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Week 10 Notes

by: Cynthia Bressler

Week 10 Notes Music 170

Cynthia Bressler
GPA 4.0
History of Rock and Roll
Dr. Maxwell

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About this Document

This includes the notes from the video that Maxwell posted on KSOL during the no class period.
History of Rock and Roll
Dr. Maxwell
Class Notes
#Maxwell #KSU #music170 #rockandroll
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cynthia Bressler on Saturday October 31, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Music 170 at Kansas State University taught by Dr. Maxwell in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views.


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Date Created: 10/31/15
Week 10 Notes American Audience reaction to the Beatles was very positive Musicians response was one of inspired attempts to imitate amp innovate Established artists continued with what they were already doing prior to 1964 Phil Spector Beach Boys Four Seasons amp Motown artists continued to enjoy commercial success There was a music industry movement away from NY to LA after 1964 The television industry in Hollywood began producing pop music variety shows A television sitcom was developed around the Beatles film A Hard Day s Night The Monkees Folk groups amp artists moved to LA but nearly all were eventually signed to NY labels By 1965 new American styles began to appear Former styles were being fused with Beatlesoriented beat music Most obvious example is folk rock The earliest artists to employ these sounds were folk artists first Bob Dylan The Byrds Beatles were originally a guitarbased ensemble The transition from acoustic to electric is easy Wouldbe musicians bought electric guitars amp began practicing in garages The combination of imitation and adaptation of preexisting styles is best seen in folk rock Folk rock begins with Bob Dylan Begins with Bob Dylan 1964 o Dylan was a well known folk artist before 1964 but not known in pop circles I Wrote songs about social issues 0 He wanted to use and experimented with electric instruments and was inspired by Byrds Mr Tambourine Manquot 1965 0 Newport Folk Festival 1965 I Dylan used electric instruments amp folk purists accused him of selling out to pop mainstream but it introduced folk rock to a new audience 0 Spend several months recovering from a nearfatal motorcycle accident in July of 1966 I Dylan was gone for a while but folk rock was continued by other more commercial artists The Byrds amp the jingle jangle of the electric 12string guitar First international folk rock hit was Byrds recording of Dylan s Mr Tambourine Manquot 1965 Formed in LA in 1964 Inspired by the Beatles amp their 12 string guitar use They recorded rock versions of folk songs amp originals 0 First album was titled Mr Tambourine Man which had a total of 4 Dylan covers When Dylan began writing folk rock songs the Byrds lost their best source of material They explored other styles particularly jazz 0 Their next hit was written by McGuinn Clark amp Crosby Eight Miles Highquot 1966 Radio stations quit playing the song when a trade magazine said the song was about drugs 0 Wasn t until 1967 that society was okay with talk of drugs Simon amp Garfunkel amp electric folk Performed as Tom amp Ierry in the late 1950s 0 Patterned after the Everly Brothers duo approach 0 They appeared on American Bandstand They turned to folk music amp recorded the folk album Wednesday Morning 3 am 1964 o It didn t do well and the duo split up 0 Simon went to England 0 Garfunkel went to graduate school Dylan amp the Byrds ushered in the folk rock sound in 1965 Producer was Tom Wilson had worked with the Animals where they made folk tunes into rock amp roll 0 He d worked with Dylan on mid 1960s albums Wilson decided to add drums amp electric instruments to one of the Wednesday Morning 3 am tracks 0 Simon amp Garfunkel knew nothing about it but the folk rock version of the single went to number one in the fall of 1965 The duo reunited amp put the song on their new album The Sounds of Silence 1966 Had more hits through the late 1960s Finished out the 60s with 2 monumentally successful albums commercially amp aesthetically o Bookends 1968 amp Bridge over Troubled Water 1970 Janis Joplin Big Brother amp the Holding Company amp Janis Joplin 0 Big brother amp the Holding Company was inspired by classical music I They performed a piece by Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg I In the Hall of the Mountain Kingquot Bacon came from Port Arthur Texas Country singer with a blues sound 0 Heavily inspired by female blues singers Bessie Smith Big Mama Thornton Ioined Big Brother amp the Holding Company in 1968 0 Their second album Cheap Thrills 1968 proved that Ioplin helped launch their success Hit Piece of My Heartquot Ioplin went solo in 1969 0 Album I got Dem Ol Kozmic Blues Again Mama The London Psychedelic Scene Rise of the British Underground 0 In June 1965 beat poet Allen Ginsberg went to London to organize a poetry event I Held in Albert Hall I Called Poets of the World Poets of Our Timequot I Over 5000 people attended I Many were under the in uence of marijuana or LSD Drugs had been around in England for a while 0 Bob Dylan introduced the Beatles to marijuana at the end of their first US tour in 1964 0 Harrison amp Lennon had experienced LSD in 1965 when a friend slipped it into their coffee By Oct 1966 the UFO Club had been established 0 More of an organization than a place Originally met in a bar When meeting at a bar became a problem the UFO relocated o It became the center of the psychedelic scene in London Pink Floyd Named after two American blues musicians Pink Anderson amp Floyd Council 0 Guitar Syd Barret Replaced by David Gilmore in 1968 Bass Roger Waters Organ Richard Wright Drummer Nick Mason Regulars at Spontaneous Underground events amp UFO Club Popular only on the underground circuit Their music was derived from avantgarde concepts 0 Atonality Tape echo on instruments amp voices Unconventional playing techniques Their Satanic Majesties Request Stones psychedelic album Based on Sgt Pepper s Released in Dec 1967 Obvious attempt to follow Beatles psychedelic lead Their album cover was a holographic image of the band dressed in wizard outfits Occult wizards conveyed the Stones more negative bad boyquot image After band decided to stick with their blues sound instead of mimicking Beatles 0 First rock supergroup formed in 1966 Eric Clapton guitarist from Yardbirds Jack Bruce bass Ginger Baker drums Former players in British blues bands with several notable blues band leaders Purpose was to play traditional blues 0 Covered traditional blues numbers such as Robert Iohnson s quotCrossroadsquot Clapton had developed the instrumental raveupquot sections in Yardbirds shows 0 Long sections ft extensive soloing Cream established the idea of virtuosity in rock music Guitarists in UK were more revered than those in San Fran bands at the same time o Clapton amp Iimi Hendrix were good examples of this Cream only lasted around 2 years before they broke up Iimi Hendrix Blend of psychedelic blues and the avantgarde Hendrix is one of the most in uential guitarists in the history of rock amp roll Played with various bands during the early 1960s as a sideman Little Richard 0 Isley Brothers Curtis Knight Formed his own band in NY Iimmy Iames amp the Blue Flames in 1964 First 2 singles were hits in England in 1967 0 Hey Joequot went 6 in UK Purple Hazequot 3 in May Hendrix was an American but he arose out of the London psychedelic scene 0 Didn t become known in US until he played in the Monterey Pop Festival in June 1967 o Are You Experienced Wasn t released in the states until Aug of 1967 His singles didn t do as well as his albums The experience broke up in the summer of 1969 Hendrix formed a new band amp played in the Woodstock Festival in August 1969 Died in Sept 1970 of a drug overdose


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