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Psych Of Persuasion

by: Danial Kreiger

Psych Of Persuasion PSYCH 586

Danial Kreiger
GPA 3.75


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About this Document

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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Danial Kreiger on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYCH 586 at University of Massachusetts taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/232303/psych-586-university-of-massachusetts in Psychlogy at University of Massachusetts.


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Date Created: 10/30/15
Exams Two exams are given the rst in midsemester the second at the end of the semester The exams are open book and opennotes Each exam contains 8 shortanswer questions and you are to answer 6 of the 8 questions You only have about 10 minutes per question leaving time for review Therefore read the questions carefully and restrict your answers to the information requested there is no need to elaborate beyond the essential You should think care llly before you reply The following are two examples of the kinds of questions you can expect They appeared on an exam in a previous semester the answers were given by one of the students in the class These answers earned full credit Sample Exam Questions 1 A salesman appears at your door offers you a small present and then requests that you answer a few questions about Electrolux vacuum cleaners A week later he returns this time asking to be admitted to make a presentation He proceeds to describe the top Electrolux model costing 1500 explains that only a few of these ultimate cleaning machines are manufactured each year and urges you to buy it As you decline he suggests that you purchase a 500 model instead Please describe three different persuasion techniques used by this salesman Thefirytytrategy WthesalewwvattemptyEyreayproo y By o erEngyowaxgft hebndueewaeebngofmdebtedmeyymyoprthdedLmakeyowwmtodo hawafmor Miranrm eemployythemroity tVyEngtooomADneeyow thattheo er anZyEngthatitiymrevahmybe andMotherlawa Iwo erEngthe500 modeb WWW therq eofuovv vmwet reat reciprocal00mm method WwdbberedpromtedxlyyowmdWyowwdLbuy theokeaper modelMax Wtotheomehemwmdetoyow N An investigator interested in studying quotaltruismquot first assessed altruistic attitudes by means of a questionnaire She then brought individual subjects into the lab and recorded the extent to which they were willing to comply with a confederate s request for assistance Finally she correlated her measure of altruistic attitudes with her measure of helping behavior Would you expect that the helping behavior in this situation can be predicted from attitudes toward altruism If yes why If not how would you go about obtaining a measure of helping behavior that would correlate with attitudes toward altruism behaax or not likely tobepred oted rmwattitudey tOWMdaltruiMwaeWVWWEyaW WegeneraJooneeptthmthehelpEng behwv or thetwooovweptydonof Wiretheme Iworzier toobtvavax Weofhelpimgbehm or thatwouldcorrelatewi val tudeytowardaltrm it by my topresentthexdy eot willvavar ety bellaALorx These behanryyhouldbeomnpafd ewi vtheat tudemthatm deawa vtheMme ZeveLofaetLom contact fume andtarget AWengofavaw ety ofbellaALory V39ng to alter wilL produce armrate predalot uom


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