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by: Ms. Felicia Gulgowski
Ms. Felicia Gulgowski

GPA 3.77


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Felicia Gulgowski on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RTV 326 at Texas A&M University - Commerce taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/232399/rtv-326-texas-a-m-university-commerce in Radio Television Film at Texas A&M University - Commerce.

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Date Created: 10/30/15
Chapter 12 Outline and proposed test questions RTV 326 7 Created by Derek Harvey Submitted via email on 101409 for 10 1509 class I Explain bene ts and results to your viewers or listeners without using cliches a Know the difference between good and bad advertising and be able to explain those differences to your client b Cliches are meaningless words or phrases that take up space and have no place in your client s advertising II The best commercials identify and solve consumer problems in language that your viewers or listeners with similar problems will immediately identify with a Always sell the bene t or result not the product or service b In order for a spot to work properly every word needs to be meaningful and contribute toward the goal of getting the listener or viewer to do business with the client III There are dozens and dozens and dozens of common cliches that businesses use all the time a Most people are so accustomed to hearing cliches in spots that they actually believe that s the way a spot is supposed to sound IV Media reps should ask themselves everyday How hard am I making it for our audience to do business with this client a Using cliches in spots are like speaking in a foreign language that people don t understand V Don t be a crapmaster VI Use the best friend test on your copy a If you wouldn t say those exact same words to your best friend then they have no place in your spot VII Remember to use the blank sheet of paper test on your clients a Make your client aware of all of the adspeak his competitors are running VIII Collect cliches a Become a student of good AND bad advertising IX No more wallpaper spots a A spot that looks or sounds like a spot is camou age Camou age means sabotage b Tell the client that we don t want a spot that looks or sounds like a spot but one that stands out X Worksheet Solving Consumer Problems Without Cliches TEST QUESTIONS 1 You should be able to explain the and to your viewers or listeners without using cliches a product and service b good and bad c identify and solve d benefits and results N E 4 V39 What does our text say is the de nition of cliches in regards to advertising a trite phrase or expression b a French word that means familiar c meaningless words or phrases that take up space d something that stands out and consumer problems b identify and solve d relate and repudiate The best 39 39 a explain and emphasize c teach and offer Which is NOT an example of a common cliche b Best service in town d Hurry in today a Your lowcost leader c Host a family meal for this holiday season What is the Best Friend Test a counting how many best friends you have b taking a quiz to see if you have a best friend c testing your copy on your best friend d finding out if you re the clients best friend Chapter 13 outline and proposed test questions RTV 326 created by Brian Boynton Submitted 1020 for 1020 class I A good spot has a speci c call to action 1 Make sure that your clients call to action is crystal clear 2 Never follow the call to action with anything else especially a cliche slogan 11 One call to action is better than two or three 1 Don t always direct the listenerviewer to clients physical address 2 Repeat the number frequently and the last thing written in the spot 3 Only use one of the following in a spot a Phone number b Physical address c Website 111 Find easy ways to present address and phone numbers 1 Location problems mean marketing problems 2 State nearest intersection or landmark 3 Vanity phone number help listeners remember numbers easier 4 Chain restaurants are often the best landmarks because it is unlikely that they will move IV What about a website for a call to action 1 Tell them to bookmark the website Better to be one in fewer than 50 websites opposed to 6 billion 2 Websites generate more businesses because they re open 24 hours a day V Things to avoid cliches 1 Two way skits dialogue 2 Bigjockey voices 3 Bad jingles a bad jingle can be very detrimental to your ad a The average person can t sing themkeep it simple stupid b They need to be embedded they need to run month after month TEST QUESTIONS 1 When making the call to action in the spot you want to follow the call to action with a cliche slogan a True b false N V39 Which call to action do you not put in your spot a Phone number b physical address c yellow pages d website Which of the following is NOT a good way to present an address or phone number a State the nearest intersection b have a vanity phone number c refer them to the yellow pages d give them the nearest chain restaurant Which of the following is the best example of a good commercial a Big jockey voice b dialogue c ll it with cheap cliches jingle Which of the following is NOT the best reason for a company to have a website d use a catchy a Open 24 hours b easy to find c few businesses have websites d opens them up to new revenue streams Chapter 15 Outline and proposed test questions RTV 326 7 Created by Brian Lynch Submitted via email on 102609 for 102709 class I Return On Investment ROI Knowledge means power for you in negotiating A If your not using this concept you re going to get negative responses II The Client s perception is everything A Find out what their perceptions or misperceptions are then you can educate them about how to reasonably calculate ROI Then you can B Encounter less rate resistance and less added value double or triple the amount of money the client is thinking about spending help client calculate ROI make more local direct sales regardless of your format or programming and more easily convince a client to purchase a longterm contract III Rate Resistance A Rate Resistance is a consequence of a client s lack of perceived value of perceived value in you or your station B When someone is uneducated about a product or service the first objection is always the price or rate IV The marketing triangle says advertising is always the weakest link V Educated clients buy more than uneducated clients A Take every local direct client through all siX of the marketing concepts B When I can show a client the huge hole in a competitor s advertising and marketing strategy and explain the rules for the difference between a good spot and when I can show him how to calculate return on investment for any advertising he does VI When you make a sale be sure to ask for a longterm contract A This will give you time to build a good relationship with your new client B The annual contract your client signed will keep the wolves and chiquitas from the other stations at bay TEST QUESTIONS 1 ROI Return on Investment knowledge gives you power in a Calculations b Negotiating c free advertising d making advertising 2 When you find out what the clients perceptions or misperceptions are then you can them about how to reasonably calculate ROI a Educate b Ask c persuade 3 Educating the client on ROI helps you buy a Doubling or tripling the amount of money the client is thinking about spending b Making it easier to leave the room c Make the client not want to buy advertising 4 The marketing triangle says advertising is always the link a Strongest b Weakest 5 When you make a sale be sure to ask for a contract a Small b Shortterm c Oneday e Long Term


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