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Week 9 of History Notes

by: William Bartek

Week 9 of History Notes HIST 1500 - 01

William Bartek
Discovering World History
Autumn Dolan

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About this Document

This week's notes in History 1500 cover medieval kingship and rule as well as church reforms and papal monarchies
Discovering World History
Autumn Dolan
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by William Bartek on Saturday October 31, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1500 - 01 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Autumn Dolan in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Discovering World History in History at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 10/31/15
History 1500 Medieval Kingship and Rule Ottonian Empire 0 Eastern Francia o 5 main duchies 0 Royal elections 0 Expansion under Otto Similar to Charlemagne Otto the Great Military defeats Magyars and gains a lot of reputation Feudal relations across a diverse empire through a papal alliance o Bishops are his vassals o Eigenkirchen quotOwn Church Ottonian women mainly entered monasteries building great images of Ottonian men Adopted FrancoPapal ties o Otto takes the power of choosing the Pope Capetian France 0 Feudal competition from strong nobles 0 Royal brand building distinct differences between noble power and kingship o Homage ritual with vassalage 0 King protects churches and the poor used as an excuse to bring royal authority into lesser kingdoms and gain power 0 Succession By luck or genetics managed to always produce a son for many generations AngloNorman England 0 William of Normandy conquers England from Normandy o Feudal relations already present in England 0 Tenantsinchief have one lord prevents subinfeudation o Domesday Book an exact measurement of all property in England exact reasons are unknown 0 William s sons push for more administrative kingship 0 English law becomes more prominent mirroring Roman law 0 Challenges come up such as succession issues as well as clashes of church and kingship Angevin Empire 0 Anarchy after William dies and Henry I died without a son o Nephew Steven gets crowned instead of Henry s daughter Matilda 0 Henry II Matilda s son strikes deal with Steven he gets kingship after Steven dies 0 Henry marries Eleanor of Aquitaine exwife of his nemesis Louis W Family Feud and Feudal War 0 Henry II and his sons Richard Lionheart King John etc 0 John raises taxes to pay Richard s debts making enemies easily 0 Main foe is Phillip II o Feudal bonds broken byJohn start a war with Phillip FeudalVVar 0 John loses at Battle of Bouvines Monarchy and Feudal Negotiations 0 John and his barons o Magna Carta John signs it against his will Pope says it is illegitimate 0 Provisions of Oxford I Louis IX was gonna hear both sides but ruled in favor of himself instead of the people Representative Assemblies o Gain power through growing urban centers 0 English parliament 0 French Estates General 0 Holy Roman Empire 0 German Diet Southern and Eastern Europe 0 Italy 0 Rise of citystates 0 German and papal wars 0 Medieval Russia 0 Byzantine turn towards eastern religion and culture 0 Administration sons inherit parts of the kingdom from their fathers o Diplomacy becomes a big factor marrying daughters off to western lords Church Reforms amp Papal Monarchies Caesaropapism through the Ages 0 Constantine Emperor had governance over bishops o Doctrine of 2 swords Religious sword ruled better than the secular sword o Charlemagne Crowned emperor by the pope o Otto Ottonians intervene in papal politics 10th c Church o Feudal lords often abused church lands due to their wealth and high office positions 0 Simony selling of church positions for profit 0 Papacy most corrupt of them all 11th c Church Reforms 0 Peace of God Movement 0 Grassroots movement from the people works its way from bottom to top 0 Papacy begins to take reforms o Benedict IX resigned and appointed a substitute then took over later when they didn t do a good job 0 Henry III marches on Rome and appoints 3 popes because the first 2 get murdered 0 Leo IX took papal reforms on the road in Frankia to appeal to the people and get away from the assassins in Rome Papal Reforms o Deposed corrupt bishops and lords who were practicing simony o Requested that members of the church begin abstaining from sex 0 Requests that lordvassal relationship be kept away from members of the church 0 Independence of imperial control created counsel of cardinals to elect the next popes Investitu re Controversy 0 Gregory VII comes after Leo dies butts heads with Henry IV 0 Dictatus Papae Pope s authority over emperors o Concordat of Worms new pope and emperor call a truce after Gregory amp Henry s deaths 0 Bishops can have separate church lands and feudal lands England and France 0 Henry II and Thomas of Beckett Henry kills him to regain church power 0 John amp Pope Innocent the III Innocent interdicts England countrywide excommunication 0 John makes peace with the Pope after realizing he needed him for the war with France 0 Phillip II and Innocent III Pope refuses a divorce for Phillip II Papal Monarchv o Innocent III 0 Papal bureaucracy 0 Fourth Lateran Council Outlines proper church guidelines


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