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The Jewish People II

by: Erin Collins V

The Jewish People II JUDAIC 102

Erin Collins V
GPA 3.6

Aviva Ben-Ur

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About this Document

Aviva Ben-Ur
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Erin Collins V on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JUDAIC 102 at University of Massachusetts taught by Aviva Ben-Ur in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/232232/judaic-102-university-of-massachusetts in Religious Studies at University of Massachusetts.

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Date Created: 10/30/15
4810 taking away anti jewish discriminiation polishlituanian commonwealth jews had their own gov t abolished in 1764 example of a priviliage to emancipate you have to take away privilages and restrictions no longer had communal autonomy sphardic jews jews of iberian ancestry separdics first to be emancipated in southern france forced to convert to christianity and then returned to judaism though it was illegal i nfrance at the ime leters allowing them to live there 1771 full french citizens ashkenazics equal in theory jews continually had to prove to the authorities that they were worthy of emmancipation subjected to a serires of tests and periodically over time their priviliages were taken away france and europe different times over next wo centurys 1866 sweeden emancipates switz 1866 austrohungary 1866 1870 western and centreal europe emancipated 1917 formal emacipation in eastern europe russian rev significant tests in france worthiness of emancipation 1806 napoleon deicdes he needs to lea1n more about jews aside from complaints from peasantry who are angry at jewish money lenders ne france convenes a san heduin convenes assembly of jewish notables in 1806 112 distinguished leaders these were clerical and lay leaders rabbinical and merchants and other walks of life living in frence or french vcontrolled italy gave them 12 test questions to accertain the relationship btwn french jews and french citizens preamble the conuct of many of those among your persuasion has incited complains and these complaints have found there way to the foot of the throne founded on truth but his majesty has decided to stop progress of evil napoloen wont punish you but would like to find a solution conformity and morality assembly notables were told that they wanted me be faithful subjects but they would have to prove that their jewish laws were in ha1miny with the french the questions 1 are jews poligamoius 2 are jews allowed to divorce 3 can jews and christians marry 4 frenchman brothers or stangers 5 how shoiuld jews behave towards non jews 6 do they consider tfrance their country will they defend and obey it 7 who appoints the rabbis 8 police jurisdiction 9 elections reg by jewish law or custom 10 processions 11 forbid jews from taking interest 12 usery and interest with strangers by august 1806 they had a offical response judaism had outlawed poligamy in christian lands around 1000 implied that napoleon saw jews as strange an exotic the jews proceeded to answer every question showing that the ywere not only loyal but prepared to defend they did that by explaining that rabbinical authority only applies to the spirtual realm the law of the land must be obeyed intermarriage was tricky church doesnt recognize interfaith marriage civil law is chill their answers satisfied napoloeon and he ratified the responses and confirm his imperial rule in the process this is called the quotsanhedrinquot a legal body that had been dead since 7th century sanhedrin jewish court and consisted of 71 people the jewish supreme court Napoleon was glad about the answers and rati ed them every thing was good for a little while torah was cool and consistant here is the key thing in order to provide these answers french jews had to distort judaism they had to convince nap that it wasnt a civilization emancipation challenges jews to con ne their jewishness to jus ta religious sphere no ethnicity this is a challenge to redi ne judaism fast foward religious denominations come out of this there was only one at rst with the challenge of emancipation different sects appear Reform 1810 s in germany D many jews were leaving judaism assimilation was tempting jews away didnt like synagougue didnt speak language reform movement responded and introduced music and shorter services and radically said they no longer yearn to return to israel called synaguogyes quottemplesquot as in tthis is our temple now Orthodoxy unbroken traditio nofjudaism Consiervative historical judaism Reconstructionist udaism as a civilization came about in 1920s Judaism was splinters havoc ensues This will be on the quiz Emancipation rede nition just a religion sects transformations still continue today these movements are stil ltransforming one of the questions is musical instruments if it breaks you have to x it and thats no good started with an organ for a very long time they were the only jewish denomination that allows intstuments but now conservative do judaism was in trouble changes had to happen to not kill the faith entirely ways to encourage jews to stay in the the synagogue germany did not exsist until late 19th century this was german states two people to listen to orthodox and hassidic jews in poland carrrying weapons part of the militia armed jews jew2ish women in short skirts fully armed 1st person a women Glickel of Hamelin 17th century key events of her life in hamel hanover germany a middle class jewish women when she was 12 she got engaged to marry a man chaim a gem dealer and worked with precious metals at the age of 14 she married him 12 children widowed gastro thing kills husband miserable death she did remarry president of jewish community in metz and a baker but went bankrupt died after 12 years once again widowed she worte memiors rst memoirs from a jewish women in all of jewish history memoirs were not really a written thing in jewish communitys travelougues were though she wrote it over the span of 30 years ending in16089 1719 age 4373 judeogerman yiddish motivation what is the occasion of this text why does it exist her motives for her children about her husband she was an depressed insomniac huge help t ohistorians autobiography this does qualify bc she talks about her childhood Ethical will lled with advice for her children compliments other ethical wills but this ones from themiddle ages byu a woman from birth to adulthood Learn about a speci c period in jewish and central europeon history thirty years war 16181648 chamnitzki massacres 1666 false messainic movment her own family became involved went to juish school and secular school her husban chaim consulerted her in business transactions she was a business woman she was independant of her husband German uni cation 1871 prussia uni es germany this results in the thorough emancipation of the jews emancipation for germans jews right to own land enter any profession 1869 declared all germans citizens of equal rights regardless of origin or religion this helped stimulate the creation of a jewish middle clas borgeoisman 1848 villiages and towns 1870 s majority are burger increasing middle cclass acculturation and aunting germaness in clothing speaking like germans abandom yiddish start to move out of shtetls into new neighborhoods effect on women withdrawn from productive labor stopped working in factories became con ned to home domesticized same thing happened to their jewishness just a religion con ned to the home ideals for jewish german women 18711915quot decorative and reproductivequot Modernity not always progress and improvement Bertha anoenheim anna 0 185901936 tried to unite femism and judaism secular family in 20s got sick berta had a cough psychosematic illness hysteria had a powerful intellect and enthusiism her doctor yoself brauer was supportive in helping her hysteria got worse and worse she39d get bedridden paralyzed hallucinations when she was nursing her father told doctor fairy tales releived her anguish he recorded ndings called her anna 0 very famous in feild of psych rst important case study berta dressing up as her ancestors she even translated her diary direct decendancy led her to memoirs these women live in different time periods in the same location why would berta so identi ed With her ancestors


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