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PSYC 2011.11 Day 12 Notes - 10/27/15

by: Oona Intemann

PSYC 2011.11 Day 12 Notes - 10/27/15 PSYC 2011

Marketplace > George Washington University > Psychlogy > PSYC 2011 > PSYC 2011 11 Day 12 Notes 10 27 15
Oona Intemann
Abnormal Psychology
Woodruff, P

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About this Document

Abnormal Psychology
Woodruff, P
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Oona Intemann on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 2011 at George Washington University taught by Woodruff, P in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see Abnormal Psychology in Psychlogy at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
NOTES TUESDAY 102715 Reading for this week Chapter 12 Substance Use and Addictive Disorders Korsakoff Syndrome Loss of memory Defects in the association of ideas Memory of recent events is very disturbed Can t learn any new information Confabulation individual lls memory gaps with things that he or she makes up 0 Ex in the ER a physician might say Where do you know me from and a normal response would be I ve never met you before 0 Someone with Korsakoff would say something like Oh we go way back we ve gone hunting together etc The cause of this is not the poisoning of the brain cells but a lack of ef ciency in the thymine vitamin Bl Most commonly results from a misuse of alcohol 1881 German physician said that chronic alcoholics suffer from a degeneration of nerve tissue Causes a lot of confusion They become clumsy poor motor coordination Eyes can dart from side to side Thought that this was a general poisoning of brain but it s also caused by a lack of vitamin B Dementia Some psychiatrists say we shouldn t say dementia anymore now call it neurocognitive disorder Memory and reasoning and judgment and problem solving are all lost A person with this really requires constant care and cannot live on their own Alcoholism With alcoholism the alcoholic is also malnourished and the liver is starved o In this case it sort of feeds on itself to stay functioning There is a lot of fat being taken from other parts of the body as well as protein taken into the liver This causes some of the cells to die Their death causes in ammation blood ow develops something is obstructed called cirrhosis of the liver Chronic alcoholism can cause it but there are some babies born with cirrhosis of the liver 0 It interferes with the effectiveness of the immune system 0 It takes longer for the blood to coagulate Alcoholism during pregnancy o Called fetal alcohol syndrome I Growth de ciencies malformations internal and external organs and head I Results from the mother drinking while pregnant I Milder forms can result fetal alcohol effect if the mother did not drink as much and depending on where the child was in the stages of development Alcohol withdrawal 0 Cessation of heavy drinking 0 Symptoms can appear at 12 hours or up to 48 hours last from 310 days 0 Individual has the shakes tremors in the hand tongue and eyelids nausea vomiting being anxious irritable depressed I It s something that was described centuries ago I We first got a very precise medical description of it in 1820 o Hallucinations can be very vivid o Detoxi cation would be taking away from the alcohol There seem to be some genetic factors that lead to alcoholism Drinking is usually a learned behavior Treatment Therapy 0 One of the first things to do is to get the person nutritionally balanced There are about 13000 rehab centers in the US Some are run by states or counties or cities but majority are forprof1t Health insurance does cover some In the beginning you could have 90 days in rehab Then it s 60 now it s 30 they want you to do it on an outpatient basis because it s cheaper Antabuse discourages drinking by inducing projectile vomiting 0 If you have the medicine and drink any alcohol it can cause eruptions of the skin headaches sexual dysfunction 0 Reacts with nitrates which are produced in certain meats and can produce cancer of the esophagus 12step program Support groups etc 0 Does include reference to something called a higher power 0 Recovering alcoholics in the process of recovering Psychotherapy has shown to have some effect if the therapist can be reached outside of sessions via the phone You try to help the person take better control of their lives BUT we recognize that this is a disorder There is something called control drinking monitoring how much you drink etc About 40 of alcoholics quit cold turkey one day OOOOO Sedatives and hypnotics The organic narcotics the natural ones are included in this like opium Three derivatives morphine codeine and heroin The barbiturates excite the CNS so that excitement and agitation in the individual are reduced Low dosesedative can be used as an antianxiety drug Highdose sedative can be used as anesthesia Tolerance can build in a matter of weeks Another group of antianxiety drugs benzodiazepines 0 Minor tranquilizers o Valium Librium Xanax etc 0 Very much subject to abuse and dependence 0 This is where you would have to gradually withdraw the medication I When withdrawing you re taking the dosage and lowering it also lowering the number of days it s administered Narcotics represent the other group of sedatives o Opium the plant of joy I Has been around for at least 9000 years I 17th century Europeans went to China and they brought tobacco and pipes I Poppy juice tried in its concentrated form began to be smoked in pipes I Early in 19th century there was a ban on opium I The Opium Wars began Britain won opium trade continued Naloxone restores respiration but puts patient in immediate withdrawal Methadone has to be very carefully controlled 0 Individuals tend to be required to go to a clinic have someone watch them take it etc Selfhelp residential programs to deal with heroin addiction Many deaths related to this Also synthetic forms by prescription Oxycontin Percocet Vicodin 0 Problem with those right now is death from respiratory system shutdown o Tend to be middle class people having a problem with this because they can afford it Stimulants of the CNS Central Nervous System Uppers Cocaine 1886 Atlanta GA formulated the original CocaCola 0 There was some cocaine in early recipes 0 Then in 1906 government passed the food and drug act 0 They had to substitute that ingredient for something else Whitney Houston riddled with heart disease from her cocaine use She had holes in her nose septum Found full of Xanax had some marijuana in her system Also had Benadryl and two other types of medication People in withdrawal are given antidepressants but have very mixed results Another stimulant amphetamines First developed to treat asthma Soon became popular among people trying to lose weight athletes needing more energy pilots and drivers needing to stay awake etc Nicotine Smoking cigarettes or cigars Could be through a pipe or any other method


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