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Week 10 Notes African Americans

by: Lance Hawkins Jr.

Week 10 Notes African Americans 372

Marketplace > Clarion University of Pennsylvania > History > 372 > Week 10 Notes African Americans
Lance Hawkins Jr.
GPA 3.0
The American Revolution
Dr. Martha Robinson

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About this Document

Week of notes on African Americans during the Revolution era.
The American Revolution
Dr. Martha Robinson
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lance Hawkins Jr. on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 372 at Clarion University of Pennsylvania taught by Dr. Martha Robinson in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see The American Revolution in History at Clarion University of Pennsylvania.


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Date Created: 10/30/15
African American and The Revolution Context Slavery since 16005 Revolution 1775 0 Post Rev 17805 20 of total population slaves New England 3700 slaves out of 900000 total inhabitants less than 1 of population Upper South MD and VA 40 of Population Deep South SC and GA Black Majority Also started WestEast Complex 0 First settlers tend to settle to go to the coast everyone else has to move westward 0 West fewer slaves poorer mmoastal 7080 enslaved thus harsh slave laws Colonial Period Little antislavery sentiment before the Rev 0 1600s 1700s Two views Legitimate 0 Defense Religious slavery is in the Biblenot condemned Patriarchs had slaves o Slavery regulated Pau o slaves obey your masters m some are quotnatural slavesquot o lacking reason to direct lives a war captives enslaved o allowed to live as a slave Hierarchy goal and natural RichPoor EdueUnedue HusbandWives Everyone knows ParentsChildren MastersApprentices MastersSlaves Extreme case Other view Problem without Solution VS quotall men are created equalquot but it seems people thin people are unequal AntiSlavery Arguments 1700s 0 Religious Quakers quotDo unto othersquot nobody wants to be a slave gt don39t enslave others a All are brothers and sisters iberty given to all God39s children Quakers freed slaves And disciplined members with slaves Other Christian Churches Christians live in orderly fashion 0 duties of wives husbands masters etcs o Enlightment Secular John Locke Rights born with them Life and Liberty Powerful Ideas Stamp Act Resistance Sons of Ube y o All About Liberty Freedom Rights m still slavery How to deal with this contradiction 0 Most white Americans don39t Rights American vs Britain SLAVERY Black Americans 0 Follow logic to its conclusion slavery is wrong Slavery o Colonies and Britain gt LIBERTY Inspired Blacks o Blacks wanted as well But quotOh we didn39t mean foryou 0 Most White Colonist inconsistent with outlook 0 James Otis Major gure in Boston Revolution his sister is Mercy Otis Warren lst to write the History of Revolution he believed all men quotwhite or blackquot born free 0 Phillis Wheatley Enslaved at age 8 bought byJohn and Susannah Wheatley they educate her in English Latin Greek and theology she published a book Poems on Various Subjects 0 American Revolution supports American cause Tyranny is slavery 0 Christianity criticizing Christians for racism Tensions in her Poem ProChrist AntiRacist sarcastic AntiChristian Moderation m 0 John and Susannah were Quakers 0 Way of Duty 18th century New England saturated with Christianity 0 lncisive Critic Christianity is truebut only Christian because she39s a slave Slavery is still wrong o Tyranny Racist Blacks are acceptable to God ProSlavery ArgumentslBible o Ham and the Curse of Ham Story of Ham Noah Ark gt Vineyard ends up Drunk in Bed 0 Has Three Sons Ham Shem Japheth o Ham sees Noah naked in bed and tells brothers about it and laughs about it other brother go in and cover Noah up 0 Noah curses Ham and his son m quotlowest of slaves shall he bequot 0 Sons are seen as Ancestors of certain races Ham Blackscursed race Shem Asians Japheth Whites Cain marked by God 0 seen as curse of Black skinin some way During the War 0 Who to support Which side will promote freedom About 5000 Black men Continental ArmyNEED promised Freedom 0 even the Whites fear armed blacks Fear of slave revolts Black soldiers might do well a means Blacks have Courage Determination SelfSacri ce o seen as good and noble 0 they do gain there freedom as well as some runaways 0 larger free Black population 0 Ideal of Slavery by nature believes slaves are inferior most sided with British 0 British encourage slaves to believe that British win freedom 0 Lord Dunmore Royal Governor promised freedom to any slave of a Patriot master who would ght for British m terrify and weaken Patriots only slaves of Patriots only adult men forms a regiment quotEthiopian Regimentquot 800 escaped slaves not large But Effects 0 thousands of runaways o quotColonel Tyequot started life as a slave named Titus became a captain in Dunmore39s Regiment led Loyalist militia in NJ quotBlack Brigadequot1779 1780 free slaves steal cattle capture Patriots After the War 0 British side gt some went to England settled in the NorthNorth was abolishing slavery others go to Canada 3 4000 found freedom in this way 0 Someboth sides Forced back into slavery 0 American side some freed as part of terms of enlistment freed out of logic of Revolution 0 Logic of Revolution North Freedom South Rights of Property owners Slaves are property South armed blacks terrifying In the North go to court and earn freedom LegislativeConstitutionState


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