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2BW Comparative Lit: Week 5 Notes

by: Taylor Leong

2BW Comparative Lit: Week 5 Notes 2BW

Marketplace > University of California - Los Angeles > Hispanic Studies > 2BW > 2BW Comparative Lit Week 5 Notes
Taylor Leong
GPA 3.393
2BW-Survey of Literature: Middle Ages to 17th Century
D.W. Macfayden

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About this Document

Thomas More, Humanism, and Utopia: Notes from this week's lectures.
2BW-Survey of Literature: Middle Ages to 17th Century
D.W. Macfayden
Class Notes
thomas more, utopia, comparative literature
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taylor Leong on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 2BW at University of California - Los Angeles taught by D.W. Macfayden in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see 2BW-Survey of Literature: Middle Ages to 17th Century in Hispanic Studies at University of California - Los Angeles.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
Sunday November 1 2015 Comparative Literature Lectures Week 5 The Reformation and the SALE OF INDULGENCES The Printing Press was crucial to spreading dangerous ideas Once more copies of the Bible are more accessible it s much easier to compare what the CHURCH says to what the BIBLE says and see where they don t line up Martin Luther wanted the Bible to be translated into German so people could read the Word for themselves Wrote the 95 Theses opposing the sale of indulgences Got kicked out of the church insider the movement for people to print German Bibles Got a great start thanks to the Printing Press PROTESTANT REFORMATION Protesting Reforming Spurred the COUNTERREFORMATION or the Catholic backlash against such ideas Thomas More English Catholic He was inspired by Humanism but NOT aligned with Luther Utopia was written in 1516 Ies than a year before Luther s action He noticed the unrest within Catholicism and was proponent of Humanism but not Protestantism Unfortunately for him Protestantism Spreads to England via Henry VIII He goes protestant so he can get divorced and marry Anne Boleyn to try and have a son Thomas More is v concerned about this Because Henry shuts down Catholic monasteries and makes every parish carry a copy of the Bible Democratizing power of printed Bibles yet Which is weird bc you would think that would undermine the King s own power but whatever he did it More refuses to attend the New Queen s coronation Gets thrown in the tower of London and executed Canonized as a saint in 1935 HUMANISM is t odds with FEUDALISM which had no Biblical connection Utopia is a Humanist peak author s attempt to describe alternatives to Feudalism More doesn t wanna reject Catholicism He wants to improve it and integrate more Humanist ideas into the Church as well Utopia is described as a PLACE Why a separate land and not just an idea Sunday November 1 2015 Feudalism is unfair not just in concept but in the way land is distributed in managed Common pasture where anyone could bring their animals to graze even common land is disappearing from England So the LAND ITSELF is important in forming Utopia Utopia means no place a place that doesn t exist No more Feudalism lmagines alternatives to the present world systems A humanistic endeavor people question what other people thing NOT a perfect man describing a perfect world The person the narrator converses with and gets info about Utopia from Raphael Hythlodaeus s name means spreader of nonsense Question Why go looking for somewhere else Answer Because there is something wrong at home The solution put forth in Utopia by Raphael Get rid of private property That is a real threat to the Feudalist system which is overtaking common lands No more hierarchy Who makes decisions in Utopia The older wiser EXPERIENCED people Age not rank determines status Common interest is the buzz word and it freaks out the higher classes In Utopia no one is looking to gain land people consider themselves tenants not landlords Everything is open anyone can enter No privacy whatsoever People wear the same kinds of clothes very different from the time where clothing differences were very instrumental in telling people apart now they connote equality sounds like a communist regime today lol but at the time it was something really different and thought provoking AGRCULTURE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT And everyone participates in it It s not something shameful or for the peasants or lower classes Still despite all this description there s an absurdity to Utopia it s super exaggerated and it s ambiguous whether its supposed to represent an ideal to strive for or an imaginable but impossible idea More himself as the narrator describes it as rather absurd and dismisses the ideas of Utopia although he vaguely mentions how somethings he would like to see implemented in his homeland


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