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Week 9 Notes

by: Nangesian Lekilit Waters

Week 9 Notes Anth 1002( Grinker, Social Anthropology)

Nangesian Lekilit Waters
Intro to Cultural Anthropology
Prof. Grinker

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About this Document

Professor lecture, no discussion this week(laptop crashed and I lost all my discussion notes:()
Intro to Cultural Anthropology
Prof. Grinker
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nangesian Lekilit Waters on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Anth 1002( Grinker, Social Anthropology) at George Washington University taught by Prof. Grinker in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Intro to Cultural Anthropology in anthropology, evolution, sphr at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 10/30/15
WEEK 9 Oct 26 Medical Anth 0 very long histo in anth o looked at diseases in ancient pop 0 evolution of lactose deficiency relationship between lactation and birth 0 history of diseases especially those with profound social consequences ie leprosy epilepsy 0 how are diseases distributed across culture 0 culture bound disorders topics 0 plural medical systems acupunture religion and healing etc o commodification of health and health care 0 pharmaceuticasproduction marketing prescription distribution role of pharmacists o authority in medical encounters 0 medical discourse o communicative practices 0 conversation analysis 0 localglobal o translationinterpretation Emily Martin The woman in the body 0 women39s reproductive prices as a hierarchical communication system 0 menopause as a breakdown of authority 0 capitalists metaphors inform reproduction and menopause o labor delivery 0 deterioration 0 failed production 0 decHne o the physician is the laborquot manager 0 degree to which meds we take and explanations of things happening to our body is how many of the decision dont have anything to do with science and medicine 0 motivations are social birth control pill o in 1951 pope pius xii had sanctioned the rhythm method for catholics cos he deemed it a natural method of regulating procreation o 1958 he also approved the pill for Catholics so lng as it was intended only as a remedy for conditiojns like painful menses or disease of the uterus 0 that is it was illegal to suppress the menstrual circle why a 4 week cycle regularity 0 john rock one of the inventors and a devout cath believed women would feel better if they felt that their bodies were acting naturally the 4 week cycle produced regularity Beverly strassman Dogon of Mali women have menarche1st periods at 16 and give birth about 9 times in their lifetime from menarche to age 20approx 7 periodsyr between ages 2035 average of1 periodyr 0 maybe if they39re pregnant or nursing a baby from 35 to menopause 4 periodsyr typical american woman 350400 periods but more periods are associated with increased pathology such as endometrial cancers breast cancer 39nun39s39 disease nuns have more periods they have more lung cancer Autism 410000 in 1990 6610000 in 07 11410000 in 2010 26410000 in 2011 Prof doesn39t believe in existence of autism 0 Did ur never exist but we made a construct to understand way that people have difference degrees and personalities Terms Epidemiology distribution in a population Prevalence rate of casesproportion Incidence rate of new cases over time 0 includes in the equation a certain amount of time validity you39re actually studying what you think you39re studying reliability other person to see what you39re seeing or using another method that the same scientist would use to achieve a goal when anthros study medicine they study mental illnesses that are much more subjective ambiguous and open to debate cancers longevhy 0 we have docs that can diagnose things that they couldn39t before 0 skin cancers 0 melanoma Louis Read inventor of the bikini before invention it wasn39t desirable to be tanthe whiter you were the more elite you were mid 20th c there was change more sun exposure more skin cancer Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab oct 28 2015 1979 Stuart Gunn dies of Malignant Melanoma 5100 employees tested 19 cases of malignant melanoma diagnosed between 1972 and 77 prostate cancer between 1987 and i992 incidence of prostate cancer increased 85 what happened in 1987 0 prior to that they only checked if it was large if it was they did the TURP test and many people didn39t want that test discovery that when someone had cancer they can have the PSA test there were controversies on the PSA test but it would indicate if they had antigens for prostate cancer because of the test many were screened and diagnosed for prostate cancer Changes in the epidemiology of autism there are culture bound diseases and they have variations what we call autism exists everywhere but not everyone calls it that our models of all medical conditions race ahead of what we already know they make educated guesses and justify practices that surround id and treatment rate or children in public schools today receiving special ed has remained static but the diagnosis has increased but the same number of kids are in school 0 when diagnosis went up other things went down 0 concept of autism changed there were new forms of advocacy 0 decrease in stigma of autism 0 schools deciding that first its best to decide what program child should be in and what diagnosis 0 goal is not to get scientific correct but to help the child autism is like a canvas we provide the paint and decide what to do with it CULTURE DETERMINES IT representations owe the definitions to European romanticismie the idea of schizophrenia being a split mind 0 before the stigma changed patients were not told what they had culture affects the way the condition is dealt with there39s no epedimealogic study in Asia Africa middle east DSM 10952 psychotic reactions in children manifesting primarily autism will be classified here DSM 2 i986 autism wasnt even mentioned 2958 schizophrenia childhood type the condition may be manifested by autistic atypical withdrawn behaviour failure to develop identity separate from the mother39smenta retardation which should also be diagnosed Methods education and med recordscdc total population studies sample size variation quot 50007sweden 495 mil in cali i34 fold variation in prevalence estimates for autistic disorder 0810000 to 9410000 including atypical forms would have increased these estimates dramatically between 2000 and 2012 189fold variation lowi410000 in oman


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