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Chapter 12 Musical Theatre

by: Ashley Childers

Chapter 12 Musical Theatre THE 100

Marketplace > University of Southern Mississippi > THE 100 > Chapter 12 Musical Theatre
Ashley Childers
Theater Appreciation

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About this Document

Dance & Song, a pulsating heart of American Theater!
Theater Appreciation
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashley Childers on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to THE 100 at University of Southern Mississippi taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views.


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Date Created: 10/30/15
Musical Theatre Chapter 12 Connection between music and Drama 0 00000 Greek tragedy Opera Shakespeare Nineteenth century melodrama Popular entertainment in the nineteenth century The musical is predominately an American form that evolved in the twentieth century Type of musical theatre O 0 Opera Drama set entirely to music Operetta Predominately drama set to music but with some spoken portions usually a romance story Musical comedy Developed in America in the 1920 s 0 Light comic story interspersed with popular music Book dialogue Musical Evolved from the operetta and musical comedy Revue Comic sketches and vignettes alternated with musical numbers 0 No single story and stand alone songs Show boat watch 1936 The landmark musical of its age 1927 0 Serious story romance bw white man and mixed woman 0 Songs integrated into the plot 0 Elimination of the chorus line Produced byJoseph Kern and Oscar Hammerstein ll Other landmark productions 1931 Of thee I sing George and Ira Gershwin 1934 Anything Goes 1935 Porgy and Bess George and Ira Gershwin DuBose Heyward 1940 Pal Joey Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart Musical theatre Development 0 Anti hero hero with not typical characteristics Sweeny Todd 0 Oklahoma story and song coherently with dance darker themes West Side Story The Sound of Music The King and l Guy s amp Doll s South Paci c My fair Lady Andy Get your Gun Kiss Me Kate Fiddler on the Roof Dark character driven Late 60 s Hippies Anti War Drugs Free Love Civil Rights Hair 67 Hippie Culture Nudity Rock Music 0 A Chorus Line 75 Concept musical devised theater did not exist before it was preformed o Sondheim director composer Complex music Concept musical Lyrics to West Side Story Into the Woods Sweeny Todd Assassins 0 Andrew Webber 80 s Kats Star light Express British Theater 0 Le Mis 0 Phantom of the Opera 0 Cameron Macintosh British director Current Trends 0 1990 s Revivals Sound of music 0 The king and l 0 Chicago 0 Old classics Controversial topics 0 Avenue Q puppets Rocky Horror Picture Show 0000000000 0 0 Rent Musical s from lm 0 Spam a lot Monty python Beauty and the Beast Hairspray Jute box musicals Music existed rst popular music 0 Rock of Ages 0 Million dollar Quartet


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