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Honors Colloquium CHEM 122

by: Dr. Drew Flatley

Honors Colloquium CHEM 122 CHEM 122

Marketplace > University of Massachusetts > Chemistry > CHEM 122 > Honors Colloquium CHEM 122
Dr. Drew Flatley
GPA 3.96

David Adams

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About this Document

David Adams
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Drew Flatley on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 122 at University of Massachusetts taught by David Adams in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/232342/chem-122-university-of-massachusetts in Chemistry at University of Massachusetts.


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Date Created: 10/30/15
W i 1215 V Bo wlh H 5252 L lug w ZNHquot MO M39 awf We E4 135 M39 wLH W FL 37 L37 we Q hu Q 271 m9 1 3 gt E IEPW Ci E Exwu amp 4 C ZilwxrMI V C 6f 5l IiL E P e Li 0 7 0397 m rmuca 37 I Wuquot 17 Michaelix Maritan Maid w Ehww r Kng HIE Leon Midge Mom VieAh 2 I E s 53953 swarmJugs camp y as it E P 11 Ch 13 lt1 ownquot r5331 3 P W 0L pvuauwquot gm a E VJ k 551 SSH fN 357 2 5151 R4 YES Hz 551 sum xi ET 52 fed 51 Umbnxud Pvgyw E CE E53 as Lama 33 kltf 1rfE Sl E5 kI 7552 4L ES k 53 57 L CESZYJ7 L YES 1 ES 12 1er ZESZC Ms 1 Hag 0Uqu k mam a ES 33 427 ES I Z NSFark h K ksz Mn M ME 39 357 El 53 n3 vat ngL 1521 5 EV ESE La WWLaeh39bthhn E ua39 mh m m Aer Msm f rn PSEAEV 1 Wm mwm V5 camJ Wm m M2304 Mfwh 94 96c 49ch m swam Wyn344 TLI J Ewan mm 53 E assum7 lm22141 ppm5 0h 4 S7 w5lt mbrh 3 M91 139 45 mT Wk w 51139 Mm MT 395 WNW 1 gt33 9L N PL v mic Wm 771 71 T he data in the table are for the reaction of NO and 02 at 660 K 2 N0g 02g gt 2 N02g Reactant Concentration Rate of Disappearance molL of NO NO 02 molL s 0010 0010 25 x 10395 0020 0010 10 x 10 4 0010 0020 50 x 10 5 a Determine the order of the reaction for each reactant b Write the rate equation for the reaction c Calculate the rate constant 1 Calculate the rate in molL 39 s at the instant when N0 0015 mol L and 02 00050 mol L C At the instant when NO is reacting at the rate 10 X 10 4 mol L 39 5 what is the rate at which 02 is reacting and N02 is forming 39 CHEM122H Honors General Chemistry 2 Carbonic Acid HgCOQ diprotic 1 H2CO3 r H HCO339 2 HCO339 r H C032quot net H2CO3 r 2H C032quot Phosphoric Acid H P042 triprotic 1 H3PO4 s H H2PO439 2 H2PO439 r H HPO4239 3 HPO4239 r H PO43quot net H3PO4 r 3H PO43quot Other common di and triprotic acids Ascorbic or vitamin C Citric HZCGHGOG H3C6H507 K1 42 x 10397 K2 48 x 103911 Knet 20 x 103917 K1 75 x 10393 K2 62 x 10398 K33 36 x 103913 Knet 17 x 103922


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