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Intrmd Biostatistics

by: Agustin Bechtelar

Intrmd Biostatistics PUBHLTH 640

Agustin Bechtelar
GPA 3.88

Carol Bigelow

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About this Document

Carol Bigelow
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Agustin Bechtelar on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PUBHLTH 640 at University of Massachusetts taught by Carol Bigelow in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see /class/232288/pubhlth-640-university-of-massachusetts in Public Health at University of Massachusetts.


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Date Created: 10/30/15
Puleth 640 Intermediate Biostatistics Simple Linear Regression Stata v 10 State v 10 Illustration Simple Linear Regression Before you begin 1 Comments begin with an asterisk and are in red 2 Stata commands are typed in blue 3 User specifications are typed in green Begin your STATA session by opening a log of your session Edit Object Graph Tools Data Graphics 539 New Do le 3 N Open 320 Open Recent gt Open RecentDoe les gt l 3 View 00 quotD Filename 33 Change Working Directory Import Export Example Datasets View Translate Print UserscarolbigelowDesktopweek22009log log type text opened on 8 Feb 2009 174340 The command SET NDRE OFF will prevent pauses in results screen by screen set more 0 ZbigelowWeb640stataweek272009doc Page 1 of 8 Puleth 640 Intermediate Biostatistics Simple Linear Regression Stata v 10 Import into STATA the data to be analyzed SlateC 101 File Edit Object Graph Tools Data p nquot Open Recent Open Recent Do les i H Filenameu Change Working Directory 1 f w y WWW Log Import Export Example Datasetsm m use quotUserscarolbigelowDesktop1 Teachingweb640data setsweek02dtaquot Produce a list of the variable names and storage type using DESCRIBE descri Contains data from UserscarolbigelowDesktop1 Teachingweb640data setsweek02dta 31 obs vars 2 size 372 999 of memory free storage display value variable name type format label variable label temp float 43909 boiling float 43909 Sorted by create the variable NEWY using the command GENERATE generate newy100log10boiling Label the variables using the command LABEL VARIABLE label variable temp quotTEMP Temperaturequot label variable newy quotNEWY 100log1DBoilingquot label variable boiling quotBOILING Yquot ZbigelowWeb640stataweek272009doc Page 2 of 8 Puleth 640 Intermediate Biostatistics Simple Linear Regression Stata v 10 Produce a listing of the data using the command LIST list temp boiling newy 1 I 2108 29211 1465546 I 2 I 2101 28559 1455743 I 3 I 2084 27972 1446723 I 4 I 2025 24697 1392644 I 5 I 2006 23726 1375224 I 6 2001 28869 186864 7 1995 2008 1801681 8 197 21892 1840285 9 1964 21928 1840999 10 196 8 21654 188 5588 I 11 1956 21605 1884554 12 198 4 20 48 181 188 191 4 19 758 129 5743 15 191 1 19 49 1289812 16 I 1906 19386 1287488 I 17 I 1895 18869 1275749 I 18 I 1888 18356 1263778 I 19 I 1885 18507 1267336 I 20 I 1857 12267 1088738 I 21 22 23 24 25 26 1832 16385 1214446 27 1824 16235 1210452 28 1819 16106 1206988 1819 15928 1202161 31 I 1806 15376 1186843 I Obtain descriptive statistics using the command SUMMAHIZE summarize boiling Variable o 7 u z m m x a H 1 U m lt z 1 x z m gtlt boiling I 31 1976958 4038884 12 267 29211 ZbigelowWeb640stataweek272009doc Page 3 of 8 Puleth 640 Intermediate Biostatistics Simple Linear Regression Stata v 10 Obtain detailed statistics using SUIMARIZE with option DETAIL summarize boiling detail BOILING Y Percentiles Smallest 1 12267 5 15376 15376 10 15928 15919 Obs 31 25 16817 15928 Sum of Wgt 31 50 19386 Mean 1976958 Largest Std Dev 4038884 75 21892 24697 90 24697 27972 Variance 1631258 95 28559 28559 Skewness 7542366 99 29211 29211 Kurtosis 3141114 Obtain histogram of distribution of YBoiling histogram boiling bin5 start12267 width33888 save graph as week220091png Activate the graph by clicking on it click on the icon that looks like a disk At FORMAT drop down menu choose quotportable network graphic pngquot At SAVE AS dialogue box type week220091 20 BOILING Y ZbigelowWeb640stataweek272009doc Page 4 of 8 Puleth 640 Intermediate Biostatistics Simple Linear Regression Stata v 10 quotObtain histogram again but now with overlay of normal using option NORMAL histogram boiling normal bin5 start12267 width33888 save graph as week220092png 20 BOILING Y Fit of simple line using command RERESS with y variable first then x variable regress boiling temp Source SS 511 MS Number of obs 31 F 1 29 33660 Model 450558755 1 450558755 Prob gt F 00000 Residual 388187237 29 133857668 Rsquared 09207 Adj Rsquared 09179 Total 489377479 30 163125826 Root MSE 1157 boiling Coef Std Err t Pgtt 95 Conf Interval temp 4437942 0241895 1835 0000 3943211 4932674 oons 65343 4643815 1407 0000 7484067 5584533 ZbigelowWeb640stataweek272009doc Page 5 of 8 Puleth 640 Intermediate Biostatistics Simple Linear Regression Stata v 10 Scatter plot of data with overlay of fitted values First obtain the fitted values using the command PREDICT store the fitted values in a variable called YHAT predict yhat option xb assumed fitted values Scatterplot with overlay of fitted values scatter boiling temp line yhat temp save graph as week220093png 200 TEMP Temperature BOILIN Fitted values ZbigelowWeb640stataweek272009doc Page 6 of 8 Puleth 640 Intermediate Biostatistics Simple Linear Regression Stata v 10 Graph of the 95 confidence Interval of the Predicted Mean twoway lfitci bailing temp save graph as week220094png 190 200 TEMP Temperature 95 Cl Fitted values Another Graph of the 95 Confidence Interval of the Predicted Mean Option CIPLOTHLINE produces confidence interval as lines instead of shading twoway lfitci boiling temp ciplotrline save graph as week220095png 190 200 TEMP Temperature 95 Cl Fitted values ZbigelowWeb640stataweek272009doc Page 7 of 8 Puleth 640 Intermediate Biostatistics Simple Linear Regression Stata v 10 Obtain graph of 95 confidence interval of individual predictions twcway 1fitci bailing temp stdf scatter boiling temp save graph as week220096png 190 200 TEMP Temperature 95 Cl Fitted values BOILING Y close the log File gt LOG gt CLOSE log close log UserscarolbigelowDesktopweek22009log log type text closed on 8 Feb 2009 183817 ZbigelowWeb640stataweek272009doc Page 8 of 8


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