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Comm 150 week 5 notes

by: Alyssa Notetaker

Comm 150 week 5 notes Communication Studies 150

Alyssa Notetaker
GPA 3.8
Methodologies in Communication Research
PJ Lamberson

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About this Document

Methodologies in Communication Research
PJ Lamberson
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyssa Notetaker on Saturday October 31, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Communication Studies 150 at University of California - Los Angeles taught by PJ Lamberson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Methodologies in Communication Research in Communication Studies at University of California - Los Angeles.


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Date Created: 10/31/15
Week Five Lecture 10 Macbeth Act 1 Scene 4 Macbeth starts as a hero almost singlehandedly defending his kingdom and king wasn t always thirsty for power Thane of Cawdor was so good before he turned villainous and powerhungry 0 Then Enter Macbeth o Foreshadowing Macbeth s future as a parallel of Cawdor Agricultural metaphors Duncan addressing Banquo and Macbeth 0 Sense of Banquo being no lessquot than Macbeth I A bit cagey 0 Agriculture growing Macbeth shown as loyal and humble 0 But also seems similar to Banquo the heir and Cawdor the wouldbe usurper Sense of military coup waiting to happen military defending the king Duncan winning and so deciding to overthrow the king 0 Sense that the heroes of the war will overthrow the king 0 Re ex of looking for an alpha male I How can the king reward Banquo and Macbeth while still keeping control of them Avoiding either one rising against him I Duncan names his heir Malcolm Prince of Cumberland Macbeth instantly thinks he ll have to do something about Malcolm to make the prophesy come true Act 1 Scene V First time we see her she s reading a letter from her husband 0 We know her through him she has no given name 0 She lives vicariously through him her ambition has to go through him to be realized 0 Also two sides of the I She vicious powerhungry knows what needs to be done I He humane weaker more politically minded Milk of human kindnessquot motherly soft tender womanly 0 It s from the breast I Babies dependent on it I Kindness kin love toward fellow humans 0 Lady M is characterizing her husband as too humane soft to catch the nearest wayquot kill to become king I quotCatchquot become pregnant Hie thee hither That I may pour my spirits in thine earquot 0 Spirits strong liquor or her spirit 0 Into ear so she ll use her words to convince him 0 Gender role reversal she s invading him putting her brainchild into him I Idea of seeking power in line with model of looking toward next generation generational issues central in the play so it makes sense that type of language is used in seeking power Thou rt mad to say itquot 0 Lady M caught up in the fantasy telling the messenger to shut up no one s supposed to know that Macbeth will be king 0 Or how it s commonly read that she s just overwhelmed that now she has to get ready for the king s arrival Lady M language of war and power 0 Battlements to mean castle entrance 0 Crown to mean forehead Lady M s determination to be masculine o Unsex me herequot 0 Come to my woman s breasts And take my milk for gallquot 0 Make thick my bloodquot I Theory that milk comes from menstrual blood I So seems to say she wants the whole process of womanhood to stop no menstruation or pregnancy or milk Does not want her body to support others life Not nurturing I Will wean Macbeth Make him stronger by taking him off the milk And herself too Stop up the access and passage to remorsequot Macbeth enters 0 First conversation references the great future 0 Macbeth Duncan comes here tonightquot I Already sent a messenger ahead to say that though I Testing the waters bringing up Duncan saying Duncan is only staying one night Lady M she s the one who says it straight never Shall sun that morrow seequot She can be the bad guy and push everything forward to keep him good to the world 0 Macbeth hesitating slightly Lady M jumping in Leave all the rest to mequot Act 1 Scene VI Duncan enters Lady M greets him echoes the witches o Apologizes for the trouble his presence causes 0 Double 0 Both are pieces that will move Macbeth toward kingship Act 1 Scene VII Macbeth s monologue 0 THEN If it were done when tis done then twere well It were done quickly I It would be good if it could be done quickly and that would be that Complicated meditation with himself surcease successquot I Diction changes from indirect to direct and large words eloquent I From neat little balanced words large owy Latinate language Combination of AngloSaxon and Latinate words The more someone talks the less likely it is they re actually going to act I Feel the retreat in Macbeth in the switch in his monologue from concise diction to more elaborate wordage Including assassination this is the first written evidence of the word in English language Reasons to not do it hesitation I It can t be done quickly and that s that I There s court could be caught Iustice could make him his own downfall Poetic justice bad karma comes back around I Primal rules of society They re relatives He s king 0 And a nice one besides that not corrupt He s a guest Builds up to a huge moral heavenly scene against murder I Believes his momentum will carry him too far if he kills Duncan he will be his own downfall Vaulting ambition which o erleaps itself And falls on the otherquot I Symbol of horse right to be a monarch Like the monarch s ability to control the country And symbol of driving a chariot safely between lust and danger Plutarch So Macbeth s image of vaulting over it and hitting the ground on the other side slapstick comedic also suggestive that he has no right to rule can t rule his own self well 0 Foreshadowing lack of sanity enter Lady M the spur that will prick the sides of his intent 9 a squabble between the spouses Macbeth tells Lady M a different excuse because he knows the pleas of morality and heavenly cherubs won t y with her I Instead tells her to enjoy the fame and prestige from his prowess in battle I But Lady M isn t a fool comeback he promised her the fame of kingdom and queendom accuses him of being afraid of rising any higher Sexual connotations Art thou afeard To be the same in thine own act and valour As thou art in desirequot 0 May suggest that he s not good in bed I Psychological pressure accusing him of being afraid and un manly o 9 Macbeth s new excuse is becoming inhuman through the act of murder that s not manly but beastly I Lady M says he was a man not beast when he promised the assassination manhood as valor not manhood humanness I He was a man when he planned it and talked big when there was no way it could feasibly happen I If you swear to do something you have to do it even if it s killing your own child Why would she bring in this comparison Is Macbeth the baby she s threatening the baby her husband Has she had a child Did she have to sacrifice a child to the witches for this outcome Did she have a miscarriage Did the child die 0 Had to kill or abandon a bastard child Or more sexual intimidation asking Macbeth how come we haven t had a child 0 Insults his manhood potency 0 She had a child in a previous marriage possibly where he couldn t give her a child 0 Says Macbeth can t fail if he screws his courage to the sticking placequot I By the time he says but what if it doesn t workquot he s pretty much set to do it last little hesitation Phallic imagery around the murder Lady M has made it into a way for Macbeth to prove his manliness Also reference to Tarquin a Roman emperor who raped Lucretia and so lost his Sexual and political masculinity entwined Act 11 Scene I Banquo and Fleance Banquo s heir who is said will take the throne after Macbeth Banquo tired but can t sleep why 0 Bad dreams of the three weird sisters 0 Wants his son Fleance to be king 0 He has dreams of killing Duncan I Is afraid of it I Floats into being in the form of Macbeth going toward the king s chambers I Has no Lady M figure so he s not going to do it At this point people s identities start getting tied up in each other s through their dreams reality and dreams fantasy intertwine Banquo says the king s asleep and the king has nothing but praise and jewels for Macbeth and Lady M o Uhoh Banquo talks about dreams and about the sisters and Macbeth o Macbeth stops to talk with him about it 0 Trying surreptitiously to get Banquo to back him up if and when Macbeth is king offers him honor I Conspiracy to be active together to make Macbeth king and Fleance king after I Banquo s response that s great but I don t want to lose morality be disloyal to my king not down for moral compromise Down for the witches prophesy to come true but not to act immorally to make it happen Handed back midterms


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