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Theo 101 Week 8 Lecture Notes

by: Notetaker

Theo 101 Week 8 Lecture Notes 101/41603

Marketplace > University of St. Thomas > Religious Studies > 101/41603 > Theo 101 Week 8 Lecture Notes
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HONORS Christian Theo Trad

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About this Document

- perpetua - irenaeus - major threats to christianity - AW #6 - council of Nicaea - Arius - Anthanasius
HONORS Christian Theo Trad
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Notetaker on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 101/41603 at University of St. Thomas taught by MacMillan in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see HONORS Christian Theo Trad in Religious Studies at University of St. Thomas.


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Date Created: 10/30/15
Theology Week 8 Lecture Notes Perpetua o Refuses Meat and drink offering 0 Woman of privilege in Roman empire 0 Inspires people throughout the millennium Augustine upset o Unlikely person for God to choose privileged educated material wealth 9 certain death 0 Cannot convert to Christianity can be Christian 0 40 Christian per decade 0 Roman empire sees it as huge threat to the pax Romana Irenaeus o Paul s teachings rethought Jesus has not returned 0 Institutionalization occurs 0 Tertullian of Carthage witness and editor of Perpetua and her letters 0 Christianity begins in Palestine Israel and spreads to Africa and Europe 0 Irenaeus and Tertullian deal with the question of orthodoxy Other thinkers people proclaiming a different message Heterodox vs orthodox Those who do not preach Christianity heretics How to measure if the are orthodox or not Ireneaous comes up with canon of Truth 0 Gnostics preaching gospel that Irenaeus had to challenge 0 Tertullian creates Canon of Truth as well 0 Apostolic tradition unifies the Church O Apostolic Church sends out missionaries authority is passed through written and oral tradition and faith is taught authority is given Jerusalem religious capital mother church apostolic church Antioch business capital Rome 1st community of Christians Constantinople Capital of Western empire apostolic churches Churches called patriarchal churches leaders patriarchs Major Threats to Christianity AW 6 O Gnostics believe there are 2 gods 1 spiritual world heavens superior 1 of material world earth Arianism Arius priest in Antioch Jesus is God s greatest creation uses John s prologue Word is created Jesus not divine God s greatest creature Docetism Jesus didn t really suffer Cries out on cross literary device pretending to suffer Jesus doesn t really experience human characteristics senses Jesus only divine at the expense of Jesus humanity Heretics forced the church to refine its teachings Apologists defenders of Christianity Attempt to clarify explain Christian teachings to romans Orthodoxy Factors church preaching s prayershymns interpretations of Bible discipleship ministry baptism Eucharist 4 Standards of Christianity encouraged uniformity canon creed episcopacy liturgy Marcion Declared a heretic son ofa bishop would not accept Old Testament Jewish Text only accepted Paul and Luke to canon Rejection ofJudaism adds to anti Semitism Catholic with small c universal Gnosis knowledge possess a secret knowledge of God renaeus says Gnostics are disguising the truth Bishops key to apostolic tradition Tradition apostolic church bishops lead it and pass it down Council of Nicaea bishops of 3 different regions for ordination Episkope exercises power over issues in church cant reach resolution patriarch then councH As chrisitianity becomes legal in the roman empire the persecuted start persecuting Jews and pagan religions Constantine calls council in 325 after chrisitiantiy becomes legal 2023 empire wide persecution O 0 303 311 last empire wide persecution 325 council called to discuss heresies calls all bishops together in Nicaea Turkey Christians put more emphasis on doctrines orthodoxy right teaching Judaism Hinduism and Islam emphasize right belief Councils called to resolve problems affecting whole church Nicaea diverse expressions of Christianity heresies Council of Nicaea Arius Arguments for Arius and Anthasius Priest from Alexandria in Egypt Only god can be called God Jesus or son is a second class god not equals Only father is without beginning John 1428 Jesus says quotThe father is greater than I Proverbs 822 quotThe lord created me at the beginning of his work Psalm 856 quotThou madest Him Timothy 117 quotAlone having immortality Deut 64 quotWe acknowledge one God John 1628 quotI came from the Father and I have come John 173 quotAlone true Jesus identifies the Father as the only true god Philippians 26 quotThough he was in the form with God he did not count equality with God Athanasius Bishop of Alexandria The father and son are co eternal never a time when neither existed John 1030 quotThe father and I are one John 149 quotWhoever has seen me has seen the Father Col 11920 quotFor in him Christ all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell John 11 quotIn the beginning was the word and the word was with God and was God


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