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Week 5 Lecture Notes

by: Sonia Brosnan

Week 5 Lecture Notes J 201

Sonia Brosnan
GPA 3.8
Media and Society >2
Workneh T

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About this Document

Hey! Here are the lecture notes from this past week, Week 5, full of detailed examples and extra information!
Media and Society >2
Workneh T
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sonia Brosnan on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to J 201 at University of Oregon taught by Workneh T in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Media and Society >2 in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 10/30/15
Week 5 Lecture 2 Notes 0 News values 0 Timeliness 0 Impact number of people affected 0 Emotion o Prominence Ex Obama and Zuckerberg speaking out about Ahmed Muhammad s clock D gave the case a lot of prominence Proximity Novelty surprising stories Controversy Currency stories in the public spotlight of concern Ex Police brutality o Usefulness 0 Educational values 0 Media frames are established through 0 The headline The pictures The rst paragraph Who is interviewed in the story Where people with opinions that counter the dominant narrative are placed in the story if they even make it into the story 0 What is the quality of our political discourse in the media 0 Media framing o Happens no matter how objective you39re trying to be o It comes through in the headline image opening paragraph and the prominence given to the perspective that are represented and where in the story they are represented Advocacy journalism factbased journalism that argues for a particular perspective on an issue 0 Setting out to favor a political agenda in the reporting of the news o Is intentional very different than striving for objectivity 0 Ex Ahmed Muhammad case journalists focusing on social pro ling in this case Agenda social justice 0 Can be dangerous when the agenda comes before the investigation of the story 0 Can be valuable in the sense of quotknowledge journalistsquot who can weigh through the arguments on various sides and provide and insightful of analysis through the careful selection of info when the PR is compelling on con icting sides Custodian of fact this watchdog role involves correcting misleading and false statements reducing confusion and punishing deception 0 Costs the most time and resources 0 Ex Factchecking Hillary Clinton39s testimony in the presidential campaign Storyteller in this role the story shapes what facts are presented 0 Reporters do not necessarily fact check their sources 0000 0000 o This focus can result in dismissing the impulse to look for information that would undercut the storyline Psychologists the media tends to creates simple frames that portray political candidates in terms of one or two characteristics of their personality 0 What is emphasized or omitted in the news depends on whether it continues to build the case that has been established Soothsayer in this role media focus on predicting outcomes 0 Ex Horserace coverage that focuses on how the candidates39 strategies and performances will affect their campaigns Patriot the desire to challenge the actions or question the motivations of those who lead decreases during a national crisis 0 Ex 2001 World Series President Bush throws out the rst pitch the media didn39t criticize his lack of priorities or how long he practiced perfecting the pitch Instead they were on his side and used the pitch as a metaphor for the nation moving forward Alterative media 0 Focused on ideas over pro t 0 lntended audience is broad not elite o 0 Ex Nonpro t advocacy ethnic to some degree underground Week 5 Lecture 1 Notes 0 US Cultural Imperialism What is the entertainment media like in countries outside the US 0 Bene ts of Cultural Imperialism o A universal popular culture creates a global village and can foster communication across national borders brings us closer together Ex bonding over American TV shows amongst people from all over the globe o Aspects of 0 Media can have a great impact Showing of Dallas back red as it inspired Europeans to live the way quotAmericansquot do in Dallas having cars the size of swimming pools l led to a revolution Drawbacks 0 American cultural imperialism hampers the development of native cultures an can negatively in uence teenagers who abandon their own rituaIs to adopt American tastes Ex Seeing American TV shows and listening to American music while in Venice Italy 0 American cultural imperialism discourages the development of original local products 0 Movies usuaIIy depend on foreign circulation to generate pro t 0 Depend on pro table features Broad international appeal movies that are set in different countries involve travel global stars 0 Movie rentals movie sales and merchandise contribute substantially to making money back 0 Up not a lot of merchandise tieins about a boy and an old man not much you can do with that 0 Seventh Heaven transparent product placement writes were asked to write scripts around Oreo cookies twist off an Oreo to reveal a wedding ring 0 Reality shows cheap to produce a lot of interaction with products 0 American TV shows usually make their money back from US audiences anne Chomsky39s Propaganda Model what gets reported and how it gets reported 0 Pro t Orientation 0 Advertising is the primary source of income 0 Reliance on news from government and business sources Ex Reporters rer on PR people to ll news gaps Information subsidy the supply of news from a PR source quotnews gapquot 0 FIak negative responses that punish unfavorable media content Want to reach out to reporters who you trust and who cover your story in favorable ways Unbranded campaign a campaign that promotes a product category rather than a speci c product 0 Ex Promoting orange juice rather than Tropicana would be considered advertising PRSA Code of Ethics 0 Reveal sponsors for Video News Release Storytellers in this role the story shapes which facts are presented 0 Reporters do not necessarily fact check their sources 0 This focus can result in dismissing the impulse to look for information that would undercut the storyline Custodian of Fact fact checker o This watchdog roles involves correcting misleading and false statements reducing confusion and punishing deception


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