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Writing in Chemistry

by: Dr. Drew Flatley

Writing in Chemistry CHEM 391

Dr. Drew Flatley
GPA 3.96


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Drew Flatley on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 391 at University of Massachusetts taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/232364/chem-391-university-of-massachusetts in Chemistry at University of Massachusetts.

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Date Created: 10/30/15
CHEMISTRY 391 WRITER Peer Review of Teaching Proposal NAME Do noT review a proposal ThaT is familiar To you same group you have discussed iT eTc Do consider boTh The science and The wriTing in your review 1 Has The wriTer used The suggesTed organizaTion wiTh The headings Aims Background and Significance Teaching Plan Acknowledgements References If noT label These secTions in The TexT AddiTional subheadings in The design secTion are a greaT way To help convey The logic of The proposal 2 Aim Briefly resTaTe in your own words The aim or objecTive of The proposed projecT Is The quotaimquot specific enough ThaT you as a reader undersTand whaT The wriTer is proposing To do and why The Topic and level To be TaughT and The unigue approach ThaT will inspire greaTer inTeresT andor undersTanding If noT make suggesTions as To how To modify iT 3 Background and Significance For each of The following quesTions39 Briefly resTaTe in your own words The answers ThaT The wriTer has provided If The quesTion is noT addressed do you Think iT is imporTanT or noT essenTial To This proposal and why IndicaTe wheTher more or less informaTionclarificaTion is needed 0 What is the traditional approach to presenting the topic and what are its shortcomings o What is the new approach and how will it facilitate student learning or encourage greater understanding or grasp of the concepts it deals with o What has already been done in this area in the education literature If The wriTer has included some oTher information beyond addressing These quesTions does iT help To build The case for This proposal Why or why noT Has The wriTer included enough and only enough background To show how The proposed Teaching approach will address an imporTanT need PuT an X by any poinTs ThaT seem exTraneous To This 4 Teaching Plan Does This secTion describe a coherenT Teaching plan ThaT will achieve The objecTive If noT whaT improvemenTs do you suggesT for The conTenT andor organizaTion WhaT briefly are The learning goals ThaT The wriTer proposes To Teach and how is each moTivaTed by or clarified by The unique quothookquot or approach ThaT is proposed Does The wriTer include sufficienT explanaTion and figures describing The science conTenT To convince you as a criTical reviewer To adopT This approach To Teaching These concest WhaT problems do you see foresee in adopTing This Teaching plan Does The proposal end wiTh a sTaTemenT of how The new approach represenTs a beTTer approach To Teaching This concepT or area of science conTenT of how iT will resulT in greaTer learning on The parT of sTudenTs SuggesT any improvemenTs To This 5 Figures which should be numbered in The order in which The wriTer refers To Them Mark each figure wiTh The following numbers and commenTs39 1 for a figure ThaT clearly communicaTes informaTion imporTanT To The proposal 2 for a figure ThaT is imporTanT buT is noT clear explain whaT is unclear and offer suggesTed improvemenTs 3 for a figure ThaT seems unimporTanT To The proposal explain why L for any missing figure legends Proper legend formaT Figure n TiTle DescripTion wiTh appropriaTe ciTaTion SuggesT any addiTional figures ThaT would help To clarify aspecTs of The proposal IndicaTe wheTher any figures are noT adequaTely discussed in The TexT all figures musT be menTioned in The TexT 6 References Has The wriTer supporTed The proposal wiTh aT leasT 5 appropriaTe ciTaTions To published work Mark R in The TexT aT any places where you Think an addiTional ciTaTion is needed Is The proper reference formaT eiTher 1 BiochemisTry includes TiTles which are helpful To The reader or 2 JACS boTh are ACS journals used consisTenle in The bibliography Are The references all ciTed in The TexT and numbered in The order in which They are ciTed If noT indicaTe whaT39s wrong 1 Falke J J and Hazelbauer G L 2001 Transmembrane signaling in bacterial chemoreceptors Trends Biochem Sci 26 25765 2 Falke J J Hazelbauer G L Trends Biochem Sci 2001 26 25765 7 TargeT lengTh 5 doublespaced pages noT including figures Acknowledgements and References If iT is shorTer Than 5 pages whaT addiTional informaTion would you suggesT The wriTer include If iT is over The 5 page TargeT lengTh mark any secTions ThaT you recommend The wriTer eliminaTe andor convey more concisely


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