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Weeks Eleven: Catherine the great

by: KatieAlbritton

Weeks Eleven: Catherine the great History 325

GPA 3.7
Russia to 1881
Dr. Susan McCaffray

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About this Document

These notes discuss Catherine the Great and her reforms, as well as the Partitions of Poland, the reign of Emperor Paul, and Alexander I's reforms.
Russia to 1881
Dr. Susan McCaffray
Class Notes
Russian History, Alexander I, Emperor Paul, Partitions of Poland, Catherine the Great
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by KatieAlbritton on Saturday October 31, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to History 325 at University of North Carolina - Wilmington taught by Dr. Susan McCaffray in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Russia to 1881 in History at University of North Carolina - Wilmington.


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Date Created: 10/31/15
Week Eleven Notes Catherine the Great and the Partitions of Poland Katie Albritton Study Soup Enlightened Monarchs Frederick 11 the Great 17401786 Prussia Joseph 11 17641790 Austria most liberal Catherine 11 the Great 17621796 Russia not a feminist Similarities Religious toleration even for Jews End to torture Impractical people lie to get away from pain Regular judicial procedure A free er press Education maybe even for noblewomen Scientific advances in agriculture manufacturing Adopting principles of political economy Adam Smith maybe Economics The Brief Reign of Peter III 1762 Elizabeth dies early 1762 Catherine is six months pregnant Gregory Orlov Guards officer Peter 111 J anJune 1762 Switches sides in Seven Year39s War Joins Prussia Emancipation of the Nobility 1762 Don39t have to serve in government pay less people Improve agricultural estates Attempt to increase popularity didn39t work Coup D39etat June 1762 Against Peter 111 Helped by Orlov and guards Legislative Commission 17671768 564 representatives 28 from state agencies 161 from landed gentry 208 from towns 79 state peasants 88 cossacksminorities Nakaz instructions Theory from Montesquieu Despotism Rule of law Natural laws People are rational Written laws Taxes re ect ability to pay Innocent until proven guilty Accomplished nothing Delegates have instructions as well Lesser nobles want to exploit serfs more Shuts down after year and a half Catherine writes about eVils of serfdom Foreign Policy Poland 1763 proposes Poniatowski as king of Poland Opposed by Austria and France Cooperates with Prussia Defend religious minorities Russian troops occupied Poland by late 178039s Poniatowski on throne 17631768 Austria and France get Ottoman sultan involved 1768 RussoTurkish War Catherine39s Turkish Wars RussoTurkish War 17681774 Very costly General Alexander Suvorov 1771 plague outbreak in Moscow 600800 people a day Riots archbishop killed Catherine cracks down harshly 1772 First Partition of Poland Frederick 11 Prussia Austria Russia All take a piece of Poland 1773 PugacheV39s Rebellion Emilan PugacheV Yaitsk cossack 1773 1774 Claimed to be Peter 111 Three million peasants attack master39s property Publicly tortured and executed Treaty of Kuchuk Kainarji 1774 Russia gains Black Sea Coast Crimean Peninsula independent of Ottomans De facto control of principalities Wallachia and Moldova Russia to be protector of Christians in ConstantinopleIstanbul Domestic Efforts New Russia Grigori Potemkin Build cities Attract settlers Populationism 1775 Fundamental Law on the Provinces 1785 Charter to the Nobility 1785 Charter to the Town Trying to empower the nobles to get them to administer provinces 1783 Russia annexes Crimean Peninsula Offends Ottomans Turkey and Poland Again 17871791 RussoTurkish War Admiral Ushakov 1791 Treaty of J assy Expansion to the Dnieter River Sultan renounces Crimea and Georgia Rise of the Eastern Question If Ottoman empire is weak who is going to get its old territory Poland After the First Partition 1793 Russia and Prussia 2rld Partitions 1794 Polish patriots and Tadevsz Kosciuszko revel v the Russians 1795 Third and final Partition with Prussia and Austria Russia acquires Lithuania Catherine dies 1796 Annexations of Jewish Lands Jewish Pale of Settlement 1791 Jews must live there 17721795 One million Jews annexed into Empire 1815 300000 more Shtetl v Town Yiddish semiautonomy What about serfdom Imperial Free Economic Society Is bound labor economically efficient No Expansion of newspaper censorship Alexander Radishchev 17491802 book contesting serfdom A Journey from St Petersburg to Moscow 1790 An elephant under the rug Emperor Paul 17961801 Catherine39s son Not a good relationship Issue of father Expects to be Tsar at 18 Hahaha nope Changed name of any city named after Catherine Buries her next to Peter 111 Not very popular Militaristic Father of the nation and a soldier Not in favor With the palace guards Paranoid Killed in his castle in 1801 Maria Fedorovna39s Children 17591828 Alexander I 1777 Constantine 1779 Alexandra 1783 Elena 1784 Maria 1786 Catherine 1788 Olga 1792 Anna 1795 Nicholas 1796 Michael 1798 Paul39s Wife Founded many charitable institutions Plot to remove Paul Dangerous policies Should Russia get involved in the was of French Revolution 1789 Storming the Bastile 1793 Execution of Louis XVI 17921797 First Coalition 17981801 Second Coalition includes Russia But doesn39t fighting France help Britain Second Coalition v France Protector of the Knights of St John Malta 1800 Drifting toward war with Britain Orders 20000 Cossacks toward India Alarming people at the court Alexander I 18011825 24 year old heir Catherine39s favorite Liberal Participates in coup against his father Paul is killed Fun fact Paul was bisexual Alexander39s Brain Trust Educated by La Harpe and Storch Unofficial Committee Stroganov Novosil39tseV Kochubei Czartoryski M M Speranskii 17721839 N S MordVinov 17541845 Poland DiVided and needs emancipation Wants own constitution and autonomy within Russian Empire Czartoryski First Steps Toward Reform 1801 All subjects may own private land except serfs 1803 Free Agriculturists category created for those emancipated by masters 18041819 Emancipation of Baltic peasants Without land With land Whose land Peace Alexander recalls Cossacks from India Proclaimed neutrality Czartoryski proposed restored Poland under Russian emperor And a league of Nations to protect the rights of small nations Or war 1 804 Napoleon crowns himself emperor Amglophiles dominate at St Petersburg court Napoleon orders murder of Duc d39Enghien NovosiltseV sent to London secretly Alliance Russia joins Europe V Napoleon Third Coalition Russia Britain Austria Sweden Naples Britain pays subsidy 1250000 pounds for every 100000 Russian troops That is 125 per head Fourth Coalition Prussia replaces Austria Russia at War 18051807 Austerlitz Dec 1805 Marshal M I Kutuzov 17451813 Russian commander 1806 Ottomans attack Russia Fighting in east Prussia 18061807 Russians exhausted


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