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EconS 101 11415

by: John Roach

EconS 101 11415 ECONS101

John Roach
GPA 2.7
Micro Economics
Alejandro Prera

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About this Document

Micro Economics
Alejandro Prera
One Day of Notes
25 ?




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This 3 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by John Roach on Thursday January 22, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to ECONS101 at Washington State University taught by Alejandro Prera in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 200 views. For similar materials see Micro Economics in Economcs at Washington State University.

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Date Created: 01/22/15
History 101 21715 The Emergence of Rome Societies de ned by their environment Narrow peninsula Mountains not as rugged as in Greece more passable and connected communities Productive farmland Rome s location on the Tiber River has both access to the sea and protection from pirates Historic connections to Greece Greek colonization created trade relationships Alphabet Artistic and cultural models for architecture literature and art More uni ed than the Greeks less war because of more surplus Rome the city is at the mouth of a river that controls important trade To control the Meditterenean sea is to control most of European trade Once Rome conquers Greeks they borrow Greek culture They let Greeks teach their children The Greeks become the scholars of the era the Romans bring Greek slaves into their household The Etruscans Romans were not the only people living in this region Etruscans were contemparies of the Romans Settled north of Rome in Etruia Language NOT lndo European Wealth based on fertile lands minerals and trade with Carthage Wealth is determined by land Built infrastructure roads bridges canals and temples Conquered by the Romans Romans thought they were decadent Carthage becomes an important strategic city Later in the Punic Wars it becomes a hot bed of War In early Roman expansion Rome would conquer their place and incorporate them into their society Romans were different from Greeks and its what made them more successful They are more accepting of other cultures Rome and the Legend of Romulus amp Remus The Founding of Rome 753 BCE Archeology says there was a settlement at that time Pastoral people spoke Latin Romulus amp Remus fable of competing brothers Left to build their own city according to an omen Disagreed about city walls Romulus killed Remus He was sad First citizens said to be outlaws and fugitives To be a Roman Courage Duty Honor Determination Destiny to rule nations and people They were warriors All these traits have lasted until Modern times and held onto by the Germanic people These standards for men hold true These people were proud to ght for Rome The Roman Republic Republic from Latin res publica Commonwealth amp public affairs Patricians or oligarchies Oldest noble families Plebians quotPlebsquot everyone else Can become wealthy but still excluded from any job with power All parts of society dictated by social rank Business in the Senate Legal proceedings if you were a wealthy patrician you could charge another patrician or le a lawsuit If you were a pleb you can t make a claim against another patrician


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