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PH 305 A Class One

by: Taylor Baldwin

PH 305 A Class One PH305A

Taylor Baldwin
GPA 3.0
Business Ethics
Thomas Package

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About this Document

Business Ethics
Thomas Package
One Day of Notes
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This 2 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Taylor Baldwin on Thursday January 22, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to PH305A at Marymount University taught by Thomas Package in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 223 views. For similar materials see Business Ethics in PHIL-Philosophy at Marymount University.

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Date Created: 01/22/15
a b PH 305 A January 13 2015 Thomas Package Is Business Ethics an Oxymoron The saying business ethicsquot can refer to how people tend to forget how they should behave when money and wealth are involved business ethicsquot can refer to that people tend to ignore moral constraints in business some people argue that moral principles don t apply in business some people argue that business relationships aren t subject to moral constraints all of the above are referred to as the Separation Thesis i to answer the questions posed by the Separation Thesis people should consider 1 who they are working with 2 what kind of problem do they have on their hands 3 from what perspectives can we evaluate the situation and what should we take as evidence in the evaluations 4 are the people involved in the issues good people or bad people and why what makes a person good or virtuous ask what harmful consequences followed these actions and what good would have resulted from other alternative actions 9 5 11 Moral Philosophy and the Philosophical Method a Philosophy comes form the ancient Green and means love of wisdomquot b Greeks distinguished between wisdom and knowledge ll ii iii iv VI Knowledge is gained in the form of justified true beliefs Knowledge can be taught since it s based on good reasons to believe something Knowledge doesn t entail wisdom knowledge is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for wisdom Wisdom is comprised of understanding good judgment and the capacity to guide one s actions and conduct well wisdom can be understood as knowledge plus the capacity for practical application c Contemporary academic philosophy is a vast discipline which encompasses many areas of thought i The unifying characteristic of these methods is the systematic examination through the application of rational critical thinking of the general nature of reality or in other words the ordered and systematic exploration and scrutiny of all of our beliefs and their justifications III Philosophy and its SubDivisions a Metaphysics the study of ontology or theories about what exists causation mind body problems and other issues b Epistemology the study of theories of knowledge and justification c Logic valid formal and informal reasoning truth value and truth preservation in arguments d Value Theory ethics political philosophy and aesthetics i ethics is the section of value theory which deals with both what is good and bad and what is right and wrong ii ethics deals with these issues from what we call the moral point of view an ethical statement is issued from the moral point of view 1 evaluative propositions statements and judgments 2 prescriptive propositions statements and judgments 3 there are 2 kinds of propositions that fall under normative statements and ethics is an enterprise in normative theory IV Ethics and its SubDivisions a MetaEthics i Evolved around the turn of the 20th century when philosophers became very interested in the use of language and relation between language and the world ii Philosophers were concerned with how language and words we used could be said to hookup or correspond to the world around us iii These philosophers debate how we might know not only what good means and how it is used in our language but also if good refers to anything actually in the world b Normative Ethics i Engages in deriving and formulating principles of right and wrong actions as well as good and bad events or actions things ii Develops and explores solid justifications for these principles c Applied Ethics i Concerns itself with rightness and wrongness as well as goodness and badness in actual applied cases ii Includes business ethics and other professional ethics


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