630 I 0330 To am a DB gamma ATM M Wm WWgrvx ma bo sx du Remy 71m mum oQ fodM rs 1mm and aw Slim wong t W SiMltjl0 V a COWLJV funL5 0A ViaL CCWLFSQQ M3 MUM KIA OM hum3 3n HAL HEXVF Slide A k A l FluDK ObL Md OakCd 5 500 79f on Tamer mm rm316 at Ma mm W W 5m WM MAM ba 196195190 8 I which MU C7 1 g l l z I f I I Pal Msqu Tr WLAM OhmWz ng 149 mum m ac m 070 LiamZZZ I 1 WWW M bowm talc Ute 71611463 20 Mr39mafv Q 7 0amp5 M3 St a 5 WA use Wo ml Pmt OIS Q We CW ng SWQ A M762 M bu mb look 309A 7 7 WU b5 39 XYPWKMWg Mb MEL In fro1t I a MLW QM SeradQ owmj d MM MM L GUM1mg 69 cm Bmk up Mum Mm W2 M79 2 fadms f M mp M ax Lu rg Mme O 7 ltc OLA zc M pc wuCSC 89A 2x9 65C 39 gzt ZC Cm bowng 61S 86 gym Liam 316 Soumw w sadw am We Wt W in do w Wt 3972 avxS Wx 9W lm 1de M K m mm 04 M a 95 ua R M 1 568 l Wm PCS a WW0 MAW MI W m gamma We him 7 be OWN 75D ModalL vp WWIS 155 Hm baa la 7 PH b3 Wing m WOW 7 I M W Wang HS Tb M M MA m MWJSQI Mare aoluh C Cquot 3 Wm 45 pg prbbabZ5 a 70me 0WZ nUxVUZLZS WaxHM WONE Lbm CazL nd W u y araFLOB m Hm Im wlse WW i 715w nd2m 6d 753760 Z4 565 16008 SHto EO 39ETHTD WW 153750 f rm a 10M W OVLQVULOLj MM LL71 152740 f WIZ MchmLd39 gt I it 3 a S o r w q h 73 mvu gammy lmHt M9 MQ Ms F5065 HJML Km muse Com 74 wJfaivwcf I My 1thde Wm EM 3 and 76m 53H 7W3 TS MAM If W610i govtQ Wi 72gt Mute7L g Cecogn xabtc a5 vim WW 6 Z viagt213 m mm W CowVDCMZM nWgra AmLad mam1f anmr maj m m 8170 hugQM Mtg 13 ymlltj q Md mi MM mesa7


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