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Intro Grp Dynamics & Procedure

by: Mr. Hubert Auer

Intro Grp Dynamics & Procedure COUN 528

Mr. Hubert Auer

GPA 3.72

Carmen Salazar

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About this Document

Carmen Salazar
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Hubert Auer on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COUN 528 at Texas A&M University - Commerce taught by Carmen Salazar in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/232412/coun-528-texas-a-m-university-commerce in Psychology And Social Behavior at Texas A&M University - Commerce.

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Date Created: 10/30/15
COUN 528 Handout 4 ENHANCING FEEDBACK EXCHANGE CHALLENGES FOR LEADERS from Dr Dianna Hulse Killacky Know yourself Be aware of your own history with such issues as rejection abandonment con ict anger and need for approval Listen carefully to the answer members give to quotWhat are you afraid of in terms of giving feedback This may help you understand their fears about receiving feedback Utilize a variety of means to create an atmosphere of safety trust and openness by first considering what factors need to exist for you to feel safe to develop trust and to be open Introduce the concept of individual differences early on in the life of the group and begin to integrate with the concept of similarities Model and encourage quot1 statements paraphrasing re ecting checking out clarifying and summarizing References Day R W 1981 WELCOMEBEWARE A structured activity for use in initial stages of counseling and therapy groups Journal for Specialists in Group Work 64 235 239 Frew JE 1986 Leadership approaches to achieve maximum therapeutic potential in mutual groups Journal for Specialists in Group Work I I 2 93 99 Jacobs E E Harvill R L amp Masson RL 1988 Group counseling Strategies and skills Pacific Grove CA BrooksCole Sample Questions for Processing Group Exercises 1 Process the exercise itself What happened What did you see 2 Re ect upon reactions to the exercise What was the easiest or most difficult part of the exercise for you 3 Discuss how the exercise affects the group process What did you learn about someone else in the group as a result of doing this exercise What questions do you have for other group members after haVing done the exercise 4 Re ect upon members39 own feelings thoughts or insights What are you feeling as a result of doing this exercise What has this exercise caused you to be more aware of about yourself What insights have you gained about yourself 5 Re ect on how the exercise relates to members39 lives outside of the group and develop plans for implementing their learning What awareness have you gained about yourself as a result of doing this exercise What would you like to change about yourself as a result of this new awareness What are you willing to do this week to begin working on this Taken from Kees N L amp Jacobs E 1990 Conducting more effective groups How to select and process group exercises Journal for Specialists in Group Work 151 21 29


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