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Gen Chem

by: Dr. Drew Flatley

Gen Chem CHEM 112

Dr. Drew Flatley
GPA 3.96

Edward Voigtman

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About this Document

Edward Voigtman
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 101 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Drew Flatley on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 112 at University of Massachusetts taught by Edward Voigtman in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/232345/chem-112-university-of-massachusetts in Chemistry at University of Massachusetts.


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Date Created: 10/30/15
in l f l holec u af Fora glt L 1395 I J g AW 3 J Suprict wly at It 3 Coneemu 2 4 lidail In 033 msoxur FT 2171 111s 5 I 30 hirer trim n 2 S 35 Tsmkw s hsSDFAT vi 05554 Avila SK u 1Ayn 3 k 3 32x ELL f t L L f it On 35 L f L L InrSL nvtg E 10h ln39Ltvfu l via Lubutt LAW 1 cLvats J M Niki in l f 1 mm c FRB I1r6 TquotL les uu L woen quotn I n Hahn M Port 0 mHl ALh um 71 M3kllvtx or rcptStain 7quot VegLive G K9541 XIV ClIM Forte mi Palm 4quot EngJ71 1 W FRB WM 411023 F033 T R u 5n I fl Ez tonI LLch f I39 39 R 7 ueJerxl Nodn 1 in mm munquot1 CV M punHut Potential energy expressions for Intermolecular forces Interacting dipoledipole 011 and 7 IE imluczil E a E E 2 electric field strength a and 12 E 2 first Ionization energy Ionic townJ u xiv7 In lo Hu an lauLu in39kudiur 9 139 Bu f39 ionc tn iwlurw Mil 04th if I In 144 HLS wl39quot volCult avc no IA PILL wiL 71 are res ucHVty 4 ml lon mduud Amok inkywens Ian am LALuac39l wi39Hvx miene 3quot Luv Earwvxm l alieni 4 am HR elk Was 2 3 new ms 2 af rmquot MIion nt lc1u3 w I39 Ll wakv diamfr 19 Q Q 3971 quotquot37 F Hxig gtuImlt4hm eu uln f Lyn453 ouuIH 39an mch olublnquot gt 1439 MIA Water surroundmg 7 7 Chil ConfounJ I a cation a Emckycowe Cequot aaaaaaaaa n9 9 a Water surrounding an anion monkskm c eeeeeeeeeeee 19 A n Anion inHrc lhs wH k l n 44 clip I TM anLW M 7m4 ru39l39h3 Jaw1 s causal HY NRAhug like 419uJS Alhaqu k c e I Hi17 a go WAham ion H f3 X nine4 whoIt A is Sllvmx L t Ankh E H lfy 39 Ivdb f u39f t I A139 4 6 ItoJ ALA44fo vrf39 3914 NS IIlull K r 133 pm AH 321kJmol eeeee rankCD Thurman Emma de Tmmqmu e T v39f39v39 Entro yv 5 Evaporation Heating liquid f mm 5 inCreases a39 arge amount with phase changes MeL ng mum Temperature Evaluating the entropy and the Gibbs function 151 Physrcal Chemistry P W Atkins melt b0 2nd Ed W H Freeman 8t Co San Francrsco CA 1982 ea wol l5 n T 4 H19 Move Como HL W extrapolate Fig 56 The calculation of entropy from heat capacity data Q m l calculated from the following data Example Objective 19 The Third Law entropy of nitrogen gas at 29815 K and 1 atm has been 0 i C e l t ASmJ K 1 mol 1 T3 extrapolation 0 10 K 192 graphical integration eqn 521 2525 phase transition at 3561 K 643 graphical integration eqn 521 2338 phase transition fusion at 6314 K 1142 graphical integration eqn 521 1141 phase transition vaporization at 7732 K 7213 perfect gas behaviour eqn 522 3920 from 773229815 K correction for non ideality 092 Total entropy change 19206 By setting the entropy at absolute zero to zero we get the Third Law standard entropy see below of nitrogen gas as 3 29815 K 19206 I K 1 mol l En39hro y cL uj vcv VIM luvjg AS fruitng e Ans vlu quotmuff 39 hukarrd riu ILquot cLaJz aamfk HgoA Hm 33 Far leIx 90quot 7 quot 7735 K a L ac 2r AS T 739 373651 05 tom SK jmkk TABLE 191 Standard Molar Entropy Values at gk Only 2 Substance Entropy 5 JKmol N 7394quot Cgraphite 56 quott 7 Cdiamond 2377 suLstu Cvapor 1581 0 mm H2g 1307 Ru Zero 029 2051 mm H20g 18884 H20 6995 Emomrcowe Cenuaqe L ggggg ng hud as Standard Molar En rr opies m 141 dyadd I Some Standam Molar Enuopy Values 31298 K 5 Entropy s Entropy sa Element lK mol Compound JK mnl Cgraphite 55 mg 4 135 3 Cdiamund 2377 term If 229 2 e Cvapuv 1531 51mg K 2703 amp Cas 1159 CHXOHU 1272 Arg 1549 mg 1977 1129 1307 mm 2137 029 2051 H20g 13334 Nzg 1916 Hzom 5935 93 1 21123 HClg 1332 c149 K 2231 NaCLs 7211 Bu 1522 MgOs 2535 115 1151 megs 917 Calcula ring ASOfor a Reac rion A80 Z S0 products Z S0 reactants X 1 Consider 2 H2g 029 2 HZOqu A80 2 so H20 2 8 H2 8 02 A80 2 mol 699 JKmol 2 mol 1307 J Kmol 1 mol 2053 JKmo A80 3269 JK Note that there is a decrease in S because 3 mol of gas give 2 mol of liquid 2nd Law of Thermodynamics A reaction is spontaneous if A8 for the universe is positive AS A8 AS universe system surroundings ASumverse gt O for spontaneous process Calculate the entropy created by energy dispersal in the system and surroundings 9 113 013 g 3amp061 ARM 126 9 5 K Agil uhas f39 quot quot AH3 4M T 2 46m S7LC 3 5771 3 AS39a W mm TK ll BA BMW quwhus I AS HITS1r 3n SK 15 1 Spontaneous or39 Not TABLE 192 Predicting Whether a Reaction Will Be Spontaneous Under Standard Conditions Reaction Type AH system AS system Spontaneous Process Standard Conditions 1 AMxothermic lt O Exothermic lt O Endothermic gt 0 4 Endothermic gt 0 Positive gt 0 Negative lt 0 Positive gt O Negative lt 0 Spontaneous at all temperatures AS universe gt 0 Depends on relative magnitudes of AH and A5 Spontaneous at lower temperatures Depends on relative magnitudes of AH and AS Spontaneous at higher temperatures Not spontaneous at any tem eraturei A5 universe lt 0 21 e EmoksJCalz Cengage Lemurquot Remember that AH sys is proportional to AS 7 An exothermic process has AS Surr gt O SUI I Gibbs Free Energy 6 ASuniv ASsurr sys AH sys ASuniv T ASSYS Multiply through by T J39ijard Gibbs rAsumV AHSYS TASsys 18391903 TASuniV change in Gibbs free energy for the system AGSystem Under standard conditions o o 0 AG sys AH sys TAS sys 10 AGO AHO TASO Gibbs free energy change total energy change for system energy lost in energy dispersal If reaction is exothermic negative AHO and entropy increases positive A80 then AGO must be NEGATIVE reaction is spontaneous and productfavored 11 AGO AHO TASO Gibbs free energy change total energy change for system energy lost in energy dispersal If reaction is endothermic positive AHO and entropy decreases negative ASO then AGO must be POSITIVE reaction is not spontaneous and is reactant favored 12 AF am M Aquot a a TX I Mn 3 andL 3M J39 u J T Qua 4 L T 44 Lgk T m4quot CAIquotJ 10 5 61 3 4 3 mmu A eulg A Jurnrg 6 Gibbs Free Energy G AGO AHO TASO Two methods of calculating AGO a Determine AH and A5quot and use Gibbs equation b Use tabulatgd value of free energies of formation AfGO AFGO 2 AG products 2 AG reactants 14 Free Energies of Formation Standard Molar Free Energies of Formation of Some Substances at 298 K ElementCompound AGHkJmol ElementCompound AGkJmol H29 0 C02g 3944 029 0 CH4g sos 0 2286 Cgraphite 0 H20 2372 Cdiamond 2900 NH3g 164 C0g 1372 F9203s 7422 Note that AfG for an element O Avu AN 399 au etcw E 0 09 we l 15 Calculating Ar6 Combustion of acetylene 02H2g 52 029 gt 2 0029 H20g Use enthalpies of formation to calculate ArHO 12556 kJ Use standard molar entropies to calculate ArSO 973 JK or 00973 kJK ArGO 42555 kJ 29815 K00973 kJK 12266 kJ Reaction is productfavored in spite of negative ArSO Reaction is enthalpy driven 16 Calculating AFG i I z k 1 3977 l 7i quot 739 rquot 39 NH4NO3s heat NH4NO3aq Is the dissolution of ammonium nitrate product favored If so is it enthalpy or entropydriven 17 Calculating Ar6 NH4NO3s heat NH4NO3aq From tables of thermodynamic data we find ArHO 257 kJ ArSO 1087 JK or 01087 kJK ArGO 257 kJ 29815 KO1087 JK 67 kJ Reaction is productfavored in spite of negative ArHO Reaction is entropy driven 18 3mm 3 m su gtol an rnrnil DLKIIK 7 50 P13 0 aviatisv E F2 FNsh Pwan nrir 5 g my Emu wg 52 T 753 sftELLK BF n5 T QQE EVENT mm N NIL N 959 F K S Ms ha I4 I oM wers A 573 quotn g 7 2 In 1 IOaw J nail IMI I D39r ll 3 75 M 4 011 IJL gr ta 439 E 0132 M w m4 ASS39Mu t xnquotl39y quotApr T F I J39 12 063 39IS lagxx 39 lg M3 02 I Moft 03 3260301 370 uncles 0 Oh to J 6 7 7 5 3 33 39 ML 0 lag quotLA01x 3906 M quot6th 02 970 939 quot 4 1 1 43 Llu I251x10 01 cgv nJl 5 3Q MIMoAI 39 3 X10quot3 WIQI 33 s lkL IIIquot397 IK Mela fwdfan 2 quot1 3339 kquot 3 Far 0 If 3 Kmquot 6r 2 4L UNVM S3 wL mutiny I TCfVirCA 7K 4quot hyfu Lu c cit 144 B 2 51 Hr gt 4 au c 7 P2 um All Mel wt J l rquot r u u D 4LS39I Lquot 4 1 n3 E a 96quot Air 3 K Llcwty Luv 272 i 3mm A K 3 MnLH only SnJ 4s 2 53 3 35 Kg113 XIO g 39 L MW u 800 h Lu 4 739 159 A mp3 700 1 Ma 4 4 1 I m 4 770 50 1 this H3 E500 5 02 l 52 H hm 1 I a 400 LIQiID PJEOU IAPI XAH lt1 1 391 1m gt 300 Xsmm 0135 A1gt 013 x4 Pure benzene VAPOR 3 w 200 sq quotI J Benzene 1 sclute 3 quot n 400 mo BF pure 15106 3 54 an 5 benzene som on 0 w x 20 3O 40 50 60 70 m Temperature C amencm Cengags Leamznq 3 Wi uu an maltr5 3 inpmia inillm FpC 9 LL 2R9 DH I X 32 J 47 2 id as Lac77 L 7 hast LEE V 0V hum 0 vi FR P id39 39Da mn m N Ll n uh tuuuhclh A7 quot10quot41 m ru cin K luluI eon a im J twin 0 h9 Indud 3 C 7 Lm Juy N5917qu TABLE 143 Some Boiling Point Elevation and Freezing Point Depression Constants Normal Boiling Point Normal Freezing Point Solvent C Pure Solvent Km Cm C Pure Solvent Kfp Cm Water 10000 05121 00 186 Benzene 8010 253 550 512 Camphor 2074 5611 17975 39 chloroform 6170 363 CHClg BrooksCale Cannaae Learning F nesHM 2 SW qo0 A a Q Slums Cc Hm 06 fr cJ IstucA In 720 3 are 44 439 290 39c PHaJ K39C WINK is quotHR Vkvw Wuhan owe j Jug 39th Shear Jisrouiou 11 inAI am 2 a war 0 MM thcc39l39 5 2 uquot UC 39 quot b u u PIIO u q u u mUnm 12 MI 6 no 300 lt Mao wL c c S 5 M41 39H 0 K 3amp 0 Mo 1 5 J 3 8103 40 g 0 950 welt J XSL n 5 0 l 0 392 Z S 0560 406 Me View imam a Xfofug Pgdv d 30 Ifquot C A II 00122 x 229 H3 F3 039 0quot 9 quot 4 lac w PHILJ P iwd MM 13 IF wefme 4 Suki jlumc waltf soulI om Wka k39 is 39H Lquot 003479 eIe varIhm Nah K30 4 092 39caz 14 77039 jg3W f gLcm 4 amSw r quot39 0 023 6C 4 0771 C 4 7 395 5 03 C Cquotquot M 0393quot 4 02quot c 15 IA SQ Lino wk lms 4 g olgqqq 7 0010 S le 5 720 0720 3 140 Molt 3 peaks AlmcoSQ 1 010 x 39 Olgmm 3 8003 bk Luke f3 A79 Ks 974 092 x 069447 Q 16 K than g S M39e Alvm W0 39lt aha410 I is 39l lvc 39Qreea j duhF JVWm bq KW ma 1 17 f 5645014 5 0M M A 37 C 3 I2 t C c 6 7 C gt 53414 C E 92 C 18 Oranhe 7 me asMugs I pumal oP slwI Mo le he LruJL Sm r rmom MQ39ALP M 0 A way 439 lum nlrle nanIn ow 139 A 113 J MALquot lul marksHun 53 June 4 we m 0M7 wuler x39k vaka 9 F If 5 L Semiprmeable 0 0 0 T N membrane H Large J h a a c molecule H 0 2 Hydrated 3 ions 4 m e wquot c 0 c u 1 do quoti 9 U aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Hg 20 a kquot O39Cm39osis no ti quillquotLqu Levy395 Iuside 4 aw l39S cle Pure water 5 sugar 95 water Semi permeable membrane ankslcalzpmwmulming 5 o balmy 21 0 49 vl aguas s L Q l l Heightof 1 1 13 is 1quot La 5 mH c OVWIIMV 1 7T andquot i a A Law are W P 34 7 tw ms hquI b l4 0 9 mar w39rL AIR QJX Amu 4 vhHJmI Huh cugaal 05 rolmgt a A fresh egg is placed in dilute acetic add The acid reacts with the CaCO3 of the shell but leaves the egg membrane intact a ammrcme Damage Lezrmng b If the egg with its shell removed is placed in pure water the egg swells Ell rm quot539 cl 39l39o hth O39Q39 w l39er w 4 L10 All 5447 quotI rWJ bride mm 1 AIA eass rlorln hawk 3 c If the egg with its shell removed is placed in a concentrated sugar solution the egg shr ivels amaxsscme Damage Learmng E33 drive I lk ouam hx l EJ 9 3 ro 39lr b A M 49 05 0 ahhr L Mun Liane I Omrlu c Pursue eEuAt39m woman LAMml I T C R T391 s 91uk 4W3 7 him a 539er MinHa a 5 9010 Frufw ml me Emily like P How elm C Vent os39wLasir wovh 27 0513 av Oils gtm 2 WW 5 lanai E in 95 HS nzuneez u T FQS n5 t oxt a TK pad Dalia 7 a I 5 a tgt05 AI 12513 L 6 3136 L KN 5x 5m 5on 7 L Lu 4 031 4 WLH 5 25 HA 4 Km 1 ms M o o c L x x E 04 x x x x1 x1 13110 A 4 O3 adsx X mlaxuo M 5 H DJ7 de 1quot 1 9H 1 I0L 4 y a JmL 040 M 1 NAAc 5 Arr9 H LaA map on AC 4 010 M a C X K K E MD x K K 2 x 39 1 5 Sawquot w ado x quot 019 x V39u39x 00H 513 Aqueous acetic Aqueous sodium Mixture ofacetic acid 39 acetate pH 9 and sodium acetate ac1 pH Emucm Sewage Learnan I an arcus 5vm In on Ourquotneo PH 7 H30 quotJim 0 H L dat u7 3 Au 0H mkss 392 0 39 MA at a DAMCl H3030 2 044 11m JibHam 0quot M lLIuL Han lul pgquot OIIM o M air 4 f 1 gm v 4 mmult A1 m I m 3 13 93 did 92 13 4 3 It LE 0 1 o quotk Ff 1 1 rm undu D rgtgt Wgt intfr Riff wank ts I w 21 x 0508 a TVLA In r 13 HIV NI T tw0 K I deU IVQL Esau b EN T QTi 4 nl T two 1 Kn 1v Pm if with m In IE6 PE shif ft a La oa Kw1M5 0043 For M3 me1 051 L Cw Mmquot Floi K1 31l0 9 3 I6 LEM1 L fgh Ev Sn 393fHLofl 4 3 m lash 43mm 43 ESL We Ax Via a LSD AP PH 5 03 m GK alum 4 Mulch 0g 07 6quot 3 m 159 EM Hk3 flewo 9 EA3oquotx ml 01 awn IR pm my 0 t 5 AX a x gm cwquot 1s Ckemim KineI I cg 18441 A1 damml Ram Fading of the color of phenalphthalein with time elapsed time about 3 minutes a ammo mm Learning Phenolphthalein me WIqueaIaI Ine nee encycIapeaIa Pnenulphmalem Is a cnennIeaI compzund wIIn Ine chmma 020mm onen WHHBH as a F soImIons and pmk In basIc squIIons Ir Ine concenIIaIIon or IndIcann Is panIcIIaIIy IpIe sIIong II can appear pm In sIIoneg basm squIIons pnenprnIna IeaoIIon and n Specles In Hgln sumIre Madel ltn an canamons 5mmeg acIdIc color orange noIonI Image In cIasses Ion Ine smdy er IeacIIon kIneIIcs IeIns Mk 0 Names onness agam In oIneIwom aoIdIc or nearrnemraI ess In basw pmk w VuchsIa oIon undevgces a IaIneI st IaaIng s Ine InoIecuIe nas Yaw ovms nOH3 i sIIcneg basw chchess expeIInnenIs II Is IIseII a weak aeIa wnIcn can Inse H Ions In soImIon Tne IeaaIng to move IonIzaIIcn as H Ions aIe Iemoved TnIs Is pvedwted by Le onaIeIIens pnnnIpIe Phenalpmnaleln o O IDPACnanne I mmers CASnumDev mass MIL PropanIes V 7 MaIecuIaI c H o IaInnuIa 7 MaIaInnass aIaezgmaH uensny 1277gcm 1I axaz Memng poInI 262 5 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anuu Ifg39lnhu vuluw a 3A f 39 l P113 cf 30 ck Me I 3 LVN we will 1cm on cluuau n concou39h39n39ls dn NA nah147 3 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nu gut 5 Luv 7 5 L 0 th AG Cm 7 to Gift Mo39u 39L solu h w tLrorLomec aquot39 COM ugwl u M A r24 SIM If LinLuna Iowzr dye commwr I39IW 3 Qh r ZS MinHr naming BrawnCm Cengane Learning Very runll ALrar Lulu 03ch C minAQ quot very MU T MlI39W39as m 47 e Mgm ha39hh I e armscm mm LearnquotE N n L W nrusuo vs 252s fss 221 Arias 5 75 Wsrm 9 75x 5 FF auonivniu rash in Phnvgtrr ltP5n quotmu5 snnery n3n3frfds w Eur2 EL 7 7 want r I ysrw u r13 Connhf N10 Jt rhlvul I39n O fI39VH lI 1 Sf39h39l nvnll7 Jcm wu quot 5 quota mud 0 an uliek cquot gln 7 L Ivm39i39 2Nos a 9N0 01 SN H47 u Aquot Ju mlvci Iu s39n vcu39fJ wt n u Heir mni39HOS meg J Eva amp a NW r h 4 d anrc 7 9 MO uu mamln39hon 0 k t39t helmHutu wk 0399 0 deem Inn N0 ulu nucm lu39htm 3 S A 04quot 0 l v a 95 I 1 1 4 39 IL q n A fl 7 H39M LAquot 3 eru me bum in Maor I AVCVIJlt v44 n r Jeanf ELD Jhul 044353 lml haMI ins u39knuu r4 1 Jenarc E A UV 0 1 e39 3 I MM I dc o4 Jamdc A EN 0 1 GH d o kgk 1 m8 7 m mm Luca 71 turf 11 ka in L lex39i39Lcar wi39H xmk banalu wrzmh In gt Y 59 3 4L all 3 H4 MR averact H L39H39lv 4W nvw ckr39l cuH H MA nh wlr Fm Ht arno ln 4 Mar vr Hch H h luv 39Hu k39 D Los Jeerslg wH39A iult 4 Jlunrbtzs 39w N0 mu 0 3 amp 2 39I LQ R4 cg Jerri I S mi couA4n l39 W 1 a 1 23 slaw 5 L ZroTnS II I E 3 Sn 1 rn 5 I ngruu wars zit 5x I maven Lner I U I mguv M H ltnQ at 115 OrrinP Pl 3 6quot UL Jud IIit1idu0 7 kar l v emu Mnruvc N413 r 0 lujq is vc wm IIJ 3 Eud 39vas AKA4 4310 JEOJ T 75 T 7 a 39 7k quotHal hwc NfuiveJ gr 2 wL g 4 h cwmch f AQ Indu MAJ 0 gt A heat ml anJuaJ H39w 5 3 W59 71 u Ts duel 4M AM Elton 1 4 1 4 I L 4mm 1 4 41310 T JEQJ J39 4 QNaOs 4Nol Io1 QALK gtCC 44 l39anF reat l fau lel mumhwh39w I R 061mquot fw rc w t G Llyrk CULZM5 vA JmeJ um aviIl e Br Solid If Iffu4 in 14 o u h ln h e semnds seconds when the SOIUUDH IS the same concentlanun B Inn at a higher temperatuve 33 seconds thn the sohman 5 Less cancenvated than A m mm Same concenmn ons as Sma or concentration of V I V rmnm B EdmmA r m Expenment butata Somnuns mnlammg m V wtamin HZ 211 7 a EmmaCab Czngaue Learning higher tempelature J 39 7 and starzh are mixed BreaksCum engage Leammg 39mmm 33 m a 3 Le agar 17f AL ES nes sfrnrlcs V 4 A r usaank w t aft Am rrf thv H 532 u 02 anrrmxuam 2140 gt W ly XX Pf L a u m Tumwmw 9 r 911 x w ow gnarlquot J M Md K Tau41 J m foul A J L J rc n ll l7 thf39l D Fm39Jmce H Aa uus ruM HIMIS ef 33 crl Q ivanLIz 14 M413 inhm C 39 M mi ad Hut 7 ImA muck Q yaw CANV07 Jur look 4 MAIN CLem a fuk39Ll lIK and 36 39HM IraR foeuml m TL is 1 MrofVquot39 k L In 39lu o4 quotwkJ 1 139 lanolin LLlyf4 s humveal L w H4 radix 7 w 39Hm AA L R 5 xx A radium rack i AJMZEJAEALMJr quotInfu kd39 M u e L 0I333 J3393 32 14 t an 4 Lu 49 3 4433quot u yum 2w or wan nejq Hw Eng ml m I 3 IHAAP gt may43 own ah mum 3 3 IllM33 amp nymg Rm i HWY 3 Na 3 Ham33 A 2 Non3 RA 13101313130 1191 29 a2 21 21 33 16 Am me J A f EJMJO Radhm JIJN wi39Ha rupu lh quotbdrm439 439 7s iwfly m quotHr spams 4 433 RCquot39IW oulw M144 Nt h mad K 7 Iikcun q H QTV J39 quotI EMAEM 0139 Jeff Ranch Jan hi39Hn Fur Il h ak yd39 it 0 1 4 32 4315 KLE 7 53 JIQV 44 a rgtuwlvxK ti a u h TUHS L is BE ann iicilax Lats 3 a F 25L FF ru Louru nspsvf f T 532 7 Pa Yr Linus binsftsh 26 P r 72 921ax 711 andquot 41 A w Rm ATER IV 3943 3 1 33 It 19 The rate expression for the reacuon 21 3Q 4 T 3R 5 Rate kFZQ1 If the rate 5 observed to be 60x 10 Msec for P1 Q l M what wxll be the new ratefor F Q 2 M A 36104 11 48x104 1 6x103 1 12104 E cannot be determined


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