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SOC 204 Notes - October 27 & 29

by: Delaney Rea

SOC 204 Notes - October 27 & 29 SOC 204

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Sociology > SOC 204 > SOC 204 Notes October 27 29
Delaney Rea
GPA 3.4
Intro Sociology >2 >IP
Dreiling M

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About this Document

Here's the notes from the week of Friday, October 30th! They're pretty comprehensive, with notes from the slide presentations, videos, and tangential topics covered by Dreiling!
Intro Sociology >2 >IP
Dreiling M
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Delaney Rea on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 204 at University of Oregon taught by Dreiling M in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Intro Sociology >2 >IP in Sociology at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 10/30/15
Sociology 204 Notes Week of Friday October 30 Tuesday Oct 27 amp Thursday Oct 29 Happier amp Healthier More equal societies are happier and healthier Values that inspire investment in public goods the general welfare build trust solidarity and mutuality that make the responsibilities of citizenship more meaningful What are the public goods why invest in them Richard Wilkinson charts data in The Spirit Level that proves societies that are more equal are healthier and happier LESS equal societies the US is now the LEAST equal of all the OECD countries foster an aristocracy whose privileges perpetuate themselves across generations breed cynicism and mistrust among everyone else This is fed by the ideologies that conceal class The larger disparity between income levels in a country the more social and health problems there are likely to be The inequality fosters dysfunction Stratification groups divided into a social hierarchy There are different types of stratification class estate caste nation race gender etc slavery is an example of a consequence of stratification World Stratification extent of world inequality by nations people such as wealth inequality Causes of World Stratification Colonialism Neocolonialism International division of labor when the core exploits the periphery Varieties of World Strat Slavery system of ownership of people by others Based on debt crime war racism through it comes the justification of cruelty Over 30 million people in slavery today In the United States 50000 people trafficked in each year as sex slaves domestic and agricultural workers Caste System social class and status is determined by birth is life long Class System groups are structured by access to money capital prestige Some mobility is POSSIBLE in this system but only among the middle class Global Stratification how did it happen Colonialism Theory a nation takes over another to exploit it World System Theory the spread of capitalism has developed an international division of labor and resources among nations CorePeriphery Theory the basic division of nations the Core accumulates the Periphery is exploited Theories of Stratification Functionalist View society39s positions must be filled some positions are more important than others the more important positions are filled by more qualified people more important positions are paid more Postmodernism View social reproduction via cultural capital inherent tastes habits expectations etc Conflict View critique of functionalists how do we know that the most rewarded positions are the most important the best predictor of education is income not ability different pay for the same work extremes of rewards are they needed for people to do theirjobs ie are the high salaries justified inequality levels change over time associated with changing access to wealth and power not ability or effort no society can exist unless it39s organized role of power and inequalities in power coercive power in the United States39 economy is used to benefit those with established resources and status So Why Does Stratification Exist allows access to valued resources groups use it to concentrate property power and prestige to assure continued access to resources Maintaining Global Stratification how did global stratification emerge and why does it persist across history Neocolonialism amp World System the economic and political dominance of the Least Industrialized Nations periphery by the Most Industrialized Nations core is it sustainable About 3 billion live on less than 2 a day most are chronically malnourished Many cannot access clean water 1 billion electricity 2 bil or sanitation 25 bil The Science of Complexity why do the thoughts in our heads relate to the complexities of the world around us 1 Complexity is the result of a few simple rules of interactions 2 Every complete system is a network of interactions networks physics biology computer science social science ownership networks firms people governments


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