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Oct. 26-28

by: Josephine maclean

Oct. 26-28 Adv 319

Josephine maclean
GPA 3.5
Psychology of advertising
Dr. Close-Schienbaum

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About this Document

Psychology of advertising
Dr. Close-Schienbaum
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Josephine maclean on Friday October 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Adv 319 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Dr. Close-Schienbaum in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Psychology of advertising in Advertising at University of Texas at Austin.


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Date Created: 10/30/15
Psychology of Advertising Lecture 17 Oct 26th AND In Class Lecture Oct 28 Social Influences on CB I just combined these two lessons because she literally taught the same thing twice due to a video malfunction Test will cover ch 711 Humans in context of surroundings Marketplace gt how others affect you Reference Groups gt Influence sources marketer v nonmarketer sources non more credible age 6 when you can distinguish between marketing source and nonmarketing source example of Dr Close s 3 year old with an lpad 2 way indiv communication v mass media using both integrated brand promotions Market Maven opinion leader expert in a particular category new trend co s paying market mavens ex beauty bloggers WPP willingness to pass along Social listening allows co s to identify market mavens can do through FB can track how much of an influencer gt how many people respond like posts etc Normative V Informational Influence Normative compliance reactance resistance strong for people who pay attention to social info Ex luxury goods Informational social media public consumption Objectives How general sources of influence differ in four key ways The influence of opinion leaders especially through social media Types Characteristics of reference groups Normative v Informational influence How Sources Differ 1 Reach 2 Capacity 3 Credibility Reach V Influence inverse relationship reach goes up influence goes down and vice versa Reach of people that will see it lnfluence how much it will affect said people to engage with the material Opinion Leader Market Maven knowledgeable about products 0 much more specific to marketplace heavy mass media users specific industry buy new products when introduced perceived as credible partly because perceived as outside market source 0 social power over information share Cabbies are paid by companies to give recommendations to people gt targetting opinion leader targeting Can be celebrity endorsements because of credibility shift away from marketer dominated Reference Groups Aspirational want to be but not yet Associative peers you belong cancer support groups coming up online collab networks Dissociative don t want care to be a part of do not wish to emulate Ex Abercrombie and jersey shore Characteristics primary contacts friends linkd ln secondary ppl you know of having people in the middle of you and that person formal Ex sorority informal how similar are the members Group Homophily how similar the group is to each other Social Identity Theory group membership contributes to personal identity Tie Strength affects degree of normative influence thick or thin ties to a group how is one person connected to another Network modeling algorithm to show ties America gt most industrialized country in the world gt trend to this Ex a sports team all wearing nike v a group wearing same shoes Nike personalizing shoes Normative Influence boomerang effect when you take away personal freedom people freak out Normative lnfluence comply react resist Social Influence Sources Characteristics 0 general 0 normative 0 special 0 informative 0 reference groups 0 pos v neg o verbal v nonverbal


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