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by: Mr. Kaitlin Herman

Investments FINOPMGT 320

Mr. Kaitlin Herman
GPA 3.72

Ben Branch

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About this Document

Ben Branch
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Kaitlin Herman on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FINOPMGT 320 at University of Massachusetts taught by Ben Branch in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/232326/finopmgt-320-university-of-massachusetts in Finance at University of Massachusetts.


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Date Created: 10/30/15
FINOPMGT 320 Investment Chapter 17 What do you think active managers will do if the market is expected to rise Using futures in active equityportfolio management Traditionally when the market was expected to rise active managers would sell lowbeta stocks and buy highbeta stocks to raise the portfolio s weighted average beta Alternatively the use of futures provides a quicker and cheaper way to do this with less disruption to the traits of the portfolio Where is SampP 500 index futures contract is traded What is the value of one SampP 500 futures contract traded on Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME 8 Suppose you own a stock portfolio worth 15 million with a beta of 13 The current value of the SampP 500 index is 98537 8a What is the value of one SampP 500 futures contract One SampP 500 futures contract 250 x 98537 246342 81b How many futures contract must you buy or sell to completely hedge the value of the portfolio against an expected market decline F x 246342 7916 F In order to make the portfolio market neutral it is necessary to sell 8 rounded futures contracts 8c Suppose the market as measured by the SampP 500 drops 10 percent over the course of the neXt several months What is its impact on your hedged portfolio i In futures market If the market drop by 10 percent SampP 500 goes from 98537 to 88683 Sold 8 SampP 500 contracts 250 X 98537 1970740 Bought 8 SampP 500 contracts 250 X 88683 1773660 Pro t in futures 197080 ii Unhedged stock portfolio A 10 percent market decline equals a 13 portfolio decline assuming a beta of 13 1500000 X 10 X 13 195000 loss in portfolio value 1500000 195000 1305000 new portfolio value iii Hedged portfolio Profit in futures 197080 Loss in portfolio value 195000 Profit 2080 A perfectly hedged portfolio should be market neutral that is no pro ts or losses In this case a small pro t occurred due to rounding 8d If the market rises by 10 percent SampP 500 goes from 98537 to 108391 i In futures market Sold 8 SampP 500 contracts 250 X 98537 1970740 Bought 8 SampP 500 contrac s 250 X 108391 2167820 Loss in futures 197080 ii Unhedged stock portfolio 114310 percent market rise equals a 13 portfolio rise assuming a beta of 1500000 X 10 X 13 195000 gain in portfolio value 1500000 195000 1695000 new portfolio value iii Hedged portfolio Loss in futures 197080 Gain in portfolio value 195 00 Loss 2080 A perfectly hedged portfolio should be market neutral that is no pro ts or osses In this case a small loss occurred due to rounding


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